Sunday Morning Sermons
A Truly Christian Church Culture
12 July 2020 - Steve Woodman
Romans 12:9-13

Looking down the trail of a Jesus-centered church culture.

Accurate Self-Evaluation for the Usage of Gifts in the Body
5 July 2020 - Steve Woodman
Romans 12:3-8

God did not design us to be self-sufficient in the church, but to minister to one another using our gifts.

Under The Influence
28 June 2020 - Steve Woodman
Romans 12:2

Christians should not seek conformity with the world, but mere nonconformity is NOT the main goal. The main goal is transformation. The Christian life is being captivated by the mercy of God as motivation to worship out of love for Jesus. Nonconformity that ignores God's mercy and spurns transformation is reduced to legalism.

A Life Given Entirely to God
21 June 2020 - Steve Woodman
Romans 12:1

The mercy of God lets Christians present our whole selves to God to accomplish His purposes. For this reason, we can find hope and purpose in the midst of COVID-19 and racial tension.

Christ Will Build His Church
14 June 2020 - Tim Tuinstra
Matthew 16:13-20

The most important question that can be asked is "Who is Jesus?" He is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and he will build his church.

The Abundant Life
07 June 2020 - Brian Pinney
John 10:1-18

We must look to Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and live as his sheep in today's world.

Serving One Another with Charisma
31 May 2020 - Steve Woodman
1 Peter 4:10-11

God gives a spiritual endowment to each believer beyond individual gifts so that we will serve each other and the world in the strength of God and for the building of his kingdom.

Praying the Promises of Steadfast Love
24 May 2020 - Steve Woodman
Psalm 36:10-12

We need to earnestly pray that we would see the circumstances of this current life in light of the truths that we know about God.

Loving Each Other As Jesus Loves Us
17 May 2020 - Steve Woodman
John 15:11-12

We must look to Christ as our example for loving one another through love, humility, and gentleness.

The Abundant Satisfaction of God's Steadfast Love
10 May 2020 - Steve Woodman
Psalm 36

God is the source of abundant life for believers, regardless of external circumstances.

Hope Amid Suffering
3 May 2020 - Dustin Battles
Romans 8:18-27

Hope in suffering can be found in future glory with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Lamenting Well
26 April 2020 - Dustin Battles
Lamentations 1:1-3:39

Christ endured the wrath of God and the insults of men so that we would not have to.

God's Precious Lovingkindness, Part II
19 April 2020 - Steve Woodman
Psalm 36

Christ is the sure foundation of our faith. Built on that foundation, we are secure. There we are guarded from spiritual harm. Even if we should die from COVID-19, our souls are safe forever.

My Lord and My God!
12 April 2020 - Gordon Taylor
John 20:24-29

Thomas' faith was made sight in a season of acute doubt when he saw the risen Lord Jesus.

Shall We Accept Good from God and Not Trouble?
05 April 2020 - Dustin Battles
Job 2

God ordains troubles in our lives to point us to to Him and to work His purposes. He was at work in the life of Job in the midst of Job's troubles and He ultimately brought the trouble of crucifixion on to Jesus for our ultimate good! His purposes are good, and he will bring them to pass.

God's Precious Lovingkindness
29 March 2020 - Steve Woodman
Psalm 36

In trying times, all may appear bleak, pallid, and lifeless on the surface. But, below the surface, God is at work bringing life from death, sickness, and pain. His Glory shines as He works in the hearts of children in this way. He preserves all creation, even as sin touches it all. But more than that, he preserves His children as His own and He can be trusted.

The Kind of People that God Saves
22 March 2020 - Steve Woodman
Psalm 36

God does not save the righteous, because there are no righteous people. Rather, God saves sinners who know their sin and cry out to him for forgiveness.

What Could God Be Doing with COVID-19?
15 March 2020 - Steve Woodman

God is sovereign over all things, and rules over all the affairs of men. Nothing, not even a virus, is so small as to be overlooked by God. God is working even now to bring about His purposes, even using the coronavirus to bring His sovereign will to pass. Pastor Steve preaches about the purposes of God, what he might be doing with this recent pandemic, and offers comfort that the Christian's hope and trust are rightly placed in God, where they are secure forever.

Keeping DO on Top of DONE, part 2
08 March 2020 - Steve Woodman
Romans 11-12

The first twelve chapters of Romans provides the foundation on which the last four chapters are built. Pastor Steve summarizes these first chapters to prepare for the rest of this series.

Keeping DO on Top of DONE
01 March 2020 - Steve Woodman
Romans 11-12

Is obedience an essential part of the Christian faith? Yes! What should we keep in mind when we hear commands in the Book of Romans?

23 February 2020 - Steve Woodman
Romans 11:33-36

A Mystery Revealed
09 February 2020 - Steve Woodman
Romans 11:25-36

The Mercy of Being Grafted In
02 February 2020 - Steve Woodman
Romans 11:11-24

God Eternal, Glorious and Gracious
26 January 2020 - Chase Kitzmiller
Revelation 1:1-8

We are completely dependent on God to guide and keep us. Our dependence is meant to point us to His greatness!

Worshiping the Glorious King
19 January 2020 - Steve Woodman
Psalm 100

We are completely dependent on God to guide and keep us. Our dependence is meant to point us to His greatness!

A Way of Escape
12 January 2020 - Steve Woodman
1 Corinthians 10:13

God will not give you anything you can't handle WITH HIS GRACE and IN THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.