Woodall Amendment hurts biking and walking funding
Mon, 18 Sep 2017 23:38:13 +0000

The Woodall Amendment would allow state Departments of Transportation to take back the funding allocations Congress appropriated to local governments, and take back funds for biking and walking disproportionately.

The League Teams up with Clean Energy Company Arcadia Power
Mon, 18 Sep 2017 13:59:14 +0000

League members and supporters are now able to choose clean energy while driving donations to support building a Bicycle Friendly America for Everyone.

Bike commute growth has leveled off - but some cities still show the way
Thu, 14 Sep 2017 04:22:48 +0000

The handful of cities that led the rebound of U.S. bike commuting a decade ago seem to have slowed down -- but continuing growth elsewhere suggests that progress can still happen if cities want it to.

Thu, 14 Sep 2017 01:52:13 +0000

Where do people ride in the United States? This 4th edition of our Where We Ride report looks at 2016 Census estimates of bike commuting to see where biking happens.

Amtrak: Welcoming bikes on trains
Wed, 13 Sep 2017 05:01:14 +0000

Previously, we answered many of your questions about bringing bikes on Amtrak. Now, we'd like to share with you some more details about the specific equipment used for bike service on Amtrak trains.

Outspoken Cyclist podcast features National Bike Challenge
Fri, 08 Sep 2017 14:56:12 +0000

The 2017 National Bike Challenge has now grown to over 30,000 riders who have collectively logged over 20 million miles. To celebrate these milestones, we wanted to share with you some episodes from the Outspoken Cyclist podcast.

Youth Bike Summit
Fri, 01 Sep 2017 13:25:42 +0000

The Youth Bike Summit takes place from October 6–8 in Arlington, VA. Find out more and see how you can participate by registering, sponsoring or volunteering.

Governors Highway Safety Group releases Report on Importance of Bicyclist Safety
Fri, 25 Aug 2017 20:19:22 +0000

The report emphasizes the need for better data, law enforcement training, and roadway improvements rather than placing the responsibility for addressing bicyclist safety on bicyclists themselves.

25 years, 50 rivers, 1 Greenway
Wed, 23 Aug 2017 19:34:06 +0000

The East Coast Greenway Alliance launched the East Coast River Relay in Calais, Maine, at the Canadian border, on August 24, finishing in Key West on October 30.

60 new and renewing Bicycle Friendly Businesses
Thu, 17 Aug 2017 13:00:00 +0000

Today, the League of American Bicyclists recognizes 60 new and renewing Bicycle Friendly Businesses. They join nearly 1,400 businesses in all 50 states and the District of Columbia that have earned the BFB designation since 2008.