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Brimstone - AoH Solo (M&M3e)
Fri, 26 May 2017 07:45:07 CDT
Brimstone - AoH Solo (M&M3e)Publisher: Xion Studios


Acts of Heroism: Solos is a semi-weekly spotlight on heroes created by Sketchpad Studios. Every release will focus on a new, super, awesome, noble, heroic character for enjoyment in your new or existing adventures! Pit your baddies against these heroes, and enjoy endless hours of adventuring!

After the death of his family, Anton Black took a dark turn for vengeance. Traveling the world, he returned home years later to become The Wraith! Using gadgets and strange, arcane powers, he now takes the fight to evil! The Wraith, only $1.99 and only in Acts of Heroism: Iconics!

BrandXIntroducing the "Brand X" imprint of Xion Studios! Under Brand X, we will publish third-party authors & creators who provide quality content and are looking for a publishing platform from which to operate. Creators retain all of their rights to their creations, and benefit from Xion's publishing connections. Best of all, fans get more quality merchandise to enjoy!

Price: $1.99
Race Pack Two: Visitors
Fri, 26 May 2017 06:51:10 CDT
Race Pack Two: VisitorsPublisher: Galahad Games

Heroes from Beyond the Mortal Realm!

Migrants from the lands of the fey to the mundane world, the visitors make the magic and wonder of the fair-folk available to players in all settings.

This product contains:

* 3 New Races - The Visitors: the dashing Ban Sidi, the stony Molagan, and the sky-loving Trow!

* New Creature subtype: (Indigenous)

* 3 New Traits!

*3 New Magic Weapons!

* 11 New Feats!

*New Swashbuckler archetype - The Peacock Blade!

*New Hunter archetype - The Terraform Stalker!

*New Witch Patron - Night's Sky with 6 new Hexes!

Plus a bonus preview of Galahad Games's forthcoming World of Aimsir Campaign setting!

Price: $5.99
Shattered 2017 Mega A [BUNDLE]
Fri, 26 May 2017 05:49:35 CDT
Shattered 2017 Mega A  [BUNDLE]Publisher: Wayward Rogues Publishing
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Beasts of Bright Mountain

The Whispers Conclude!

The heroes have driven away the ogre army attacking Brighton. All that remains to defeat the Cult of Shub-Niggurath is to confront a transformed Corvun...

Belly of Rot

The Whispers of the Dark Mother continue!

The party tracks the cult of Shub-Niggurath's activities to the capital city of Brynndell, but what they find is not what they believed they were l...

Call to War

The Whispers of the Dark Mother Continue!

The heroes return to the town of Brighton to resupply before their final showdown against the cult of Shub-Niggurath, only to find it besieged by a...

CC 1: The Fester Lion's Den 5E

   Introducing Casual Confrontations! This product is for game masters who would like to use a more detailed encounter in place of a random encounter when the time calls for one. This ser...

CC 1: The Fester Lion's Den PF

   Introducing Casual Confrontations! This product is for game masters who would like to use a more detailed encounter in place of a random encounter when the time calls for one. This ser...

Cults of Celmae: The Ashen King

He is the Ashen King, Celmae's god of fire and death, and he wants nothing more than to burn every living soul.

Contained herein:

An overveiw of the cult of the Ashen King.


Cultures of Celmae: Briranor

   The proud, but chaotic people of Briranor are driven by art, and their own personal passions. With the help of their elven allies they rose from barbarism to become the most prolific a...

Cultures of Celmae: Dwarves

   The dwarves of Celmae are simultaneously your typical dwarves and anything but. Haunted by guilt, this pious race has devoted themselves to righting the wrongs of their past. Above the...

Cultures of Celmae: Elves

   The mysterious, reclusive elves are one of Celmae’s youngest and strangest races. From their appearance following the Shattering, to their dominance of the forests of the West, t...

Cultures of Celmae: Gnomes

The Gnomes of Celmae are one of its oldest, but shortest lived races. Long before the Shattering sundered the world, they fought the horrific gugs in the world below, defending the surface from the...

Cultures of Celmae: Majeed

   Proud and privileged, the Majeed consider themselves the superior human culture of Celmae. Artists and military experts, their navies are feared throughout the Western Ocean, and for g...

Cultures of Celmae: Orcs

They are a brutal and savage race on the brink of extinction, but due to the worship of Shub-Niggurath, they rise again.   

   Once they ruled the surface, but afte...

Cultures of Celmae: Oyapok

These small marsupial humanoids live and hunt the stagnant swamps of their homeland. Displaced by the cruel black dragon Dessuterrix, the Oyapok are only now emerging from the the shadows of their ...

Cultures of Celmae: Udaeus

   The mighty udaeoi of Cythea consider themselves the first-men,  created by the god Saint Thero from the teeth of the fearsome World Dragon, and then given the divine decree to rul...

Despicable Deeds

The Whispers of the Dark Mother Continue in Despicable Deeds!

   The Cult of Shub-Niggurath’s malign influence stretches from the wilds of Brighton to the bustling city of G...

Dimensionist Hybrid Class

Dimensionist’s think and operate outside the realm of the mundane. When working with others, she always endeavors to find a hidden method to solve a problem. If obstacles arise that are too w...

Eldritch Archeologist, Hybrid Class

   Forgotten secrets and ancient treasures lurk in lost tombs waiting to be unearthed by the brave.

   Those adventurers courageous enough to devote themselves to answer...

Empath Hybrid Class

Pushing yourself to your limits is what adventurers do best. Extending those limits, that’s the empath's job.

Manipulating the power of emotions, these psychic casters harness its raw...

Future Races: Ezzana

Forged in the lava vents of a hostile planet, the ezzana are forced to flee to the stars so their race may survive. Master gunsmiths, the ezzana use specially crafted rifles to hunt the titanic pre...

Future Races: Unmen

From the frozen reaches of deep space come the Un-Men. These body scavengers and pharmaceutical traders resemble humans...but there is something not quite right about them. Where do they come from?...


As Griffonport expanded, what began as a few taverns around the docks expanded to a thriving melting pot—a community of sailors, wanderers, merchants, and those who derive a living from the s...

Honeymoon of Horror
When a popular cleric goes missing, her worried parishioners implore heroes to look into a matter the local authorities have turned a blind-eye to. What they will discover is a horror beyond thei...

Hybrid Classes Vol. 2: Horror Heroes

Add six new hybrid classes with an element of horror to your tabletop adventures today!

Bullet Disciple- This gunslinger-monk follows the spiritual way of the gun. Students of the ...

Hybrid Classes Vol. I

6 New Hybrid Classes for your Game!

   The Forge Priest- a specialized armor crafter that can imbue his spells onto armor worn by others.   The Forest Warden- a unique h...

Incarnate Hybrid Class

Your destiny is in the hands of alien entities. Take it back!


   The Incarnate Hybrid Class combines the powerful ra...

Inn Tavern Stock Art

Thank you for purchasing this Map Stock Art by Robert Gresham.

Commercial Stock Art License

The commercial terms and conditions for the Stock Art are simple and flex...

Librarian Hybrid Class

Librarians are guardians of powerful and magical relics, and often undertake globe-spanning adventures to recover items, and store them in their archives.

The li...

Mariner Hybrid Class

   The mariner is a special warrior, dedicated to ridding the ocean of the sea devils that populate its darkest depths.  

Herein are the secrets of this Fighter-Ranger h...

Myrmidon Hybrid Class

The myrmidon dances into combat, grunting exclamations as she attacks, affecting her enemies like a witches hex. 

A soldier with unbreakable spirit, she goes wherever there is battle, ...

Mysterium Magnus: New Occultist Options

Students of forbidden lore, occultists search for secret power purposely hidden from mortal eyes. Some even seek out the hideous and vile mysteries shunned by the sane.

Herein are over two ...

Ogres New Boots

 The town cobbler, Nogget, has been abducted by an ogre and his gang of mutant, fire-breathing goblins! Frantic gnomes plead with the heroes to save one of their own, while intolerant local au...

Omnilibertas: The City of Freedom
   Omniliberatis. All are free. The very definition of the capitol states the opinion and feeling of the people who live there. The stone walls, smooth, gray and stoic, stand in opposition t...

Orphic Hybrid Class
An intermediary between the occult world and the world of the warriors, the orphic joins mental powers to physical fury. Since her prime age, she hears mysterious voices of power or folly speaking in ...

Players Guide to Whispers of the Dark Mother Adventure Path

Prepare yourself and your allies against the approaching threat of Shub-Niggurath's vile cult! 

This Pay-What-You-Want Players Guide provides several new options for characters for the ...

Prodigy Hybrid Class

The greatest artists seek inspiration beyond their imagination. A complete 1-20 hybrid class based on the bard and spiritualist.

The prodigy is an uncompromising aesthete and expert on a mi...

Revanchist Hybrid Class

When an innocent is wronged, and the guilty go unpunished, the revanchist steps forth to make sure justice is served.    

Caring nothing for redemption, she rides into battle, ven...

Seeds of Evil.

The Whispers of the Dark Mother Mini-Adventure Path is here!

This six-part adventure pits characters from the small trading Town of Brighton against the sinister Cult o...

Skyrider Hybrid Class

   High above in the clouds, the skyrider takes the fight to her foes on the back of her majestic griffon mount. This hybrid cavalier/ranger class specializes in acrobatic aerial maneuver...

Stock Art: Alchemy Gnome

A gnome alchemist for all your personal or commercial needs. 

Included are black & white and color .tiff files for your convienence. A pdf of our art license is also included expla...

Stock Art: Elf Wizard with Toad Familiar

An elf wizard with a toad familiar for use in personal and comercial projects. A license is included explaining how to apply this art in your project. Originally appeared in Wayward Rogues Publishi...

Stock Art: Opossum Man

   A opossum man ranger or rogue for all your private or commercial needs.

   Included are black & white and color .tiff files for your convienence. Our art license ...

Super Spy Hybrid Class

Become the "secret" spy that everyone knows.

Use that social status to your mission's advantage, and then employ your wide array of gadgets and outlandish Audacity to accomplish t...

Tales from the Laughing Dragon Inn

Five one-session adventures beginning at everyone's favorite location: the town inn! From tavern brawls to dangerous forays through the sewers, these scenarios are guaranteed to challenge your play...

The Cult of the Colour out of Space

Behold! The Cult of the Colour out of Space!

What is the agenda of this alien worshipping cult? Why would any creature follow an entity that seems ambivalent to their existence while simult...

The Dimensional Wayfarer

Travel the planes and master the fantastic hazards of the multiverse!


Featuring the Dimensional Wayfarer Base Class:


A cleric-sorcerer hybrid class, ...

The Guide to the Cult of Shub-Niggurath

Vile rites on defiled sites beneath twin gibbous moons, From howling lairs she bleats and swears within the darkened lunes, Cleanse your dice and pay the price for this gruesome pdf, With ...

The Pulverizer Hybrid Class

A new Hybrid Class for your game! 

The pulverizer is a barbaric martial artist who specializes in smashing his foes and using their crumpled bodies as weapons!


Tower of Hidden Doors

The Whispers of the Dark Mother continue in part 2: The Tower of Hidden Doors.


The party must track down the killer of a p...

Town of Brighton

The Town of Brighton is a ready to play location that can be added to any pre-existing campaign world. Featuring dozens of plot hooks, a full color town map, and scores of unique NPC's to help the ...


A tiny poke can grow and fester into the most dangerous of infections. The venommancer knows this to be true. She relies on it. The venommancer can control even the most viral contagions with her m...

Vivisectionist Hybrid Class

This hybrid necromancer-alchemist creates and commands undead creatures with her noxious, chemical concoctions. By harnessing the secrets of the grave she assaults her enemies with stolen knowledge...

Windblade Hybrid Class

The Windblade is a druid-sorcerer hybrid with deep connections to the sky. She harnesses the power of the currents to wield a weapon of pure energy. At higher levels she takes on the form of air, s...

Wonderworker Hybrid Class

For some, magic is not only a thing to ponder, but the stuff of wonder! Using the power of their eccentric imaginations, wonderworkers fill the natural world with vibrant phenomena and awe-inspirin...

Total value:$151.50
Special bundle price:$0.65
Savings of:$0.00 (0%)
Price: $151.50
Crisis of the World Eater - Devourer of a Thousand Worlds (PFRPG)
Fri, 26 May 2017 05:43:20 CDT
Crisis of the World Eater - Devourer of a Thousand Worlds (PFRPG)Publisher: LPJ Design

The end has come! Saitan, the Deliverer of Omega has arrived with the intent of reducing the world to ash. The heroes must take to the skies and fight their way up to Saitan’s planet-sized home in a salvaged ship, and confront the titan head on! But greater powers still intervene in the fight, and amid exploring a Saitan’s impossibly huge vessel, the party is drawn into another world entirely. In this surreal landscape, the heroes must stand toe-to-toe with entities that shape reality and probability itself and prove they have what it takes to face the titan and stop her once and for all!

A Pathfinder-compatible adventure for a party of four 12th-level characters.

    Price: $5.49
    TS1 - Heart of Darkness
    Fri, 26 May 2017 05:37:47 CDT
    TS1 - Heart of DarknessPublisher: Adventures in Filbar

    With your last adventure complete you head to town to sell off loot, replenish supplies and to find a bard to tell your tale to so that your fame can increase. As the group goes their separate ways you are wandering through the muddy streets when a shriek is heard. You see a man stab a merchant and attempt to escape. With no time to gather your associates you call for your mount (or borrow one) and give pursuit!

    This adventure setting was designed for 5th Edition AD&D for the Filbar Campaign, but is easily adaptable to most any game and system. This scenario is a true solo meaning you don’t need a DM to officiate. It is suggested that a 4th level be used for “meatier” characters or 5th for those of less daunting stats. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @FilbarRPG for notices and updates as well.

    Price: $3.00
    Omnilibertas: The City of Freedom
    Fri, 26 May 2017 05:34:35 CDT
    Omnilibertas: The City of FreedomPublisher: Wayward Rogues Publishing
       Omniliberatis. All are free. The very definition of the capitol states the opinion and feeling of the people who live there. The stone walls, smooth, gray and stoic, stand in opposition to the vibrant and jubilant nature of its peoples. The streets of Omniliberatis are a stage and a display of individual grandeur. The indomitable spirit of a people who refuse to be denied thrives within the city. 
       Though the city's spirit is strong, its underbelly shows the telltale signs of corruption. The price of the freedom that the citizens relish may be more than they can afford to pay.
    A complete city backdrop for any fantasy RPG system. 
    Price: $1.99
    Mutant E2
    Fri, 26 May 2017 04:24:24 CDT
    Mutant E2Publisher: Jeremy Hart
    Price: $1.14
    Mutant E
    Fri, 26 May 2017 04:16:51 CDT
    Mutant EPublisher: Jeremy Hart
    Price: $1.14
    Mutant E1
    Fri, 26 May 2017 03:56:16 CDT
    Mutant E1Publisher: Jeremy Hart
    Price: $1.14
    Fire!, Theatre Of The Mind Encounters
    Fri, 26 May 2017 03:17:42 CDT
    Fire!, Theatre Of The Mind EncountersPublisher: PPM

    Atlan used to be an engineer but now Atlan is High Priest of the Sun Worshipers and has built the ultimate holy weapon, on a roof top in the centre of town!

    Theatre Of The Mind Encounters are short adventures, situations or encounters described purely in text. The setting description is kept to a minimum so they could be parachuted as easily into an Arabian Nights campaign just as easily as a Medieval European campaign.

    These encounters are system neutral so no game stats, spells are explicitly mentioned and if a character’s profession is mentioned that should be taken to me the actual profession of the ‘living’ person not necessarily the character class of the same name if it exists. By that I mean if I mention a thief then I just mean someone who steals something not an NPC of the thief character class and all the associated skills and abilities. That does not mean that they are not of that class or profession. That is a choice for the DM/GM to make when preparing the encounter for his or her players.

    Price: $0.99
    DunJon Poster JPG #102 (Elf Near Water fall)
    Fri, 26 May 2017 03:02:02 CDT
    DunJon Poster JPG #102 (Elf Near Water fall)Publisher: Stainless Steel Dragon

    From the pages of DunJon eZine we humbly offer up this cosplay style image as a poster-sized jpg for those who would like to display it on their character sheets, walls, desktop, or as part of a self-made screen saver. (Collect Them All!)

    FYI: This image is primarily being offered for those who like it well enough to hang it on their wall. The buyer of this JPG is licensed to create prints for personal use with it. (Such prints may be gifted to a friend, but not resold in any format.) This image is large enough to create a High Definition gallery quality 24x18/18x24 inch print at 250DPI -HD quality.) The cost for doing so is generally around $20 at your local copying center.  Thus for under $25 total you can create your own a gallery quality print that usually sells for twice as much at most generic online galleries and 5-10 times as much in walk-in fine art galleries, conventions and/or famous artist websites. 

      Here is your chance to “legally” own rare quality fantasy art at an affordable price. The perfect gift for the gamer who everything else.  

    Price: $0.95
    Friday Freebie Enhanced Map: 05-26-2017
    Fri, 26 May 2017 00:51:39 CDT
    Friday Freebie Enhanced Map: 05-26-2017Publisher: Paratime Design

    This PDF contains the May 26, 2017 Enhanced Friday Freebie Map with multiple layers allowing the options of white or black backgrounds, numbered or non-numbered areas, and secret doors on or off (for ease with Virtual Tabletop programs).

    The free version can be found here:

    Price: $1.00
    Strange Magic Items - Composition
    Fri, 26 May 2017 00:20:48 CDT
    Strange Magic Items - CompositionPublisher: Interjection Games

    **To get full use out of this product, Strange Magic 1 or Ultimate Composition is required.**

    The Strange Magic Items series splits a full codex of magic items into the three subsystems laid out in Strange Magic: ethermagic, truename magic, and musical composition. Each of these thirds has its own unique flavor, both in fluff and mechanics, and such compartmentalization allows those who only bought some of the constituent thirds of Strange Magic to pick up whatever new content interests them.

    Composers, it's time to go baton shopping! Strange Magic Items - Composition offers up a selection of magical equipment for the discerning man of music, from a series of conductor's batons to a dozen variants of sequin vests that can be piled on three at a time. Is that not enough sequins? Armor special abilities, hammer pants, rings, and even some named weapons can pile on sequin vest variant bonuses, making this entire supplement a pile of modular madness.

    Then again, it's an Interjection Games release, so you already expected modularity in your modularity so you can modulate while you modulate, yes?


    Product Features

    • 4 armor special abilities
    • 1 specific magic armor - the conductor's overcoat
    • 2 weapon special abilities
    • 3 specific magic weapons
    • 16 other magic items
    • the sequin vest modular magic item with 15 variants
    • the moor cowbell magic item with 11 variants
    Price: $2.49
    Entartete Kunst
    Thu, 25 May 2017 22:19:15 CDT
    Entartete KunstPublisher: Zoid Enterprises

    The most significant roleplaying game of our own or any generation.

    • Tedious and difficult to learn
    • Enormous preparation required
    • Complex, inflexible, and artificial
    • Hidebound execution
    • No attempt at verisimilitude
    • Incapable of supporting any genre

    Price: $0.50
    A Fifth of 21 Plots
    Thu, 25 May 2017 12:43:08 CDT
    A Fifth of 21 PlotsPublisher: Gypsy Knights Games

    Have a shot of adventure!

    Coming up with a new adventure can be a challenging process and sometimes a Referee needs a helping hand.  Perhaps your campaign isn't quite ready.  Maybe the last campaign finished a session or two early.  Maybe your players have strayed from the expected path. 

    We're here to help you!

    A Fifth of 21 Plots is the fifth in our puntastically named and highly successful Plots series.  The book presents 21 situations, each with 6 possible outcomes,  for science fiction gaming groups in need of adventure.  The book , while geared specifically at our Clement Sector setting, can be used with most science fiction settings.

    A Fifth of 21 Plots also contains an index that can point you to the right adventure for your players not only within this volume but also for our entire line of 21 Plots products.

    Like all our products, the main intention of this book is to provide an extra spark to the Referee's imagination.

    Price: $4.99
    Dime Adventures: Mystic Secrets
    Thu, 25 May 2017 11:24:48 CDT
    Dime Adventures: Mystic SecretsPublisher: Tab Creations

    There is more to Arth than meets the eye. Just below the surface exists all manner of paranormal abilities, from psychic powers to a myriad sorcerous traditions. Dime Adventures: Mystic Secrets is here to help tell stories of heroes who wield these powers, using them in the name of good, progress or civilization.

    Mystic Secrets is a key supplement for the Dime Adventures roleplaying game. Its features include:

    • A complete system of paranormal abilities. Now you can play a character with magical talent, psychic capacity or pulp-style super powers!
    • A selection of new non-player character stat blocks representing common paranormal archetypes.
    • Information on otherworldly entities, shapeshifting monsters and with how they can be dealt.

      Designed for use with Dime Adventures: Pulp Alternate History Roleplaying.

      Price: $4.99
      Super Powered Legends: The Resplendent One
      Thu, 25 May 2017 11:12:22 CDT
      Super Powered Legends: The Resplendent OnePublisher: Rogue Genius Games

      Peace ... at What Cost?

      While the Isik Dynasty of the Inphinites hold themselves up as gods within their realm, they rule over their servitor races not as tyrants, but as benevolent deities. This stems from the powers of the Resplendent One who removes the free will of her followers to impose goodness and kindness.

      The Resplendent One seeks to remove all traces of evil from the galaxy. Her fanatical cultists convert others to her will or destroy any who refuse her blessings.

      Price: $1.95
      Demon L1
      Thu, 25 May 2017 10:59:06 CDT
      Demon L1Publisher: Jeremy Hart
      Price: $1.14
      Demon L
      Thu, 25 May 2017 10:56:09 CDT
      Demon LPublisher: Jeremy Hart
      Price: $1.14
      Noble Cause, Bloodied Hands (PF/5E)
      Thu, 25 May 2017 10:19:48 CDT
      Noble Cause, Bloodied Hands (PF/5E)Publisher: Total Party Kill Games

      A banished sect of dark folk have been forced to the surface world, shunned by their own vile kin.  Here they fall in league with a powerful jackalwere assassin, who takes them under her fold, forming an assassins guild known as ‘The Unlit.’  When they murder a prominent noblewoman, no darkness will be able to hide them from her husband's desire for vengeance.  Bounty hunters and adventurers alike are sent to destroy the Unlit.  

      But will the players be able to untangle themselves from the Unlit’s foul machinations or will they simply be flies caught in a spider’s web?

      Noble Cause, Bloodied Hands is a challenging, 78-page adventure for an average party level of 5, but suitable for 4th to 6th level characters.  Encounters also include scaling advice to fully challenge more powerful characters.

      This adventure is also in a dual-stat format, fully suitable for either the Pathfinder(TM) or fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons(TM) roleplaying games.

      Moreover, the PDF product is in glorious full-color, with extensive bookmarks and hyperlinking to the award-winning website. 

      Check out all of our adventures and sourcebooks here!


      Price: $9.99