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Making your deck safe and sturdy…….Part 2
There just wasn’t room for all of the things that can go bad with a deck in one article so here’s part two. Let’s see if we can squeeze the rest of it into this article, if not then part 3 may be forthcoming. Everyone has been to someone’s home for a BBQ and walked [...]
How your contractor should treat you
I felt compelled to write this article after hearing so many horror stories of how people have been treated by contractors. It completely blows my mind when I hear some of the stories ranging from contractors taking their money and disappearing, to very low quality work and a complete lack of customer service. In an [...]
Making your deck safe and sturdy…….Part 1
This is a problem that is all too common in the state of Georgia. Building codes for decks have tightened up quite a bit in the last 5-6 years. Decks that were built on new homes prior to the introduction of more rigid specs may be likely to have structural deficiencies that will cause them [...]
How to make your overhangs leak proof and rot proof
The overhang on your home, where the gutters attach and you see the little vents aiming down is technically called Cornice. Cornice is comprised of the fascia, soffit and bed moulding. The fascia board is the vertical board that the gutters are fastened to. The soffit is the horizontal surface, usually plywood, that runs from [...]
A few basic preventative maintenance tips to save you $$ down the road
I am going to direct this article toward the exterior. There are a few big mistakes on the exterior of homes that I commonly see which fall into the preventative maintenance category. These are items that may seem harmless and easy to overlook but I can tell you from experience that they can end in [...]
The elements of a high quality exterior paint job
When it comes time to paint the exterior of your home, there are some key things to know and require of the painter you choose to hire for the job. Believe it or not there is a huge disparity in the quality level of painters even in the same price range. The worst mistake you [...]
Repairing rotted entry doors on your home
Much like windows many homes have entry doors with rotted or soft spots down at the bottom of the jamb on either side. It is actually surprising to walk around a home that’s 10 years old or more and not find a rotted door jamb or two. It may even be a more common problem [...]
Benefits of cement fiber siding
Cement fiber siding has become a very popular choice for the exterior of residential homes in the past 20 plus years. It surfaced back in the late 80’s and has become pretty much the standard for siding on new homes or re-siding an existing home. Long transferrable warranties and extreme durability has made it the [...]
To replace the window or repair it ?
It is quite common when repairing water damaged windows to find one that begs this question. I have found that if a certain percentage of the window components are damaged then it makes more sense to replace the window. There are several options for replacing windows; you can do a sash replacement, which means leaving [...]
Why do windows rot?
Repairing rotted trim around windows is a very common malady for homes built prior to the introduction of composite and synthetic  window components. Your average residential window unit is built with the same components on the exterior. The perimeter trim is usually brick moulding, the trim that your siding terminates into around the window. This [...]