iPhone XS Max is reportedly dramatically outselling the XS
Mon, 24 Sep 2018 19:51:23 +0000
According to some early numbers from Apple analyst extraordinaire, Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone Max XS is currently running laps around its smaller counterpart. In a note posted by MacRumors, Kuo suggested that the 6.5-inch handset sold three to four time as well as the XS during its inaugural weekend. “We have determined that the demand […]
Sleep Cycle adds ‘snore detection’ to its sleep-tracking Android app
Mon, 24 Sep 2018 19:37:31 +0000
Sleep-tracking app Sleep Cycle is bringing a new feature to its Android app to help snoring users track the sleep effects of their rather loud ailment. Sleep Cycle is a great little app that helps you learn about your quality of sleep and helps wake you up at a time where you’re more likely to […]
BloomThat pauses on-demand flower services
Mon, 24 Sep 2018 19:29:21 +0000
Following an acquisition by FTD Companies earlier this year for a reportedly small amount of cash, on-demand flower service BloomThat is pausing its services as it works “to figure out how to best integrate BloomThat as part of the FTD portfolio of brands,” the founders wrote to its customers a few days ago. “Before we […]
Alaska Airlines is trying to make VR part of its first class experience
Mon, 24 Sep 2018 19:24:43 +0000
When it comes to public areas where you are most free to surrender self-awareness and self-consciousness, lounging on a multi-hour airline flight is probably prime territory. Coincidentally, it’s also a venue where virtual reality companies see an opportunity to open people to a world of VR content. Today, Alaska Airlines announced that it will be […]
China splits the internet while the U.S. dithers
Mon, 24 Sep 2018 19:19:46 +0000
There are few stories as important right now as the internet being ripped asunder by the increasing animosity between the U.S. and China. Eric Schmidt, the former chairman of Alphabet, said last week at a private event in San Francisco that “I think the most likely scenario now is not a splintering, but rather a […]
Google and Yandex may collaborate on a real-time blacklist of all known pirated works
Mon, 24 Sep 2018 19:13:16 +0000
A meeting on the status of anti-piracy efforts at search engines has produced a collaborative approach to better addressing the issue of pirated works appearing in search results. An international collective of search giants thinking of creating a blacklist of all known pirated works, which will be compared with search results every five minutes and any matches removed.
Walmart is betting on the blockchain to improve food safety
Mon, 24 Sep 2018 19:00:31 +0000
Walmart has been working with IBM on a food safety blockchain solution and today it announced it’s requiring that all suppliers of leafy green vegetable for Sam’s and Walmart upload their data to the blockchain by September 2019 . Most supply chains are bogged down in manual processes. This makes it difficult and time consuming […]
Snapchat lets you take a photo of an object to buy it on Amazon
Mon, 24 Sep 2018 18:50:21 +0000
See, snap, sale. In a rare partnership for Amazon, the commerce giant will help Snapchat challenge Instagram and Pinterest for social shopping supremacy. Today Snapchat announced it’s slowly rolling out a new visual product search feature, confirming TechCrunch’s July scoop about this project, codenamed “Eagle.” Users can use Snapchat’s camera to scan a physical object […]