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Gmail Gets A Restful API
Tue, 01 Jul 2014 03:09:14 GMT
Why exactly does Gmail need an a Restful API? Isn't IMAP or POP3 enough? Google has announced another way to get your email from Gmail. The new Gmail API is a Restful API that, obviously, can be used in any language that supports HTTP which is, equally obviously, most of them.You can already interact with Gmail using IMAP and POP3 so why do you need an additional API? What is more you can even script Gmail using App Script to automate many Gmail tasks.The new API is in fact a lot like the A [...]
Dart 1.5 Released
Mon, 30 Jun 2014 03:10:51 GMT
Google has released Dart 1.5 with improvements for Android Web developers.Dart is an open-source project for web programming that compiles to JavaScript, and the new release comes just a month after the release of Dart 1.4.The new version includes a development version of Dartium for Android devices. Dartium consists of the Chrome browser with the Dart Runtime, and the new version is based on Chrome 36. The Dart Editor has also been updated to support debugging mobile web apps written in Dart. A [...]
Pie in the sky: Russian chain delivers pizza by drone
Wed, 25 Jun 2014 09:18:55 GMT
A Russian fast food chain claims to have taken a slice out of the competition by becoming the first to offer pizza delivery by drone.Dodo Pizza in the northern Russian city of Syktyvkar posted a video online over the weekend showing the first airdrops of pizzas to customers and promised the service was not just a one-time PR stunt."We already sold six pizzas in one and a half hours using a drone, it is a real business model," manager Ilya Farafonov told AFP."You should see the faces of people wh [...]
Eclipse Luna picks up Java 8, PHP, C/C++ support
Wed, 25 Jun 2014 04:57:52 GMT
The latest version of the Eclipse IDE, Luna, has been released today, with support for Java 8 right out of the box -- fitting for an IDE that is itself developed in Java.New releases of Eclipse are announced annually, with the last version, Kepler, having dropped on June 26 of last year. Each year's product release cycle for the Eclipse Foundation involves upgrades and additions to not just the Eclipse IDE itself, but a whole "train" of projects, tools, and add-ons associated with [...]
Firefox Evolves Into A Full IDE
Tue, 24 Jun 2014 10:28:25 GMT
Firefox Nightly has introduced WebIDE. You have to switch it on to use it, but you will want to switch it on if you have any interest in creating web apps.Considering how important web development is, it is surprising how difficult it is to work out what tools to use to develop a web app. Firefox has been improving its debugging tools for some time, but now it has introduced a full IDE that you can use to generate the code you test. This means that you never have to leave the browser to create, [...]
Google's Nest Moves To Become Master Of The Smart Home, By Talking To Other Devices
Tue, 24 Jun 2014 09:11:29 GMT
Nest Labs is taking the next step in its quest to become a hub for the smart home, by letting other gadgets and services access its learning thermostat and smoke detector for the first time.With the long-awaited developer program Nest is launching today, other apps and devices will be able to access what Nest detects through its sensors, including vague readings on temperature and settings that show if a person is away from their home for long periods. These services will even be able [...]
John Willis on the "State Of The Union" for DevOps
Sun, 22 Jun 2014 02:42:53 GMT
John Willis, one of the leading lights of the DevOps community, addressed the "State Of The 'DevOps' Union" at DevOpsDays Amsterdam. He started by mentioning the findings of the 2014 State of DevOps Report, went on to discuss Software Defined Everything and asserted that the future will be built around "consumable composable infrastructure".The 2014 State of DevOps Report, which got more than 9000 responses, suggests that IT performance has a direct correlation with business [...]
Google's Go Gets Faster
Sat, 21 Jun 2014 02:41:24 GMT
Go 1.3 has been released after almost 3 months of beta. The new version has no language changes over 1.2, but comes with several performance improvements, support for running command-line programs under Native-Client and several other enhancements.Some of the most interesting performance and implementation changes -Go routine stacks now use a contiguous model instead of the old "segmented" modelGC is faster - uses concurrent sweep algorithm, has better parallelizati [...]
Google Web Fundamentals and Web Starter Kit
Fri, 20 Jun 2014 08:29:34 GMT
Google has published a number of guidelines and boilerplate code for cross-platform responsive website design.Aware of the challenges met by developers due to the existence of a large variety of devices, especially mobile ones, Google has published Web Fundamentals, a set of guidelines and best practices for modern web development. Web Fundamentals includes advice with HTML, CSS or JavaScript code samples for the following areas:Tools. Selecting an editor, setting up developer tools, s [...]
Google Chrome PDF Engine is now Open Source
Fri, 20 Jun 2014 08:27:49 GMT
Google has open sourced Chrome PDF engine, which allows to view and print PDF files, and fill PDF forms. The announcement came earlier this month from Foxit Software, the original maker of Foxit PDF SDK, which Google chose as the base for its Chrome PDF engine. Formerly closed-source, Chrome PDF code is now hosted on Google Source as the PDFium open source project.According to François Beaufort, open-source Chromium evangelist at Google and previously known as Chr [...]