Sunday Morning Sermons
The Blessed Work of God in Sickness and Sadness
14 July 2019 - Steve Woodman
Psalm 30

After an event which changed David's life, he penned this Psalm blessing God for His goodness to David.

The Widow Who Just Wouldn't Quit
07 July 2019 - Steve Woodman
Luke 18:1-8

Men ought always to pray and not lose heart.

Magnifying Christ by Life or by Death
30 June 2019 - Steve Woodman
Philippians 1:19-26

Paul earnestly desired to depart this world to be in the presence of Christ, but also to stay an preach the Gospel.

I Thank My God For You
23 June 2019 - Steve Woodman
Ephesians 1:15-16

Our fellowship in the Gospel is rooted in our faith in Christ and our love for all of the saints.

Paul's Great Anguish for the Israelites
16 June 2019 - John Raquet
Romans 9:1-5

Paul greatly desired for his countrymen to become his brothers in Christ.

The Greatness of God
02 June 2019 - John Raquet
Isaiah 40

God is altogether greater and more powerful than any earthly analogy could possibly express!

Super Conquerors Through Christ
26 May 2019 - Steve Woodman
Romans 8:35-39

Jesus turns the tribulations of this world into preparations for future glory!

No Condemnation Now I Dread!
19 May 2019 - Steve Woodman
Romans 8:31-34

Those who have believed in the Lord Jesus Christ have no reason to fear the condemnation and wrath of God!

The Golden Chain of Redemption
12 May 2019 - Steve Woodman
Romans 8:26-30

So many things can go wrong in our lives, disappointments, accidents, cancer. We can count on so little, but we can be sure that God will bring his children safely home to glory.

The Promise of God's Sovereign Love
05 May 2019 - Steve Woodman
Romans 8:28

God is in sovereign control of all things and he works them all together for the ultimate good of His saints.

The Intercessory Groanings of the Holy Spirit
28 April 2019 - Steve Woodman
Romans 8:26-27

Christ’s intercession takes place outside of us, the Holy Spirit’s within us; that is, in our very hearts. Christ prays that the merits of his redemptive work may be fully applied to those who trust in him. The Holy Spirit prays that the deeply hidden needs of our hearts, needs which we ourselves sometimes do not even recognize, may be met.

Glory < Sufferings
21 April 2019 - Steve Woodman
Romans 8:18-25

The certain hope of the future glory of a new creation far outweighs the suffering we endure in the present time.

Heirs of God with Christ Through the Spirit
14 April 2019 - Steve Woodman
Romans 8:12-17

Believers are adopted as sons by God and given a spiritual inheritance.

An Example of Doubt
07 April 2019 - Raymond Perron
Matthew 14:22-33

Peter wanted to be as close as possible to his Master. Indeed, he was nearer his Lord when he was sinking then when he was walking toward him on the water.

Is My Mind Spiritual or Carnal?
31 March 2019 - Steve Woodman
Romans 8:1-11

Those who are in Christ do not walk in the flesh but in the spirit, and these will not taste the wrath of God on sin, because Jesus is their hope. Conversely, those who gratify the flesh and grieve the Spirit have cause to fear God's righteous judgment.

Our Glorious Future Hope!
24 March 2019 - Aaron Tims
Hebrews 12:1-3

Heaven is a place of conscious bliss and meaningful work on a new earth with perfect communion between the redeemed and the God who redeemed them.

What a Difference the Indwelling Spirit Makes!, Part 3
17 March 2019 - Steve Woodman
Romans 8:1-11

Every work of grace in the believer’s life is of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will help us learn the Word of God and understand its applications.

What a Difference the Indwelling Spirit Makes!, Part 2
10 March 2019 - Steve Woodman
Romans 8:1-11

The Word of God portrays the Holy Spirit as one of three Persons of the Godhead, equal in power and authority; and warns us that the Holy Spirit can be sinned against.

Words of Warning, Words of Comfort
03 March 2019 - Brian Pinney
Luke 12:1-7

The fear of God, rather than man, is the cure for hypocrisy and a source of great comfort to the believer!

What a Difference the Indwelling Spirit Makes!
24 February 2019 - Steve Woodman
Romans 8:1-11

The Holy Spirit is a person with full divinity and a unique ministry to both believers and unbelievers. To convince the unbeliever of his need for God and to comfort the believer with the real presence of Jesus himself.

No Condemnation!
17 February 2019 - Steve Woodman
Romans 8:1-8

The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death!

Six Marks of an Effective Testimony
10 February 2019 - Ben Leach
Acts 22:1-22

Ben Leach describes the hallmarks of an effective testimony, using the Apostle Paul as an example.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
03 February 2019 - Steve Woodman
Acts 16:30-31

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.

My Battle for Purity Is the Will of God
27 January 2019 - Steve Woodman
1 Thessalonians 4:1-8

As we look to the Holy Spirit and consider the encouraging provisions that we have in the battle for sexual purity, we can expect God’s help and enabling grace in obeying.

Encouragements in the Battle for Sexual Purity
06 January 2019 - Steve Woodman
1 Thessalonians 4:1-8

For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you should abstain from sexual immorality.

What Is Marriage?
30 December 2018 - Steve Woodman

Marriage is a public and formal sworn promise by a man and a woman to each other which brings them into a marriage union intended to provide them with a multi-dimensional life companionship.