China Plans to Launch an ‘Artificial Moon’ to Light Up the Night
Tue, 23 Oct 2018 11:57:16 +0000
According to Time. Scientists are hoping to hang the man-made moon above the city of Chengdu, the capital of China’s southwestern Sichuan province, according to a report in Chinese state media. The imitation celestial body — essentially an illuminated satellite — will bear a reflective coating to cast sunlight back to Earth, where it will […]
Finalists From The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
Mon, 22 Oct 2018 12:32:55 +0000
From Popular Science – Award-winning wildlife photographs usually feature an elk set against a backdrop of trees or a lion during golden hour. Not these. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, founded in 2015 by wildlife photographers Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks, encourage humans to celebrate the hilarious frames created in the field. The 2018 entries […]
World’s Fastest Camera – 10 Trillion Frames Per Second
Fri, 19 Oct 2018 12:46:07 +0000
According to – . . . nothing beats a clear image, says INRS professor and ultrafast imaging specialist Jinyang Liang. He and his colleagues, led by Caltech’s Lihong Wang, have developed what they call T-CUP: the world’s fastest camera, capable of capturing 10 trillion (1013) frames per second (Fig. 1). This new camera literally […]
Keeping The Flavors of Ancient Mexico Alive [video]
Thu, 18 Oct 2018 13:02:15 +0000
5 Universal Laws of Human Stupidity
Wed, 17 Oct 2018 13:19:18 +0000
From – In 1976, a professor of economic history at the University of California, Berkeley published an essay outlining the fundamental laws of a force he perceived as humanity’s greatest existential threat: Stupidity. Stupid people, Carlo M. Cipolla explained, share several identifying traits: they are abundant, they are irrational, and they cause problems for […]
Keeper of the Ghost Trees [video]
Tue, 16 Oct 2018 13:05:10 +0000
Photos Of The Week – Oct. 12, 2018
Mon, 15 Oct 2018 13:24:20 +0000
From The Atlantic – A seal pup in Wales, a luxury hotel in a quarry pit in Shanghai, horse racing in Cambodia, space-suit testing in a cave on a tropical island, dancers in Tanzania, damage from Hurricane Michael in Florida, human towers in Catalonia, Swiss fighter aircraft in the Alps, and much more. Go to […]
Boston Dynamics Robot Has Upgraded Abilities [video]
Fri, 12 Oct 2018 11:53:48 +0000
Ancient Art of Forging Japanese Knives [video]
Thu, 11 Oct 2018 13:35:06 +0000
Testing 5 Disgusting Recipes
Tue, 09 Oct 2018 12:42:42 +0000
From Cracked – In the past, Cracked has “gently forced” me to make and eat foods from the Insanity Era of cookbooks, which is roughly the period of time between 1955 and 1985 that the Back To The Future movies completely ignore. Having made and eaten everything from liver sausage pineapple to food that turned […]