Thanks To You….
We would like to thank everyone for your continued support of Chico & Chris.  We really enjoy having you all come hang out and share your evening with us.  Thank you for making us a part of your down time. We’re currently working on some fun new stuff to throw at you really soon.  We’re […]
All The Leaves Are Falling….
It’s a new season….Fall is in the air….Time for change… let’s get to it.  We’re going to be adding a whole bunch of new stuff this time around.  We’ve already thrown a few new songs and ideas at you guys and they seem to be going over pretty well so we’re going to stay on […]
Happy 4th of July!
Independence Day…..No….Not the movie (Although that was a good one huh?) No I’m talking about America’s Independence.  Today we celebrate all that is American….by eating BBQ and Burgers while blowing stuff up.  Now THAT’S American! In our pursuit of happiness and our day to day struggle to survive we as a country need to take […]
Support For Your Fellow Man…or Woman…
Happy Humpday people!  Today I wanted to take note of the state of the world and how we all treat each other.  You see it on the news every day…..people hurting one another…..screwing each other over….people just can’t seem to get along.  This past Saturday we got to see the opposite side of that coin.  […]
Hey!…..It’s May!
Can you believe it’s already May?  Where does the time go?  I guess the saying is correct….”Time flies when you’re having fun”…..and we’re having a blast!  Thanks to you guys, we’ve had some pretty great shows here lately.  It’s always fun to see our fans & friends coming out and having a great time with […]
OK…..Check This Out…
Hey guys,  sorry it’s been so long since we’ve had an update here but we’ve had a lot going on….Busy Busy Busy.  We’ve added some new tunes (and still more coming), working on some original material (we’ll be throwing some of that at you real soon), added some cool stuff to the live stage show…..and still […]
Headed For Mardi Gras….
Hope everyone is having a great new year so far.  I know we’re having fun.  We’ve played some familiar places and seen some familiar faces rocking right along through January.  Thanks to everyone who has been helping to spread the word about the band.  It’s great to see all of our fans & friends bringing […]
Are you ready for this?
You feel that?  Yeah.  It’s Mardi Gras in the air.  Just around the corner.  We’re getting geared up for one helluva season.  Chico and Chris will be all over the place starting this weekend.  We’ll be at Touchdown Tavern in Tillman’s Corner Friday night starting at 9:30.  Come early if you want a seat.  Saturday […]
J-A-N-U-A-R-Y…..Let’s Do This!
2012 is off and running and we’ve got plenty going on so climb aboard the Chico & Chris Express and hold on! This weekend we only have ONE (1) public show which is tonight (Friday 13th) so get your C&C fix tonight at Boondocks on Airport Blvd (just west of Snow Rd).  Show starts at […]
It’s Cold Outside But It’s Warm At The Show
Let’s Get 2012 Started! What’s Up boys and girls?  Feels like we haven’t talked since last year.  See….cuz last year was just a few days ago…..and….now…..2012……and……Anyway.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We’ve got a fun one shaping up so far.  This Saturday night (Jan. 7) We will be live at Paddy O’Tooles on Airport Blvd. in Mobile, […]