Sunday School Lessons
Arbor Foundations - The Mission of the Church
26 May 2019 - Ryan Brown

The mission of the disciples of Christ is to go to make disciples of all nations.

Arbor Foundations - The Kingdom of God
19 May 2019 - Ryan Brown

The work of God in building his kingdom is through his anointed Messiah, who came and died on the cross, guaranteeing pardon for the sin which brought ruin to the kingdom and guaranteeing access to the kingdom to all who take refuge in him through faith and repentance.

Arbor Foundations - Why We Hold to a Confession of Faith
12 May 2019 - Chase Kitzmiller
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Our confession of faith is intended to guard us against heresey, for the instruction of our members, and to promote unity in the body.

Arbor Foundations - Christan Liberty
05 May 2019 - John Raquet
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In areas where there is no clear teaching in Scripture, Christians have freedom to make decisions about what to do, and they should not be judged by other believers for doing so.

Arbor Foundations - Apologetics
21 April 2019 - Jon Evans
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God has given us the tools we need to defend the Christian faith against claims that it is unreasonable.

Arbor Foundations - Church Community
14 April 2019 - Brian Pinney
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The church is called to unity in the essentials and to diversity, not uniformity, in other areas of life.

Raymond Perron's Testimony
7 April 2019 - Raymond Perron

Raymond Perron talks about his conversion, his ministry, and his time as a radio announcer.

Arbor Foundations - Vocation
31 March 2019 - John Raquet
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Christ transforms our earthly labor into something of heavenly significance. We cannot earn our salvation, but we do participate in God's plan to bless others as we pursue excellence in the things He has called us to do.

Arbor Foundations - Discerning God's Will
24 March 2019 - Brian Pinney
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In General God guides and directs his people by affording them, in answer to prayer, the light of his Holy Spirit, which enables them to understand and love the Scriptures. The Word of God is not to be used as a lottery; nor is it designed to instruct us by shreds and scraps, which detached from their proper places, have no determinative import; but it is to furnish us with just principles, right apprehensions to regulate our judgments and affections, and thereby influence and direct our conduct.

Arbor Foundations - Disciple Making
17 March 2019 - John Raquet
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A healthy culture of discipleship in a church will enable vibrant growth and be welcoming to people at all levels of spiritual maturity.

Arbor Foundations - Spiritual Disciplines
10 March 2019 - John Raquet
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Spiritual disciplines are those things, like prayer and Bible reading, that Christians do intentionally and consistently to grow in grace and in the understanding of God.

Arbor Foundations - Eschatology
03 March 2019 - Ryan Brown

Jesus will return to gather his church! Ryan Brown gives an overview of the orthodox views of how things will end.

Arbor Foundations - Biblical Counseling and Idols of the Heart
24 February 2019 - John Raquet
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Every believer should be equipped to read the scriptures and use what they find to encourage others.

Arbor Foundations - Biblical Confrontation and Church Discipline
17 February 2019 - John Raquet
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Pastor John discusses biblical principles for how believers ought to address offensive situations and also when a church should excommunicate members.

Arbor Foundations - Marriage, Homosexuality, and Gender
10 February 2019 - Brian Pinney
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God made human sexuality and has called it good, but He has only blessed in within the context he designed it for: marriage between one man and one woman.

Arbor Foundations - Biblical Stewardship
03 February 2019 - BrianPinney
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Biblical Stewardship is the recognition that all my possessions, talents, and time belongs to God and that I am to use what He has given me to further His kingdom.

Arbor Foundations - Church Leadership
27 January 2019 - Steve Woodman
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Pastor Steve gives a survey of the different types of church government and explains why Arbor Church is a congregation led by several Elders.

Arbor Foundations - Corporate Worship
06 January 2019 - John Raquet

Corporate worship is the context in which God's people together worship Him as one body in the way that He has prescribed.

Arbor Foundations - Baptism and The Lord's Supper
16 December 2018 - John Raquet
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Baptism and the Lord's Supper are two ordinances given to the Church by God.

Arbor Foundations - The Doctrines of Grace
9 December 2018 - Brian Pinney
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From beginning to end, salvation is of The Lord.

Arbor Foundations - The Doctrine of the Church
2 December 2018 - Steve Woodman

The Church is the bride of Christ and it is He who protects and nourishes her.

Arbor Foundations - Law and Grace
18 November 2018 - John Raquet
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Grace is the dominant theme in a Christian's life, but it is followed by obedience to God and good works.

Arbor Foundations - Church History
11 November 2018 - Ryan Brown
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Ryan Brown teaches church history with some emphasis on early creeds and councils as well as Reformation Catechisms.

Arbor Foundations - The Gospel, Part 2
04 November 2018 - John Raquet
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Pastor John expains the necessity of repentance and faith in the life of the christian.

Arbor Foundations - The Gospel, Part 1
28 October 2018 - John Raquet
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What is the Gospel? Pastor John summarizes the Gospel.

Arbor Foundations - Who is Christ?
21 October 2018 - Ryan Brown
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Christians are supposed to follow Christ, but who is he? Ryan Brown shows us the Lord as he has revealed himself to us in the Bible.