Sunday School Lessons
Philippians, Week 6
20 Sep 2020 - Geoff Groman

Geoff re-launches our study in Paul's letter to the Philippians, returning to Chapter 2.

Philippians, Week 5
01 March 2020 - Dan Gallagher

Dan continues our study in Paul's letter to the Philippians in Chapter 2

Philippians, Week 3
09 Feb 2020 - Geoff Groman

Geoff continues our study in Paul's letter to the Philippians (1:19-26).

Philippians, Week 2
02 Feb 2020 - Geoff Groman

Geoff continues our study in Paul's letter to the Philippians (1:12-18).

Philippians, Week 1
26 Jan 2020 - Geoff Groman

Geoff begins our new study in Paul's letter to the Philippians.?

Martin Luther 4 - A Broader Picture
19 Jan 2020 - John Raquet

What can we learn from Luther's triumphs and mistakes?

God’s Patience
12 Jan 2020 - Brian Pinney

The Christian is being transformed into the likeness of Christ.

Martin Luther 3 - Luther Stands Alone
05 Jan 2020 - John Raquet

A special focus on Martin Luther and the Diet of Wurms.

Martin Luther 2 - Background and Early Years
08 Dec 2019 - John Raquet

Pastor John gives an overview of the early life of Martin Luther.

Martin Luther 1 - Why Study Church History?
24 Nov 2019 - John Raquet

Pastor John introduces our study of the life of Martin Luther.

Living Life Backward 10 - Getting the Point
17 Nov 2019 - Dan Gallagher

What's the point of this study? Is Ecclesiastes a book about gloom, or glory?

Living Life Backward 9 - One Foot in the Grave
10 Nov 2019 - Bob Theimer

If we are all going to die, how then should we live?

Living Life Backward 8 - Things to Know when You Don't Know
03 Nov 2019 - Geoff Groman

Trust God in living wisely and generously in the face of uncertainty.

Living Life Backward 7 - From Death to Depth
27 Oct 2019 - Chase Kitzmiller

Go and enjoy whatever God has given you; do whatever you do with all your strength.

Living Life Backward 6 - Learning to Love the Limitations of Life
20 Oct 2019 - Brian Pinney

Turn your eyes away from self and look to Christ. Consider his accomplished work; repent and believe; trust and obey.

Living Life Backward 5 - Looking Up, Listening In
13 Oct 2019 - Dan Gallagher

God will judge all, beware of the snare of outward religion without a heart that loves God. It is right to both fear and love God.

Living Life Backward 4 - Living a Life Less Upwardly Mobile
29 Sep 2019 - Bob Theimer

The oppression or abuses we see and experience in everyday life are meant to point us away from hope in this world and to hope in Christ, who is our only hope in this world and the next.

Living Life Backward 3 - Doing Time
22 Sep 2019 - Geoff Groman

God is ordering the experiences and changes of our lives wisely and beautifully, but in a way that we cannot always fully see how they are wise or beautiful.

Living Life Backward 2 - Bursting the Bubble
15 Sep 2019 - Chase Kitzmiller

The aim of life is to be found in our relationship with God. In Him we have enjoyment and meaning that we cannot find anywhere else.

Living Life Backward 1 - Let's Pretend
08 Sep 2019 - John Raquet

This side of eternity, life is but a breath. We do the same things over and over again in a world that is repeating itself over and over again, and then we die, only to be followed by our children who will do the same things in the same way and meet the same end. So, only by preparing to die will we know how to live.

Arbor Foundations - The Mission of the Church
26 May 2019 - Ryan Brown

The mission of the disciples of Christ is to go to make disciples of all nations.

Arbor Foundations - The Kingdom of God
19 May 2019 - Ryan Brown

The work of God in building his kingdom is through his anointed Messiah, who came and died on the cross, guaranteeing pardon for the sin which brought ruin to the kingdom and guaranteeing access to the kingdom to all who take refuge in him through faith and repentance.

Arbor Foundations - Why We Hold to a Confession of Faith
12 May 2019 - Chase Kitzmiller
Power Point Slides

Our confession of faith is intended to guard us against heresey, for the instruction of our members, and to promote unity in the body.

Arbor Foundations - Christan Liberty
05 May 2019 - John Raquet
Power Point Slides

In areas where there is no clear teaching in Scripture, Christians have freedom to make decisions about what to do, and they should not be judged by other believers for doing so.

Arbor Foundations - Apologetics
21 April 2019 - Jon Evans
Power Point Slides

God has given us the tools we need to defend the Christian faith against claims that it is unreasonable.

Arbor Foundations - Church Community
14 April 2019 - Brian Pinney
Power Point Slides

The church is called to unity in the essentials and to diversity, not uniformity, in other areas of life.