The Week in Chess
Hamburg FIDE Grand Prix 2019 - Games and Results
Sun Nov 17 18:17:00 2019
The Hamburg FIDE Grand Prix took place 4th to 18th November 2019. Alexander Grischuk beat Jan-Krzysztof Duda 3.5-2.5 in the final. Grischuk won two games in a row after falling behind by losing the third tie-break game.
Superbet Bucharest Rapid & Blitz 2019 - Games and Results
Tue Nov 5 21:41:00 2019
The Superbet Rapid & Blitz took place in Bucharest Wed 6th Nov to Sun 10th Nov 2019. Players: So, Korobov, Caruana, Aronian, Artemiev, Anand, Karjakin, Le, Mamedyarov and Giri. Levon Aronian beat Sergey Karjakin in a tie-break match 1.5-0.5 after they tied after the rapid and blitz sections.
22nd European Teams 2019 - Games and Results
Sat Nov 2 18:57:00 2019
The 22nd European Team Championships took place in Batumi, Georgia Thu 24th Oct to Sun 3rd Nov 2019. The Russian Teams (Men: Andreikin, Vitiugov, Matlakov, Dubov and Alekseenko; Women: Goryachkina, Lagno, Gunina, Kashlinskaya and Girya) are the top seeds in both the men's and women's competitions. England are second seeds in the men's event with (Adams, Howell, Jones, Mcshane and Nick Pert). Other interesting players include: Giri, Mamedyarov, Aronian, Wojtaszek, Duda, Navara, Vallejo, Grandelius, Sargissian and Ivanchuk. Russia took clear first place on 15 points one point clear of 2nd place Ukraine and 3rd place England. In the women's event Russia again took first on 16 points, Georgia were on 15 points and Azerbaijan 14.
World Fischer Random Chess Championship 2019 - Games and Results
Sat Nov 2 18:54:00 2019
The World Fischer Random Chess Championship semi-finals and final took place in Hovikodden 27th October to 2nd November 2019. Ian Nepomniachtchi, Wesley So and Fabiano Caruana were the online winners at the start of October who travel to Norway to take on Magnus Carlsen. The points system for each mini-match over various time controls was: Slow rapid: win = 3, draw = 1.5, Fast rapid: win = 2, draw = 1, Blitz: win = 1, draw = 0.5 with tie-breaks in the event of a draw after 6 games. I don't really have a good way to display these games but will try and keep the PGN file up to date. Wesley So won the event destroying Magnus Carlsen 13.5-2.5 in the final. Once Carlsen started losing he just seemed to play worse and worse. Ian Nepomniachtchi beat Fabiano Caruana to finished 3rd.
World Juniors 2019 - Games and Results
Fri Oct 25 15:16:00 2019
The 58th World Junior Chess Championship and the 37th World Junior Girls took place in New Delhi Tue 15th Oct to Sat 26th Oct 2019. Evgeny Shtembuliak won the title alone on 9/11 ahead of Shant Sargsyan (8.5) and Aram Hakobyan (8). In the Girls event Shuvalova Polina won on 9.5/11 half a point clear of Mobina Alinasab, Elizaveta Solozhenkina took bronze.