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Protesters, Rioters, Looters, and Revolutionaries, Be Aware There Are Government Agents Among You
Sat, 30 May 2020 13:43:57 GMT

With protests, riots, looting, and revolutionary acts rising over the last few days across the country, here is a bit of information for participants in these activities to keep in mind: There are likely government agents among you. These government agents are undercover and taking part in the activities with you. Their role may be to take down names and inform on activities; their role may to act as provocateurs, seeking to lead you and others to do or say particular things; their role may be to make arrests.

This fact of life in America came to mind when I looked at a Friday Twitter post by journalist Luke Rudkowski. Rudkowski’s tweet includes a video clip in which a uniformed cop is among a group of people, many of whom seem to not be too happy with the cop. The cop is doling out some physical abuse, particularly on an individual he is trying to restrain, and receiving some physical abuse as well from several people in the crowd. It appears that the cop may be on the verge of being overpowered and seriously hurt. Indeed, it looks like a situation where he may pull out a gun to protect himself.

In the latter part of the video, one more person rushes into the area of conflict and seems to engage in a scuffle with the cop, drawing the cop out of the area and even chasing the cop off. At least that is how it seemed the first time I watched the video.

Something seemed off about how the two men interacted in the latter part of the video, so I watched a few more times.

Watching the video over and over, it looks more and more like the man who had seemed to come in to scuffle with the cop is actually pulling the cop out of the fray as a friend or coworker may do, while maybe putting on some ruse of conflict to ensure the extraction works. Indeed, at the end of the video clip, after a few viewings, it sure looks like neither man is chasing after the other. Instead, once clear of the danger that had confronted the cop, both men appear to jog off together.

It seems impossible to be certain just from looking at the video clip, but what appears to be happening here is an undercover cop, posing as a member of the protest, riot, or whatever came in to save the uniformed cop’s bacon or to prevent a further escalation of the physical conflict.

Undercover government agents are out there, and they are not out there just to protect the uniformed police. They are also there for purposes including surveilling and foiling the protesters, rioters, looters, or revolutionaries, as well as both provoking people to commit crimes and making arrests.

Virginia’s Statewide Mask Mandate
Wed, 27 May 2020 23:29:59 GMT

Starting Friday, people ten years old and older who are indoors just about anywhere in Virginia other than in private homes will be required by a new executive order of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to “cover their mouth and nose with a face covering, as described and recommended by” the United Sates government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Further, the mandate even requires wearing such a mask when outside at a long list of places “if a distance of six feet from every other person cannot be maintained.”

Oh brother. Indeed, oh Big Brother.

Like many other draconian mandates imposed by the Virginia governor and other politicians across America, the new mask mandate is purportedly purposed to counter coronavirus. That, of course, is a stretch given that there is no clear evidence masks protect people from coronavirus and that the mandate is being imposed when even the CDC is admitting the coronavirus threat is much, much less than many coronavirus crackdown proponents have been claiming over the last few months.

Northam lists in his executive order a few exceptions. For example, people can remove their masks while eating and drinking and while exercising.

People opposed to being required to wear a mask should take particular notice of this exception listed in the executive order:
Nothing in this Order shall require the use of a face covering by any person for whom doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety because of a medical condition.
In regard to this exception, the executive order further states:
Any person who declines to wear a face covering because of a medical condition shall not be required to produce or carry medical documentation verifying the stated condition nor shall the person be required to identify the precise underlying medical condition.
I don’t know about you, but following draconian government mandates makes me sick.

Unfortunately, many businesses and their managers can be expected to enforce this new mandate vigorously, choosing to kick out people who refuse to wear a mask and even to disregard the executive order’s listed exceptions. Some of these businesses or their managers will do so because they fear government enforcement actions that may come if there are reports of unmasked individuals at the businesses. Others will enthusiastically join in a zealous effort, often also supported by a substantial number of their customers, to stomp out any departure from the new dress code of subservience.
Gunshot Victims Count As Coronavirus Deaths in Washington State
Tue, 26 May 2020 18:39:47 GMT

Here is more on the absurd and very curious order from the CDC to count any death of a COVID-19 infected person who has died as a "COVID-19 death."

Democrat Washington governor Jay Inslee, whose daughter-in-law works for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, oversees a state government that has now admitted to counting gunshot deaths as Coronavirus deaths in official numbers pertaining to the virus, which sparked a draconian lockdown in Inslee’s state, reports the National File.

Freedom Foundation reports: “Today, officials at the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) confirmed that, as the Freedom Foundation reported on Monday, the state is counting in its COVID-19 death total the deaths of persons who tested positive for the virus but died from other causes. In remarks made during a telephonic press briefing, DOH officials even acknowledged knowingly including multiple deaths caused by gunshot wounds in the state’s COVID-19 fatality count.

Reprinted with permission from Target Liberty.
Jacob Hornberger Comes in Second for Libertarian Presidential Nomination
Sun, 24 May 2020 13:14:24 GMT

Future of Freedom Foundation President Jacob Hornberger failed to win the Libertarian Party presidential nomination in Saturday evening online voting by party delegates. Hornberger, who has spoken at Ron Paul Institute (RPI) events and whose articles have been regularly posted at the RPI website, came in second place in the fourth and final ballot cast by delegates.

Jo Jorgensen won the nomination.

Delegates will vote online Sunday to select the party’s nominee for vice president.

Though you will not be seeing Hornberger on the campaign trail as a presidential candidate this summer and fall, you can continue to read his insightful articles concerning liberty, current events, and history at the RPI website.

Danger: Cops are on the Road
Fri, 22 May 2020 14:25:32 GMT

Once police stop you, a ticket is the least of your worries,” writes Jacob Sullum early on in his new Reason article “10 Ways a Roadside Police Stop Can Go Wrong.”

After starting off with a short examination of the discretion police have to pull over vehicles on the road for a plethora of reasons, Sullum addresses, in turn, ten of the ways beyond a ticket that a traffic stop can be harmful. He starts with number one, having one’s driver license taken away, and proceeds on to number ten, being killed.

Read Sullum’s very informative and disturbing article
here to learn how much the deck is stacked against drivers and their passengers when their vehicles are stopped by cops on the road.

Test Positive for Coronavirus, End Up in a Police Database
Wed, 20 May 2020 11:57:30 GMT

So you are curious whether you have coronavirus? You could take a coronavirus test to find out. Well, not really find out, since the test results are not reliable. Nonetheless, you can take a test to obtain at least a Magic 8 Ball level answer of if you are or are not infected with coronavirus.

Here is some information likely unknown to many people when they are tested: The names and addresses of people who test positive are often handed over to police departments that can input or tag those names and addresses in police databases.

Kimberlee Kruesi provides the details in a Tuesday Associated Press article. She starts off her article with the following revelation:
More than 11 million people have been tested in the U.S. for COVID-19, all with the assurance that their private medical information would remain protected and undisclosed.

Yet, public officials in at least two-thirds of states are sharing the addresses of people who tested positive with first responders — from police officers to firefighters to EMTs. An Associated Press review found that at least 10 of those states also share the patients’ names.
Kinda makes those coronavirus tests that many government officials and people in the media have been promoting seem less warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it?

Continue reading Kruesi’s article here.
US Sparking Another Tanker War with Iran?
Tue, 19 May 2020 12:53:13 GMT
Is the US military about to take out four Iranian tanker ships carrying gasoline to Venezuela? US Sanctions on both countries have drawn them together as the rest of the world has been warned off trade. But Washington's neocons are furious that the two "pariah" states are trading with each other even though there is nothing legally the US can do to stop them. RPI's Daniel McAdams joins PressTV's "The Debate" to discuss the possibility of a US attack:
Wisconsin Supreme Court to the Rescue, Justices Void Much of Governor’s Coronavirus Crackdown
Thu, 14 May 2020 20:46:33 GMT

Politicians across America who have been trampling on liberty via a multitude of mandates imposed in the name of countering coronavirus should beware. There may be a court of jurisdiction stomping out your tyrannical efforts soon.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court led the way to restoring respect for limits on government power on Wednesday when it voided much of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’ restrictions on commerce, travel, and other exercises of liberty purportedly imposed to protect people’s health.

”The Wisconsin Supreme Court has struck down Gov. Tony Evers' order shutting down daily life to limit the spread of coronavirus — marking the first time a statewide order of its kind has been knocked down by a court of last resort,” begins a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article by Molly Beck and Patrick Marley regarding the court’s decision.

Let’s hope that across America judicial and legislative actions are taken to make it clear that governments — state, local, or national — cannot again use a “public health threat” or other “emergency” to impose draconian mandates.
Three Reminders from The Bill of Rights
Wed, 13 May 2020 19:31:13 GMT

As a condition for accepting the Constitution, the American people demanded the enactment of the Bill of Rights immediately after ratification of the Constitution. They had been assured that the Constitution was calling into existence a national government whose powers were limited to those enumerated in the Constitution. But that did not satisfy them. They wanted a Bill of Rights to make it clear that the federal government was prohibited from doing the things that are listed in the Bill of Rights. There are several important things to notice about the Bill of Rights:

First, the Bill of Rights, does not give people rights. Our ancestors understood that rights come from nature and God, not from government. People’s rights preexist government.

Second, the Bill of Rights consists of prohibitions and restrictions on the federal government. Why is that important? Because our ancestors knew that the federal power would inevitably attract people to public office who would do the types of things that were being restricted. They would criminalize speech, especially speech that was critical of federal officials. They would ban protests against government. They would force people to subscribe to a certain religion. They would seize people’s guns. They would punish any malefactor by simply having civil or military agents take people into custody, incarcerate them, torture them, or execute them, all without trial by jury and due process of law. The Bill of Rights was to serve as a reminder that federal officials had no legitimate power to do any of these things.

Third, the Bill of Rights contains no emergency or crisis exception. That’s because our ancestors knew that historically crises and emergencies were the time-honored way by which people lost their liberties at the hands of their own government. During such times, people become afraid and their natural tendency is to look to the government to keep them safe and secure. They forget that the biggest threat to their liberty is their very own government, as reflected in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Thus, they eagerly trade away their liberty for “security.” Later, when the crisis or emergency has passed, they discover that the government is unwilling to give up the power it has acquired over them.

Reprinted with permission from Future of Freedom Foundation.
Amid Record-Breaking Job Losses in America, Military Contractors Are Hiring
Mon, 11 May 2020 22:41:00 GMT

Tens of millions of jobs have disappeared over the last couple months after government actions taken in the name of countering coronavirus sank an already suffering economy, including through mandating that many businesses shut down. Nevertheless, one group of American businesses — military contractors — is still going strong and seeking to hire many people.

Marcus Weisgerber, in a Friday Defense One article, provides the details of the effort by large military contractors, including Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, to hire many more people to help the companies satisfy the United States government’s demand for tools of foreign intervention.

Some big military contractors, though, are not totally immune to the economic trouble in America. These companies are eliminating jobs in their operations directed at meeting the demands of private individuals while, at the same time, adding jobs focused on military and foreign intervention production. Weisgerber notes, for example, that Boeing, “which is preparing to cut 10 percent of its 160,000-employee workforce as the airlines predict at least a three-year drop in sales, is advertising more than 600 open positions in the United States, largely in its defense, space, cybersecurity and intelligence units.” Further, Weisgerber writes, some military contractors such as “Raytheon Technologies, the company formed by the merger of Raytheon and United Technologies last month, are considering shifting employees from commercial to defense work.”

Read Weisgerber’s article here.
Brooklyn District Attorney Refuses to Prosecute People Arrested for Not Complying with Social Distancing Mandates
Fri, 08 May 2020 19:37:14 GMT

It is refreshing to see government officials across America refuse to participate in all or part of the ongoing coronavirus crackdowns. A new action in this admirable secession from the authoritarianism was taken by Eric Gonzalez, the district attorney for the New York City borough of Brooklyn. Gonzalez has chosen not to prosecute any of the 40 people police have arrested in the borough from March 17 through May 4 for violating social distancing mandates imposed in the name of countering coronavirus.

Watch here a Thursday New York 1 report on Gonzalez’s action and the protests individuals had taken part in to express opposition to the arrest and prosecution of people for social distancing mandate violations.

Gonzales also announced in a Wednesday statement regarding social distancing enforcement that his office “is reviewing allegations of excessive force during recent Brooklyn arrests and will investigate these incidents to determine if disciplinary recommendations or criminal charges are warranted.” Gonzalez further declares in the statement that he recommends “enforcement activity regarding social distancing consists of distributing masks, gloves, sanitizers and other measures to prevent the spread of the virus” and that “arrest under these circumstances should always be the last resort.”

Hopefully, police will heed this message from the district attorney and stop harassing and arresting people for exercising their right to assemble for whatever peaceful purposes they choose.
Unexceptional? Coronavirus and the End of American Empire
Wed, 06 May 2020 18:38:41 GMT
The underlying narrative - some call it a "myth" – of American foreign policy is the country’s exceptional position on the world stage. This is the bipartisan consensus. However, the reality is very different. The global pandemic has demonstrated the U.S. should focus on its own exceptional problems at home. CrossTalking with Daniel McAdams and George Szamuely:

Rep. Justin Amash has Another National Media Interview about His Libertarian Presidential Campaign. He Again Says Nothing Libertarian.
Tue, 05 May 2020 19:00:30 GMT

On Thursday, I wrote about Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI), in a ten-minute interview at MSNBC focused on why he is interested in seeking the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, saying nothing libertarian. Further, I noted that, when Amash was asked about what a libertarian would do concerning coronavirus (a policy area where government is heavily restricting people’s exercise of liberty, intentionally shutting down much of the economy, and spending with abandon), Amash chose to promote adding a new government program to hand out money to people — something the host noted does not sound like a limited government proposal.

On Friday, Amash was back in another national media interview focused on why he would want to run for president as the Libertarian Party nominee. This time Amash was interviewed for five minutes by Rachel Martin at National Public Radio (NPR).

Second act, same as the first.

Though presented with question after question that gave him opportunities to promote libertarian ideas, Amash chose not to do so.

Martin even teed up the perfect opportunity for Amash to promote decreasing government intervention when she asked him this question:
Congress passed a number of economic relief packages as a result of the pandemic. You would be running on a platform as a libertarian of less government intervention in people's lives. How do you come down on that?
In response, Amash jumped in, as he did in the MSNBC interview, to promote his desire to establish a new program where the United States government hands out money to people monthly.

Even when asked about President Donald Trump’s actions in relation to coronavirus, Amash chose to keep his critique totally divorced from any libertarian ideas. Here is that exchange between Martin and Amash:
MARTIN: What's your assessment of President Trump's leadership during this crisis?

AMASH: Disastrous. He creates a lot of uncertainty and a lot of grief for people that is unnecessary. So I think it's been disastrous. This doesn't mean that all of the decisions have been wrong. It just means that he has been such a terrible messenger and terrible operator throughout this entire process that people have lost whatever little trust they had in him.
Listen to Amash’s NPR interview here.

Amash’s course of action of abstaining from promoting libertarian ideas in interviews about his running for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination is peculiar.

In 1992, I heard then-Libertarian Party presidential nominee Andre Marrou answering interview questions many times as I traveled with him across the country. Marrou, in those interviews, discussed libertarian ideas repeatedly. He did so when promoting what he would do as president, when critiquing his opponents’ stands and actions, and when just plain discussing current events and politics. Marrou routinely used the interviews as a means to introduce, explain, and promote libertarian idea.

Other Libertarian presidential nominees have approached interviews similarly to how Marrou did. None have routinely employed the approach Amash has demonstrated in his MSNBC and NPR interviews.
New Libertarian Presidential Candidate has Ten-Minute MSNBC Interview about Why He is Running, Says Nothing Libertarian
Thu, 30 Apr 2020 17:41:25 GMT
After Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI) established a committee this week to enable him to run for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, he was interviewed for ten minutes at MSNBC regarding his candidacy. Did Amash use this time to advocate for accomplishing libertarian goals — terminating the drug war, ceasing foreign intervention, and ending the Federal Reserve, for example? No. Instead, Amash repeatedly avoided talking about any particular policy issues. Then, when asked by host Ayman Mohyeldin to weigh in on government actions taken purportedly in response to coronavirus, Amash even managed to address this matter that involves incredible rights violations and vast spending in such a nonlibertarian manner that Mohyeldin soundly challenged Amash for supporting big government — the opposite of advocating a libertarian position.

In response to queries from Mohyeldin regarding Amash’s interest in seeking the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, Amash repeatedly avoided advancing libertarian ideas. Instead, Amash repeatedly sought to promote himself via comments that could be used by a candidate with any political views whatsoever. Here are three examples of such comments by Amash:
What people want is someone who’s practical, who’s honest, who will represent every American.

People … want someone who’s going to be practical, who will bring real honest ideas to the table.

We need people who have leadership skills, who can stand up against those in power, can stand up to those who want to continue the bad process we have in Congress. And I have those skills, and I’ll bring those to the table.
There is nothing promoting libertarian ideas in any of this. Indeed, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden could just have well said all of this.

Also, Amash several times in the interview said people should have a choice on their ballots in addition to Trump and Biden.

OK, but what policy changes does Amash advocate that give people a reason to support him? He does not say.

Over six minutes into the interview in which Amash repeatedly offered platitudes about his practicality and the benefit of having an additional choice for president on ballots, Mohyeldin sought to push Amash to present an actual opinion about a government policy issue. Mohyeldin asked, “How would a libertarian solve the current pandemic that we’re in, both financially and from a health perspective?”

Amash was finally trapped into addressing a policy issue. Yet, he still managed to avoid supporting any libertarian ideas. Amash answers that “from a health perspective you have to give more flexibility to people who are on the ground,” while it is “really important” that that their actions can be coordinated by and provided guidance from the White House. “As for financial relief,” continues Amash, “I’ve said repeatedly that what people should have is direct pay from the government during this time” instead of “funneling money to the banks or directly to big corporations using the Federal Reserve.” Rather than of the one-time payment through the Internal Revenue Services that the United States government is undertaking, Amash says in the interview that there should be a system through which Americans “can get a monthly distribution from the government to make it through this crisis.”

“That doesn’t necessarily sound like limited government when you’re having the government pay folks a lot of money throughout the course of this crisis,” Mohyeldin responded to Amash’s coronavirus policy answer.


Yet, Amash had the audacity to assert in response that “it is limited government.”

Oh brother.

Is this interview a preview of an Amash Libertarian presidential campaign strategy of avoiding, at every opportunity, promoting libertarian positions? We’ll see.

Watch Amash’s interview here:

Mayor Defies State’s Coronavirus Shutdown
Tue, 28 Apr 2020 20:08:11 GMT

Martin “Modey” Hicks, the mayor of Grants, New Mexico, has had enough of the mandate that businesses remain closed in the name of countering coronavirus. Russell Contreras reported last week at the Associated Press that Hicks, in defiance of an ongoing shutdown order from New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, “said he’s giving businesses permission to reopen on Monday and is ordering the police force in the city of about 9,000 people to prevent any State Police officers from issuing lockdown violation citations.”

Contreras reports that 81 businesses in Grants had “signed a petition calling for the reopening of the city.” And it seems that Hicks is adamant in his effort to ensure this desire can be acted on. Contreras writes:
“I’ve told businesses to call 911 if State Police show up to their place. We are going to stop Lujan Grisham and her Gestapo,” Hicks said, referring to the secret police of Nazi Germany.
On Monday, KOB-TV reported on the reopening of Grants. The report notes that, unfortunately, state police did harass businesses in Grants on Monday. At the same time, it is refreshing to hear Hicks powerfully defend his decision. Hicks declares in the report:
This is about the Constitution of this country, period. It’s about our livelihood. It’s about our liberties. It’s about our rights, and we will not compromise them no more to a tyrant in Santa Fe.
Santa Fe is the state’s capital from which the New Mexico governor has been overseeing the state government’s coronavirus crackdown.

Watch the KOB-TV report here:

The New Rules of Golf in the USAR (Union of Soviet American Republics)
Tue, 28 Apr 2020 19:11:36 GMT

The little Stalinist Mayor of Palm Beach County, FL , Dave Kerner, just issued another one of his unconstitutional and unlawful “emergency orders.” This time it was to begin opening up recreational activities in the county. Before making his announcement he told us that we are not to behave like elementary school children on the last day of school before summer vacation, indicating that he does indeed think of us all as eight-year-olds (at best). He also stated that if we did behave that way, we “WILL be subject to arrest.” Jackbooted Sheriff Rick Bradshaw stood behind him with his usual phony scowl.

Next up was the top “public health” bureaucrat in the county who continued to drone on and on, lecturing to a television audience that she obviously assumed had the average intelligence of a three-year-old, repeating the tired, old “social distancing” blather combined with more threats of imprisonment, promising that that will be the law of the land “until we have a vaccine.”

Finally, our mini-Stalinist mayor issued his “emergency order.”  Attachment 3 applies to yours truly, since I’m a golfer. The courses open in two days, hopefully enough time for me to memorize the mayor’s twenty-eight regulations that are to dictate play. I am told that I WILL be subject to arrest, for example, if I arrive at the course more than 20 minutes before my tee time (Regulation #3). The good news is that I will probably lower my score since Regulation 17 mandates that the cups are to stick one inch above the surface of the green. No need to make  putts; just hit the cup somewhere and count it as a made putt. Nice.

Reprinted with permission from

Cato Institute Editorial: The Coronavirus Crackdown is Libertarian
Thu, 23 Apr 2020 17:18:40 GMT

When you come across an editorial titled “Libertarianism and the Coronavirus Pandemic” at the website of the Cato institute that describes itself as “a public policy research organization — a think tank — dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace,” what do you expect? You may expect the editorial to argue against local, state, and national governments in America, in the name of countering coronavirus, prohibiting people from exercising many individual rights including rights to travel, assemble, engage in commerce, and even just leave home.

Well, think again.

Instead of delivering a strong defense of freedom and a strong condemnation of the coronavirus crackdown in which governments shut down many private businesses and wholesale violate individual rights, the March 25 editorial, written by Cato Institute Staff Writer Andy Craig, endorses the crackdown.

Craig’s objections to the coronavirus crackdown that he expresses in his editorial hardly even qualify as quibbles. He writes that restraint should be applied in enforcing the draconian mandates and that “emergency rules and powers should extend only for the duration of the emergency, and be repealed at the earliest feasible opportunity.” Notably, government officials who have mandated and implemented the coronavirus crackdown across America appear to have typically agreed since the beginning of the crackdown that there should be enforcement restraint and that imposed mandates should be lifted based on changes in circumstances.

You can read Craig’s editorial here.

If you want to read some editorials that deal with the coronavirus crackdown and are more in line with libertarian ideas or, as the Cato Institute puts it, “the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace,” check out libertarian communicator Ron Paul’s editorials “The Coronavirus Hoax” from March 16, “End the Shutdown; It’s Time for Resurrection!” from April 6, and “What If the Lockdown Was All A Big Mistake?” from April 20.
My Coronavirus Crackdown Predictions
Tue, 21 Apr 2020 18:50:50 GMT

A while back, I made two predictions regarding the coronavirus crackdown in America. First, in an April 11 Ron Paul Institute (RPI) article, I predicted that across the country there would be a proliferation of protests with a growing number of supporters. Second, in RPI articles published on March 25 and April 4, I predicted that continuing the coronavirus crackdown would increasingly involve physical violence by police enforcing draconian mandates and by people confronted by police for just trying to get on with their lives — something in many ways forbidden under the crackdown.

The protests that are the subject of my first prediction are unfolding now.

Regarding my second prediction, the situation with physical violence has not progressed as far as it could have. Police are using physical violence in the coronavirus crackdown, though in many instances, such as in dealing with many of the protests, they are managing to keep enforcement more mellow or are refraining from enforcement. I have not seen indication of much responsive physical violence being used against the crackdown enforcers. But, in places where the severity of the coronavirus crackdown is not very much reduced soon, expect the situation to increasingly involve more physical violence. Tensions are rising every day.
Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman Wants Her City to Reopen Now
Mon, 20 Apr 2020 21:20:44 GMT

If many more politicians viewed the coronavirus crackdown the way Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman has viewed it, America may have avoided plummeting into economic devastation with tens of millions of people losing their jobs and with many small businesses closed down never to reopen due to the financial hit taken by their owners.

Many Americans may also have retained their ability to exercise freely individual rights, such as by traveling where they choose, visiting with friends and family, and taking other actions local, state, and national governments have forbade in the name of countering coronavirus.

In a new interview at Fox 5 television of Las Vegas, Goodman explains that early on the city of Las Vegas asked to be “a control group,” like in an experiment, where coronavirus-related state mandates would not be imposed. That request was denied, and Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak imposed draconian restrictions statewide in the name of countering coronavirus. Included were March 17 and March 20 orders mandating the closing of many businesses that Sisolak declared are “nonessential.” This resulted in Las Vegas being, as Goodman puts it, “closed down.”

Goodman makes clear in the interview her support for the city immediately being opened completely. Unlike the governor of her state and the governors of many other states, Goodman boldly stands up for letting people again exercise their rights, including by leaving their homes and engaging in commerce, without risk of punishment even though there is a health threat from coronavirus. And she is refreshingly free of the “reasonably” refrain many politicians are repeating. That refrain is their way of saying they will make sure their promised reopening of the economy and lifting of mandates barring the exercise of individual rights occur at a glacial pace while Americans continue to suffer in the grip of draconian restrictions and the economy continues to disintegrate.

“Just tragic” is how Goodman describes the situation in Las Vegas under state government restrictions put in place in the name of fighting coronavirus. Talking about the massive increase in unemployment in the city, Goodman mentions, “I see so many of these people who’ve lost employment in the hospitality business, they’re going to become part of the homeless population.”

Goodman’s message to the governor of Nevada is that Las Vegas should be opened back up. She states:
We know what we have built here, all of us together, in a very, very diverse, caring community. And all we ask is please give us the opportunity to get back to work, to earn an honest dollar, and be able to support our grandparents and support our parents and support our children.
Further, asserts Goodman, the ongoing coronavirus crackdown Is pushing Las Vegas toward a point of no return. “Unless we get somewhere to turn this around soon, there’s no point down there that you will be able to turn it around,” she states.

Goodman notes that in the past “we’ve never shut down,” from when she was a little girl and the fear of polio was “consuming the entire country” through the decades since when “we had virus after virus.” As Goodman goes on to explain, people have long managed to carry on with their lives even while threats, from diseases and otherwise, exist. She states:
And every single day of every one of our lives we don’t know if we’re coming home that afternoon, whether we’re going to have a brain embolism or we’re going to have a cardiac problem or get hit by a truck or slip in the bathtub or get mugged by somebody.
Asked about the governor not thinking the state can be reopened safely yet, Goodman answers that “there’s no guarantee when to open safely.” Continuing, Goodman declares, “I am just saying let’s go forward, do it now.”

Goodman proceeds in the interview to make clear that she wants a real reopening of her city, not some partial reopening weighed down by a bunch of restrictions. Asked whether there is “any practical way to keep people safe, to social distance, in your opinion but reopen at the same time,” Goodman replies with a very liberty-oriented answer instead of the government micromanagement response we have heard from many politicians in their talk of “reasonably” taking “incremental” steps for lifting of the coronavirus crackdowns they have imposed. Goodman’s answer focuses on individual responsibility:
I think it’s all about being a civilized community, and you learn that when you’re going to sneeze or cough you cover your mouth, that you do your best to respect the rights of others, and if you’re sick you stay home, you don’t go to work, … and that you have the sense of why God gave us brains is to use our brains on what is respectful of others in a socialized, civilized community with laws and rules.
Goodman continues emphasizing individual responsibility when asked about tourists visiting a reopened Las Vegas. Goodman states:
Everybody has a choice. You don’t want to come to Vegas, don’t come. You don’t want to leave your house, don’t leave your house. And you will stay in your house for the rest of your life it that’s your choice. The reality is so many of the people, so many, many are consistently out there wanting to get back to work and have a life and be able to shop again and be with friends and touch and hug each other.
In the interview, Goodman presents a succinct request for Las Vegas as follows: “Give us the right to live our lives, and let Las Vegas come back to be the convention and hospitality center that it is.” More and more people across the country are desiring that something similar happens soon where they live as well.

Watch Goodman’s interview here:

Coronavirus Over-Reaction
Mon, 20 Apr 2020 17:22:19 GMT

Throughout my 30 years in Congress, I noticed that very few of the Democrats in the House had ever run or even worked in a small or medium-sized business.

In fact, while I got along with them personally, I found that some Democratic members and career bureaucrats seemed to have an anti-business attitude.

Now, I am witnessing a very similar and fascinating corollary in response to the shutdown of most of America’s small businesses.

Those who are government employees at all levels, including members of Congress, don’t seem to mind, and many are probably even enjoying their extended vacations. After all, they are still drawing their salaries.

Many government employees and members of Congress seem to be supporting, or in some cases, even demanding that the shutdown continue for an even longer period of time.

Most who own small businesses want to get their firms open again before they go under. And the Rush Limbaugh Show recently ran a report from CNN saying that over 80% of US jobs were in small and medium-sized businesses.

When I see all these governors and mayors on television, they appear to me to be at the height of their glory, holier than thou, and feeling very heroic and powerful.

I am not downplaying the seriousness of this Coronavirus. It is terrible that so many have died from this and that so many more have been sickened by it.

But one of the early reports said the flu causes from 29,000 to 63,000 deaths in the US every year, with the average being around 36,000.

I wonder what the reaction would have been two or three years ago if there had been several weeks of nonstop, 24-hour-a-day news reports about how many thousands around the world had been sickened and/or had died from the flu that year.

Dr. Alex Berezow, a microbiologist, wrote a column in the April 4th USA Today enttled “Stop the panic. Don’t let the Coronavirus win.”

He wrote that “a total economic collapse would tear at the fabric of society and also pose a threat to public health. And it raises the specter that our ‘cure’ for COVID-19 may be far more harmful than the disease itself.

This Country is over $23 trillion in debt already. The Congress has passed bills totaling well over another two trillion, spending money we do not have at an unprecedented rate.

Added to this are reports that the Federal Reserve has added another four trillion. It seems to me that printing all this money out of very thin air runs a real risk of inflation such as Germany had in the 1920s.

Eric Metaxas, in his book Bonhoeffer, wrote that the German mark began a “free fall”in 1921, dropping to 75 marks to the dollar, and by “disastrous “ 1923, had dropped to 7,000 marks to the dollar early that year, but to an unimaginable four billion to the dollar by November. And Germany was considered the best-educated country in the world then.

I hope we come to our senses before it is too late.