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Higher consumer prices don't necessarily boost gold prices, writes Mark Hulbert.

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Not like anyone noticed it anyway... GIVEN all the ink and pixels spilled on Fed comments, let alone policy, you'd think someone would have spotted it, writes ...

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Investors often ask us for our outlook on gold and whether it's a good time to invest in it. Our answer to their query invariably is that it is always a good time to ...

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GLD longs got some good news last week: President Trump's announcement that he was nominating Stephen Moore to the Federal Reserve Board.

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Buy insurance when the premiums are low, and keep the coverage. Silver prices are low right now.

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GATA suggests that gold is not keeping up with clear inflation indications. Presenting a review of what inflation really is. Understanding that sentiment drives.

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Gold prices dropped on Wednesday, declining as the dollar gained traction. The rise in oil prices put upward pressure on US yields which in turn buoyed the ...

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Palladium hit an all-time high on Wednesday on concerns over tight supplies of the autocatalyst metal, while gold reversed course to rise after the U.S. Federal ...

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Gold gained on Tuesday as the dollar slipped after tame U.S. inflation data supported the Federal Reserve's 'patient' stance on interest rate hikes, while ...

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Y'know, cos investing counts... The FEDERAL RESERVE has pursued its 2% inflation target with a monomaniacal determination...like a mad dog worrying a ...

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Riots in Paris, 50% inflation in Argentina... YOU think you've got problems? asks Bill Bonner in his Diary of a Rogue Economist, reporting from Gualfin, Argentina ...

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Technical and market analysis of gold's position. Defining the gold market and vanishing liquidity. Portfolio switching from fiat to gold.

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Global economic outlook is deteriorating. The only protection from potential dangers of fiat-currency dependent investments is to embrace sound money, gold.

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US Consumer Prices Increase in February  GoldPrice.org

The US Labor Department has reported that the Consumer Price Index rose 0.2% in February, driven largely by the increased cost of food, gasoline, and rent.

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At -0.1%, personal incomes for Americans dropped for the first time in approximately three years after the increase seen in December was connected with farm ...

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Gold prices are trading between $1,298.80 and $1,316.98, +0.44% on the day so far following a dovish Fed outcome and while Powell hosts the presser.