The Week in Chess Speed Chess Championship 2017 - Games and Results
Sat Dec 16 20:37:00 2017
The Speed Chess Championship takes place May 3rd to January 3rd 2018. 16 top players qualified: Three time controls 5 minutes plus 2 seconds per move, 3 minutes plus 2 second per move and bullet 1 minute plus 1 second per move. Each section ends with a single chess960 game.

1/8th Finals: May 3rd: Nakamura 20.5-7.5 Grigoriants, May 24th Karjakin 19-7 Meier, May 25th So 15.5-14.5 Giri, Aug 3rd: Grischuk 17.5-9.5, Rapport, Aug 23rd: Nepomniachtchi 15-13 Aronian, Aug 24th: Caruana 19-8 Hou Yifan, Aug 30th: Vachier-Lagrave 19-12 Xiong, Oct 4th: Carlsen 20.5-5.5 Guseinov.

Quarter-Finals: Oct 23, Oct 24, Nov 2nd, Nov 18th, Oct. 23: Maxime-Vachier Lagrave 13-16 Alexander Grischuk. Oct. 24: Sergey Karjakin 20-10 Ian Nepomniachtchi. Nov. 2: Hikaru Nakamura 17-10 Fabiano Caruana. Nov. 18: Magnus Carlsen 27.5-9.5 Wesley So.

Semi-Finals: Nov 21st Carlsen 15.5-10.5 Grischuk, Dec 16th Nakamura 16.5-13.5 Karjakin.

Final Carlsen-Nakamura Jan 3rd 2018.

I have removed the Chess960 games as they are problematic for many chess programs. Here is a PGN file including the Chess960 games.

70th Russian Chess Championship Superfinal 2017 - Games and Results
Fri Dec 15 20:42:00 2017
The 70th Russian Championship and 67th Russian Women's Championship took place in St Petersburg 3rd to 15th December 2017. The venue is the State Museum of Political History of Russia.

Four years after his last title Peter Svidler made it an 8th Russian Championship after defeating Nikita Vitiugov 2-0 in a tie-break rapid match. Svidler moves well clear of his rivals Rashid Nezhmetdinov, who won five Russian titles, and Mikhail Botvinnik and Mikhail Tal who won 6 Soviet titles. Aleksandra Goryachkina won the women's title, also after a tie-break match, she defeated Natalija Pogonina 2-0.

European Rapid and Blitz Championships 2017 - Games and Results
Fri Dec 15 18:52:00 2017
The European Rapid and Blitz Championships take place in Katowice 15th to 17th December 2017. Leading players: Ernesto Inarkiev, David Navara, Ruslan Ponomariov, Igor Kovalenko, Sergei Zhigalko, Luke J McShane, Sergey A Fedorchuk, Radoslaw Wojtaszek, Evgeny Alekseev, Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Pavel Ponkratov, Mateusz Bartel, Daniel Fridman, Kiril Georgiev, Vladimir Potkin, Maxim Rodshtein etc
IMSA Elite Mind Games 2017 - Games and Results
Fri Dec 15 14:50:00 2017
The IMSA Elite Mind Games took place in Huai'an, China 10th to 15th December 2017. Players: Men: Vladislav Artemiev, Quang Liem Le, Yangyi Yu, Liren Ding, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Wang Hao, Alexander Grischuk, Dmitry Andreikin, Rauf Mamedov, Anton Korobov, Vassily Ivanchuk and Pentala Harikrishna. Women: Nana Dzagnidze, Dronavalli Harika, Anna Muzychuk, Mariya Muzychuk, Wenjun Ju, Xue Zhao, Anna Ushenina, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Elisabeth Paehtz, Antoaneta Stefanova, Zhongyi Tan and Kateryna Lagno.

Games were in three formats, rapid, blitz and rapid Basque (two games vs the same opponent at the same time). Andreikin won the rapid, Artemiev the blitz and Grischuk the Basque. For the women's sections Stefanova the rapid and blitz, Zhao Xue the Basque.

9th London Chess Classic 2017 - Games and Results
Tue Dec 12 18:40:00 2017
The 9th London Chess Classic took place 30th November to 11th December 2017. Players: Carlsen, Nakamura, Aronian, MVL, Wesley So, Karjakin, Caruana, Anand, Nepomniachtchi, Adams.

Fabiano Caruana won the event after a rapid, then blitz tie-break again Ian Nepomniachtchi. Magnus Carlsen won the whole Grand Chess Tour series after beating Levon Aronian from an almost busted position. Carlsen was scathing in his criticism of his own play in London but also clearly had a bad cold. Alongside were many other events, results and games below.