The Week in Chess
Unimpressive draw in game three of the Carlsen-Caruana World Chess Championship Match - 3
Mon Nov 12 20:11:00 2018
The 3rd game of the World Chess Championship match in London ended in a draw after 49 moves. Caruana had the white pieces against Carlsen and they repeated the Sicilian Rossolimo Variation from game 1. This time Caruana was forearmed and even though Carlsen was the first to produce a surprise with the rare 6.... Qc7 he was by his own admission only worse a few moves later. Most likely 10...Bg4 was the culprit.

"I miscalculated the position. I thought what I entered was very close to equalising. Then I realised I was clearly worse." - Carlsen.

Then again only a few moves after that Carlsen was again completely equal. 15.Rxa5 Qxa5 16.Bd2 might have led to much more pressure on the Queen side for white. Certainly after 18.Bc3 black was dead equal.

"When we reached the endgame, I thought I had equalised. .... I didn't really play for a win. ... It was only when I had forced his pawn on a black square and established it there, I thought I would be able to press him." Carlsen.

Then Carlsen played 37...fxe4 and all the tension went out of the game and it was quickly drawn. Caruana said he was relieved.

"I think Magnus could've tortured me a bit more." - Caruana [All press conference quotes via Tarjei J. Svensen on twitter]

Thus the game was drawn in 49 moves with both sides missing opportunities to make their opponent's life much more difficult. Not all that impressive from either player today.

Score Carlsen 1.5 - Caruana 1.5. Game 4 Tuesday 3pm GMT Carlsen white vs Caruana.

4NCL 2018-19 - Games and Results
Mon Nov 12 13:08:00 2018
The 4NCL British League takes place 10th November to 6th May 2018.
Bundesliga 2018-19 - Games and Results
Mon Nov 12 13:05:00 2018
The German Bundesliga takes place 10th November 2018 to 7th April 2019. This is the strongest national chess league. The league suffered a large blow this year with the very last minute withdrawal of DJK Aufwaerts Aachen. By leaving it so late it meant that there was no time to even consider a replacement, and they didn't even offer a proper explanation. This means there will only be 6 matches instead of 7 per round.
Tata Steel India Chess 2018 - Games and Results
Mon Nov 12 13:01:00 2018
The Tata Steel India Chess tournament takes place 9th to 14th November 2018. A three day rapid followed by a two day blitz event. Nakamura, So, Aronian, Mamedyarov, Karjakin, Harikrishna, Anand, Vidit, Ganguly, Nihal Sarin (rapid) and Praggnanandhaa (blitz). 8:30am GMT start.
Comfortable draw for Caruana with black in World Championship Game 2 - 2
Sat Nov 10 19:11:00 2018
The second game of the World Chess Championship was not nearly as interesting as the first and left the match tied at 1-1 going into Sunday's first rest day. Magnus Carlsen chose 1.d4 and a mainline Bf4 Queen's Gambit developed. Caruana's choice of the rare 10...Rd8 worked well and produced at least equality for him almost straight away. 11.Be2 (11.Nd2 will undoutably be tried in games that follow this one) 11...Ne4! was still preparation, 17.Nxf7!? is interesting (and equal) but not something to be tried when you suspect your opponent knows his stuff.

The players traded down to a Rook and Pawn endgame where Carlsen was worse but his split Kingside pawns meant that his losing chances were practically zero. The players went through the motions before repeating for a draw on move 49.

Score Carlsen 1 Caruana 1.