Family Fun Times
I made an update to the original post by adding gifs!I’ve gotten...
Wed, 19 Jul 2017 11:33:59 -0400

I made an update to the original post by adding gifs!

I’ve gotten a few emails asking about some of my favorite incest-themed movies, so I decided to put together a post about some of the movies that I thought did it right. In other words, these are my “go to” movies (you fucking know what I mean). Here are my criteria for a good incest scene in a movie:

Criteria #1: The guys should be good looking and they should look the part. There’s a scene in Falcon’s “The Dark Side” (2002) where Derek Cameron and Race Jensen play son and father, respectively, but Derek Cameron (who is definitely hot), looks too old to play the part of the son. Just by a few years.

Criteria #2: The actors need to play the part. Even if they only do it a few times, I need to hear a “fuck me Dad” or “take that dick, son” or else it just plays like any scene from any other movie.

Criteria #3: Set the scene up a little bit. I want to know why the father and son, brother and brother, or cousin and cousin are about to do some dirty business with each other. If the scene starts and we, as viewers, just learn that the guys having sex are family members, then it also just feels like a scene from any other movie.

Criteria #4: As you will see, it should probably be directed by Chi Chi LaRue.

Okay, so you know what I like, and that’s what you’ll find in most of the following movies (which are listed in no particular order):


“Born 2 B Bad” (Falcon Studios, 2004): Now this is a great sex scene involving two brothers, Bobby Williams and Rod Barry. Bobby is supposed to be a spoiled brat and Rod and two of his college buddies decide to have some fun with the little shit. The three drunk frat boys get naked and start smacking a sleeping Bobby in the face with their penises. When Bobby wakes up, his brother makes him suck his dick and things get really, really hot in a foul-mouthed four-way. Rod Barry, who is not totally hot, makes up for it by staying completely in character. As does Bobby Williams, who is a fresh-faced cutie pie. The sex is dirty and totally hot as the brothers take turns topping one another (Director: Chi Chi LaRue).


“Daddy it Hurts” (Channel 1 Releasing, 2011): There is more dirty talk in store as son Cole Harvey is sucked and fucked by his father, Rock, after Cole’s buddy Alexander Greene gets an orgy started with Rock and his poker buddies. Rock and Cole stay in character throughout the scene and they could easily pass for father and son (Director: Chi Chi LaRue).


“Father Figure 2” (All Worlds, 2002): Talk about my “go to” movie. This one is pretty great, but could have been better. The lighting is so terrible that it looks like it cost about twelve bucks at times. Still, you have a scene where two sons, Anthony Holloway and Park Wiley, decide to have sex with each other’s dads, Parker Williams and Paul Johnson. The sons look like sons, and the dads for the most part look like daddies. But you’ll buy it, I promise. The boys think they are going down on each other’s dads in the middle of the night, but the dads wake up and they immediately learn that they have found themselves in the middle of an incestuous situation. Dad Parker Williams suggests “why don’t we shows these boys a thing or two” and things get pretty damn hot from there. I would have preferred a little more dirty talk and some hotter positions, but as an incest scenario this is some pretty great stuff. There’s also a scene between an uncle and his nephew that doesn’t work because there’s really no setup to it. It has some of Criteria #2, but none of Criteria #3 (Directors: Peter and Casey O’Brien).


“Little Brother’s Big Secret” (All Worlds, 2005): The little brother, Trae Spencer, in this movie is not my cup of tea because he’s a tad too much on the twinky side. His big brother, Kyle Lewis, more than makes up for it though. Not only is Kyle totally hot, he’s hot as hell to watch. Kyle learns that Trae is gay and brings home an escort, the very hot and foul-mouthed Marcos Pirelli, for both of them to play with. The brothers suck and fuck, though there’s not a ton of dirty talk from the brothers. Still, the scene is hot and there’s enough of a setup for the whole thing to payoff (Director: Doug Jeffries).


“Jock-a-Holics” (Sierra Pacific, 1993): Jerry Douglas made a handful of movies that included incest somewhere in the film (“Fratrimony” might have been his most popular). Though the sex isn’t electric in the scene between two brothers, Jason Andrews and Steve Gibson, the setup is good and once it gets going, things get incredibly erotic very quickly. Jason has asked his brother Steve to help him practice at football early one morning, so the two are alone on their college campus. Both brothers go under the rafters to take a leak and they both see that they have boners. Jason suggests, to the shock of his brother, that the two of them jack-off (back to back so they don’t have to see each other). Still wearing their shoulder pads and jerseys the two start going at it, but we can see that both brothers are trying to see what the other is doing. They decide to jack-off face to face and soon they lend each other a helping hand. Jason suggests they kiss. Soon the brothers are going at each other. The sex is a little slow paced, but you might not make it far into the scene (again, you know what I mean!). (Director: Jerry Douglas).


“My Cousin Danny” (Falcon Studios, 1992): The scene is a little short, but it’s incredibly hot. Randy Mixer (Danny) has come from out of town to visit his cousin Matt Gunther. Neither knows the other is gay. Matt takes Randy to the airport after his weeklong stay and they accidentally walk in on a couple of Matt’s buddies on the couch. Randy admits to being gay and says that he was “hoping we could be kissing cousins” to Matt. A four way explodes with Matt fucking the shit out of his cousin. The sex is hot, the guys are hot, and there’s enough of a setup for fans of incest (Director: Chi Chi LaRue).

“River Patrol” (Titan Men, 1995): Dirty, dirty, dirty sex. Even if you weren’t into incest, you’d probably consider the action between York Powers and Cliff Parker to be one of the hottest (and longest) scenes ever filmed. York spouts off so much dirty talk as he dominates his brother again and again. Even when York makes Cliff fuck him, you still feel as though York is the dominant one. You get some dirty brother talk here and there, but the scene works most because these guys go at each other like animals! (Director: Bruce Cam).


“Dad Get Into Trouble” (Dragon Media, 2013): Okay, I didn’t say it before, but one thing I never understood about gay incest movies is why isn’t there more incest? It’s almost always the last scene in the movie, and the only one we really care about. Who the hell wants a porn where most of the action is just considered filler? Well, Joe Gage, who had dabbled plenty with themes of incest, has answered your prayers. “Dad Gets Into Trouble” has three Dad and Son scenarios (all different dads), plus an uncle and nephew scene for good measure. Allen Silver looks like a Dad and he plays every scene so hot and dirty, even if you think to yourself, “okay, this guy looks too much like a dad for me.” Trust me, this movie is going to leave you satisfied. Did I mention there’s a scene where a priest fucks his own son? Oh yeah, this is one dirty film (Director: Joe Gage).

“Tony’s Big Brother” (Mustang, 1993): I didn’t mention it before, but, yes, the movies from this era are dated. Still, I think they are pretty hot. Michael Chads has come to visit his little brother Max Holden (Tony). It turns out that neither of them have shared that they are into guys. Through some conniving, Max’s buddies set up a scenario where Max and Michael will run into each other at the emptiest sex club on the planet. The scene is pretty contrived (it’s porn) but the two brothers totally get into talking filthy to each other (“fuck me big brother”) which makes up for any other deficits (Director: Chi Chi Larue).


“Fucked by Our Dads” (Channel 1 Releasing, 2012): The setup for this one is a little wonky. A pair of sons, Doug Acre and Mike DeMarko, are helping their dads, Mitch Vaughn and Adam Russo, out at work in a warehouse. The sons decide to get kinky with each other while the dads get together with another employee (Rex Roddick). So, yeah, a little preposterous because the sons and dads just randomly start having sex about five feet apart. When the dads see what their boys are up to, they have Doug and Mike join them. And that’s when things get hot. The sons are hot guys and so are the dads. And everyone is staying in character and shouting hot incestuous obscenities at one another. Chi Chi knows what she is doing (Director: Chi Chi LaRue).

Okay, well that is a list of ten of my favorite incest-themed movies and I’m pretty certain that I’m going to have to put together a second list because there are a bunch more that I’d like to share. Hopefully the typos are at a minimum since I didn’t take an opportunity to proofread before I hit “submit”.

Let me know in the comments which are your favorite incest-themed movies!

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My son Tommy and I have been waiting for this for six months. He...
Tue, 18 Jul 2017 18:39:57 -0400

My son Tommy and I have been waiting for this for six months. He just got back from his first semester of college and we’ve patiently waited to start back up where we left things between us. His mother and I threw a big going away party for Tommy on the night he was to fly away to college. I don’t think there was a sober person in our home by the end of the night. Once the party dispersed, and I helped my son to his bedroom, he confessed that he was attracted to me and, in my condition, I didn’t have the willpower to control my libido. With my wife passed out in our bed, I fucked my son until the wee hours of the morning. Neither of us regretted it either. However, the timing couldn’t have been worse and our farewell was all the more painful.

When Tommy arrived home for the summer, we had our whole evening planned. I told my wife that I planned to go out with my work buddies that night and Tommy said he plans to meetup with his friends. Of course, my son and I met up at a hotel room where we didn’t waste an ounce of time. Foregoing any foreplay, we dove right into it and I plugged my son with my fat fuck stick!


“F-fuck, Daddy… ungh… I’ve waited so l-long… ungh… for this!”

“Brace yourself, boy! I’m not gonna go easy on you!”


God, this was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen! My cock buried deep inside my firstborn’s beautiful tight hole, stretching it to the limit!

This is so much more amazing than the last time we fucked. This time we’re both lucid, the lights are all on, and we can be as loud as the hell we want!


"Fuck me, Daddy… oh God… you’re cock is fucking huge!”


We moved onto the bed, where I impaled my boy with my cock. I wanted to face my boy while I drove my dick balls deep inside of him. My cock throbbed more just watching him struggle to take me!


We made out while I started fucking Tommy more aggressively. We’d been planning this pretty much from the time he left. I told my boy to pursue as much fun as possible with boys his age, but Tommy wasn’t having any of it. He told me he was only interested in one man and he’d wait six months before he had sex again. I wish I could say I had the same discipline. Our initial encounter gave me a taste for fucking men and, when I could sneak away, I started hooking up with boys my son’s age. These young men revitalized me. And I think they taught me a thing or two about fucking me, something I was proving I was adept at with my kid!


I pushed Tommy on his back and began pounding him on the end of the bed. He was howling as I sunk my cock inside him fast and furiously!


"You like that, don’t you? You like your daddy’s thick cock inside you!”

“Y-yes! Oh… G-God D-Daddy… UNGH!!! F-fuck m-me!!!”


"Your mother never let me fuck her this way… mmmmm… she hates when I get too… mmmm… aggressive. Fuck… clench that hole… swallow your daddy’s cock!”


I could feel my balls filling up with cum. I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer and Tommy looked to be in the same shape as me!


"Oh… OH DADDY!!! I’m… gonnna… FUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!”


With that, Tommy’s cock blasted thick gobs of cum all over his stomach and chest. The sight of my son, tired out from our first fuck session in six months, was enough to send me over the edge!


I pulled my cock out of my boy and moved over Tommy to spray my load all over his face and chest!


Fuck, I made such a mess all over my boy. Cum covered his chest and face. And I was still fucking hard. I knew I wanted him to ride my cock again immediately. 


But first I wanted to clean up the mess I made.

This was going to be a long night.

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Dad and I have been fucking for a decade now. He’s still happily...
Wed, 12 Jul 2017 01:00:49 -0400

Dad and I have been fucking for a decade now. He’s still happily married to my mom, but he says he stays satisfied by me. We’re totally past those inhibited early encounters where we would be filled with regret after almost every encounter. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if my father wasn’t fucking the shit out of me regularly. We attend sex parties here and there. Guys getting off on watching me and Dad going at it like a pair of wild rabbits! Guys would usually dump their cum all over our bodies while we put on a show for them. Dad seemed to get uncharacteristically sentimental for the tenth anniversary of the first time we fucked; he said he wanted to do something special to commemorate the date. Dad’s always talked about wanting us to go to a seriously hardcore sex club where he’d fuck me in a sling. I found a place and Dad showed his appreciation by fucking the living shit out of me for two hours straight while a series of onlookers came in out of the room to watch our filthy show!

Thanks to Du Pur Bonheur for the hot gifs!

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I got married to my high school sweetheart. Everyone thought it...
Wed, 12 Jul 2017 00:09:58 -0400

I got married to my high school sweetheart. Everyone thought it was romantic but, by twenty-five, I felt like I wasn’t ready commit to having sex with the same woman for the rest of my life. In fact, I don’t know if I was one hundred percent even interested being with women exclusively. Every time I was around my younger brother Craig, he was talking about all the guys he was getting together with on what seemed to be a daily basis. I started stopping by my parents’ house during the day when Craig was home alone. He’d tell me about the guys who were fucking him and he could tell I was more than just curious.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you, big brother?”

I remained silent. I was shocked by how forward he was.

“It’s okay. I’ve been waiting for this day since I was twelve. Come on, Mark… let’s go to my bedroom.”

And with that, my sexual relationship with my kid brother began. After such a long sexual lull with my wife, I didn’t realize how much I needed to fuck. I poured so many loads into my brother that first afternoon that I practically collapse when I got out of the bed. We fucked almost each day for the next few weeks before I started going out to find new partners. Sometimes Craig would even come with me on my hookups, but it was rare that we would tell guys that we were brothers.

After a year of carousing, I’m still married and my first child is on the way. I’m hoping we eventually have a couple of boys so my sons have someone to lean on the way my brother and I do.

Thanks to Ass Ass Ass for the hot gif!

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Every summer, my parents and my Aunt Karen and Uncle Pete went...
Tue, 11 Jul 2017 23:39:21 -0400

Every summer, my parents and my Aunt Karen and Uncle Pete went up to our summer cabin for a week to fish and soak in some nature a world away from the big city. Last year, I walked in on my father and uncle having sex and they begged me to keep what I’d seen a secret. Being a curious little slut, I asked if I could join them but Dad said I was too young. I think he was kind of squeamish about doing anything with his only son; he didn’t seem to have a problem sticking his fat cock inside of his little brother. The following summer, in the weeks leading up to our trip, Dad seemed to warm to the idea of crossing the line with his boy. Dad would flirt with me every time Mom was out of earshot. He kept promising that this year’s trip was going to be more fun than any previous excursion. As soon as we got there, Mom and Aunt Karen started straightening up the bedrooms while Dad and Uncle Pete brought me out to the porch. Then they pushed me onto my knees and pulled their cocks out.

“We’re gonna have so much fun this week, son,” Dad sneered.

“And you’ll need another week to recuperate as soon as we’re done with you, kid,” laughed my uncle.

They took turns fucking my face for fifteen minutes before shooting my throat full of their delicious cum. We joined my mother and aunt back in the house and they were none the wiser. I was surprised at how often we could sneak away to fuck for hours at a time while my mom and aunt busied themselves with hikes, gossiping, and polishing off bottles of wine.

My uncle was right: I slept for almost 20 hours when we finally got home!

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There was something rougher, more deliberate, about the way my...
Sun, 02 Jul 2017 12:50:39 -0400

There was something rougher, more deliberate, about the way my father was fucking me this morning. He jammed his cock inside me to the hilt. Every thrust felt like a punch to the gut.

“D-Dad… w-why…?”

“I’m getting you ready, son. I’ve borrowed a lot of money from your uncles over the last few months. They’re coming over today for their repayment.”

Thanks to Hottiesbound for the hot gif!

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My boys and I don’t get together enough these days since they’ve...
Sun, 02 Jul 2017 12:23:44 -0400

My boys and I don’t get together enough these days since they’ve all left the nest. When my oldest boy suggested a family reunion over the Fourth of July weekend, my cock must have been hard for the next 24 hours. I made arrangements for my wife and daughter to spend the day together as soon as my sons came to town to ensure we had the house to ourselves. My boys took me forcefully as soon as we were alone, filling me full of fat cock! My middle boy fucked my face while my oldest and youngest stuffed my ass simultaneously. By the time we finished, I practically crawled into bed to rest from the highly-charged fuckfest I had with my sons. When my wife came home she figured I came down with some sort of bug, so she insisted I stay in bed. Of course, my sons made sure to check in on me regularly.

Thanks to Daddy’s Boy 4 for the hot gif!

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As soon as my brother Tommy and I got back to my hotel room...
Sun, 02 Jul 2017 12:01:00 -0400

As soon as my brother Tommy and I got back to my hotel room after a night at the strip club, it was clear that we had to do something about our hard-ons. Without any discussion, we got out of our clothes and let our instincts take over. I laid on top of my little brother and let him gobble my cock and did my best to take his fat dick down my throat. We were feeding our come to one another in a matter of minutes, but our cocks were still hard and ready for more attention. Tommy didn’t hesitate to sit on my cock and let me pound his tight ass. I bust my nut twice before offering up my ass for my little brother to enthusiastically pop my cherry. For the rest of the evening we fucked and sucked in every imaginable position, soaking the hotel bedspread in our filthy juices. 

“Well, how did your bachelor party go, Daniel?” asked my fiancee Jill on the phone.

“Hey, baby… it went great. Probably drank a little too much.”

“And… you didn’t take any girls home?”

“Jill… come on, baby. Of course not. Tommy has been beside me all night long.”

Thanks to Dreamed Desires for the hot gif.

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I was thankful to see that my Aunt Sonia brought my cousin...
Sun, 02 Jul 2017 06:07:25 -0400

I was thankful to see that my Aunt Sonia brought my cousin Carlos to me and my wife’s wedding shower. I was not looking forward to all my wife’s friends “ooohing” and “aaahing” to dozens of precious gifts all afternoon. I was ecstatic when my wife suggested Carlos and I go hang out in my parent’s bedroom to watch the game while she and the ladies had their fun. Since she hadn’t laid a hand on me in three months and I knew Carlos was a huge cock-fiend, I knew he’d be down for some nasty family fun as soon as we were alone. The dude knew how to suck cock, that was for sure! I fucked his face, shooting my little swimmers down his throat where they wouldn’t do any of the damage they’ve already gotten me into. Carlos turned over and begged me to fuck him. Somehow, I figured this was too far. I didn’t like the idea of cheating on my wife, but when Carlos spread his asscheeks in front of me, revealing his tight hole, I just couldn’t resist. Thank God I didn’t. I’ve never had my cock inside something so completely tight! Carlos and I spent the next few hours fucking all over my parents’ bedroom while my wife celebrated the upcoming birth of our first child with her closest friends and family. Yeah, I felt guilty when my cousin and I were finally done. I felt even more guilty that we made plans to meet up again during the week!

Thanks to Circle Jerk Champions for the hot gif!

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When Dad and I first started fucking, I could barely take his...
Sun, 02 Jul 2017 05:48:01 -0400

When Dad and I first started fucking, I could barely take his cock. I had just come out of the closet, but I didn’t yet have any experience with guys. I knew my dad had a taste for men, because my uncle would always tell me that Dad had a taste for anything with a pulse. Dad alluded to it, but never explicitly said he was bisexual.

Dad didn’t wait long at all before he was in my bedroom, showing me the ropes. You might think it’s disgusting for a dad and son to fuck like a pair of randy teenagers, but my father was hot as hell and I didn’t hesitate to let him force his thick tool all the way up my virgin hole. I needed it just as bad as he did!

It’s been a few years now and Dad and I are still fucking all the time. I think he’s even hotter today! Sometimes we go to one of his buddy’s houses and Dad and his friends will pass me around like their plaything. Every once in awhile, if I think the guy can take it, I’ll bring one of my tricks home for Dad to fuck us both. Some guys have gotten weirded out about it, but most have said it was the hottest thing they’ve ever been a part of. Still, Dad and I always make sure to make time for each other. We just have to make sure Mom doesn’t catch on!

Thanks to Boy Mercury X for the amazing gifs!

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