PIA NJ QuickSource
Do you need an upgrade?
This resource kit talks about the importance of installing software updates when you receive them. These updates help prevent your computer from being vulnerable to attacks from outside sources and ensures the system is running to the best of its ability. 1 page
Tips for opening your own agency8212;where to begin
Offers insight into items you should consider when opening an insurance agency and helpful resources to get you on the right path. 3 pages
Placing business with wholesalers
Offers tips on what to look for when placing business through a wholesaler. 4 pages
The cross marketing value of your service team
Details why fine-tuning your CSRs can be a strong asset to your agency. 2 pages
Covering nonowned property on a homeowners policy
Detailed discussion of coverage under the homeowners policy for the property of others and what may be considered property in the homeowners8217; possession. 3 pages
The ISO Identity Fraud Expense Coverage endorsement
An outline of the coverage provided by ISO8217;s Identity Fraud Expense Coverage endorsement. 1 page
Homeowners premises liability coverage
A comprehensive discussion of an insured premises under an ISO homeowners policy and applicable liability coverages. 2 pages
What8217;s all the buzz about CSA?
Overviews the Compliance, Safety, Accountability Program, a federal regulatory program targeted to activities of motor carriers. 3 pages
The 8216;other8217; BI
Offers opportunities for agency owners to mine the data they have within their agencies to plan for the future based on where they have been in the past. 2 pages
Home sharing means risk sharing
A comprehensive review of the latest trend in home sharing and the applicable insurance exposures. 2 pages
Which Position Would You Rather Take?
A review of an EO situation in which some positive initiatives are pointed out along with things that can be done differently. 2 pages
Multistate licensing firms
Contact information for firms that provide licensing services in multiple states. 2 pages
Get Competitive8212;Marketing Strategies That Really Work and Don8217;t Cost a Bundle
Simple strategies you can use to build your customer base without spending a lot of money. 4 pages
Update your disaster plan
This resource kit offers three drills you can put into place to ensure your disaster plan is up-to-date. 2 pages
Leading the sales team to victory
This resource kit outlines four rules to ensure you and your sales team have the best shot at success. 1 page