Web Office: By Widgets Of Value
A complete online web office, Onboard from your blog or website. Look up Words in the pop-up dictionary, On board word processor-blog editor. Zip codes, Area codes, Maps, Encyclopedia, web radio and More! 200x550 widget size,

 Web Office Tools

 Dashboard Radio

You can edit the css border colors in the code,
 Border and background are clearly labeled. Just use rgb values to change.
Widget height needs to be increased to 580 px for use on webpages.

Copy And Paste This code:
Cincopa.com Slideshow Widget
Create Amazing Slideshows For Blogger With Cincopa.com Just Click an image to start the hi-res slideshow

Exact Seek Submitter Widget
Just Copy and paste the code in the window below

Exact Seek Search Widget

ExactSeek: Relevant Web Search

Copy And Paste This Code:

The UltraTube.org Large Push Button Entertainment Widget

Copy And Paste This Code
Drop Down Menu Maker
Just Center The Builder Than Generate your dropdown menu
Massive Entertainment Widget UltraTube

Copy And Paste This Code
UltraTube is a site created By Widgets Of Value. Hosted on a "Google Blog" using our full page custom theme. It will survive forever LOL
Ultratube streams the very best youtube artists in a category. Large Screen and push button simplicity. Your grandma can use it. Just Click the widget to get the entertainers best youtube and streams. Or Try Our Dashboard For Youtube

Copy And Paste This Code

Something Grander
Push button entertainment straight from a blog post,
                        footer or? Here

Or Even Just The Logo

Copy And Paste This Code

Here I have combined some widgets on a Page to create a launch pad if you will. As a 10 year Facebook inspirationalist, I found music helps me think. A new window lets me continue working or browsing.
I am using this myself so a bookmark if you like the idea won't hurt. I will be adding to it over time. Two ways to use it.You can turn the scrolling from auto in the frame code to off for neatness.

A direct link    UltraTube Launch pad

Or a simple Frame

Copy and paste this code:
Create A Facebook Like Button For Blogs
The above Button will open the Facebook developer page so you can put a like button on your blog or website.

Or sign up for a LIVE CHAT help widget Here
Christmas Count Down Widget
A Quick Copy And Paste Christmas Count Down Widget
Copy And Paste This Code

18 Christmas Carols YouTube Video Widget
18 Christmas Carols YouTube Christmas Widget Copy And Paste This Code

18 Christmas Carol Videos Get Widget

Find ratings for hospitals and long term care. Free Web Widget
Install a CalQualityCare.org search tool on your website or blog. When users initiate a search using one of the widgets, they will be automatically redirected to CalQualityCare.org to see the search results.
Tall (300 x 400 pixels) for column display or in tight spaces:

Copy And Paste This Code

Kwize Quote Widget Of The Day
Quote of the day widget for your website

A Free Classified Page For Business And Or BackLinks
Gary Graefens Free Classified Advertising-Below is a frame of the site.
Click here For How Your Full Page Might look With a signup  Free Classifieds

Search Australian News

Search Australian News

Copy And Paste This Code
Clock,Calendar,News,Radio Side Bar Widget


Copy and Paste This Code: Change the table background color with the color picking tool to the right >

Has Your Blogger Blog Been Hacked?
Recently someone managed to get the pass word to get into my Google Account.
They were kind enough to insert a java script re-direct into the Blogger HTML section which formats a blog.
I had found this code and removed it. Not 10 minutes later it was re-inserted.
This made me realize someone had the password to my account. After changing the pass word, LOGGING OUT, and then re-logging in with the new password. I was able to take a "BACKUP" copy of the html template for this blog and re-insert it cleanly. No more re-directs and the fiend was locked out.
It is extremely important to use the built in tools blogger gives you to backup your Template HTML AND your blog itself.

That way if your hacked you can fix the issue.

Where you find the button for editing your html Blogger layout.
Many tips for interesting blogger modifications are put into this section.

<Click The edit html button

A Multi-Function Widget
 Copy And Paste This Code
Religious Cross Clock

more free widgets
Cross Style Clock For Website or blog
 Copy And Paste This Code

more free widgets

Spinning Globe Web Clock
 Copy And Paste This Code
Calendar: Clock Widgets
 Copy And Paste This Code
  Beautiful Nature Calendar Copy And Paste This Code
Happy New Year 2017 From Widgets Of Value

Market Wired News Widget
Add Marketwired headlines to your own site using our customizable News Widget!

  Copy And Paste This Code

More Here

Free Currency Rates Currency Converter

Online Currency Converter

Ideas of Currency Converter Widget for Your Site

Free Currency Rates Currency Converter

Copy And Paste This Code

More Here
Jewish Studio Project Widget
The Jewish Studio Project Widget

Copy And Paste This Code
National Day Widget
Automatically Displays The National Day

Copy And Paste This Code
Customize Here
Christmas Songs Web Radio Player Widget
Just Click The Get Widget Link on the widget below. Custom Colors available
Copy And Paste This Code

Wonderopolis Widget
Something wonderful widget, great for educational blogs :)