She Accused Her Ex-Girlfriend Of Sexual Misconduct After A Bad Breakup. The School Determined Their 2-Year Relationship Was ‘Nonconsensual.’
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 18:01:58 +0000
Schools Across U.S. Face Essential Worker Shortage, Some May Bring In National Guard
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 18:01:26 +0000
WATCH: Terrified Baby Screams for Its Life As Joe Biden Leans In For A Sniff
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 17:50:26 +0000
Missouri CAVE etched with 1,000-year-old Native American ritual artwork is sold for $2.2 million at auction – but leaders of the Osage Nation hoped to buy the land to preserve the sacred site
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 17:47:54 +0000
Leading scientists publish review warning that COVID-19 booster shots are “not appropriate” and lack supporting data
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 17:47:49 +0000
COUNTER-COUP: Deep state swamp moves against disastrous Biden regime as swamp creatures realize the whole country could burn down if they don’t stop the madness
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 17:46:55 +0000
Courts Will Rule Against Biden On Vaccine Mandate Penalties: Alan Dershowitz (Cartoon)
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 17:18:05 +0000
Occupy Democrats hit from BOTH sides after gleefully supporting ‘large Florida landlord’ kicking out unvaxxed
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 17:17:27 +0000
Biden Effect: Taliban Hunt Down Afghan Journalists – Beat Them with Batons, Electrical Cables and Sticks for Covering Women’s Protest
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 17:16:39 +0000
Biracial Student Was Allegedly Subjected To Taunts, Threats Of Failure By Teachers Because He Looks White
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 17:15:34 +0000
Florida Number of Cases Dropping Without Mandates...
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 17:14:07 +0000
Some Developing ‘Superhuman Immunity’ Against Covid…
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 17:14:01 +0000
DAVID SOLWAY: Reason to Fear a Vaccine Mandate.
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 17:08:51 +0000
Fox News Drone Finds Over 8,200 'Majority Haitian' Migrants Under Texas Bridge After Illegally Crossing Border
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 16:45:21 +0000
"Land of the wage slaves with no benefits" (Picture)
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 16:25:40 +0000
New Zealand will BAN Australia's new nuclear-powered submarines from its waters, says Jacinda Ardern minutes after alliance with US and Britain is announced
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 16:25:26 +0000
DAILY Covid Pill Could Come Next
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 16:23:24 +0000
Did Joe Biden forget Austrlian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's name? Bizarre moment US President thanks 'that fella Down Under... pal' as he announces alliance to help Australia build nuclear submarines
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 16:22:34 +0000
Taiwan and Japan's joy at AUKUS submarine pact to take on China: Relief among the West's Pacific allies while furious Beijing warns it 'undermines peace', France fumes over 'stab in the back' and anti-nuke New Zealand BANS Aussie subs
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 16:20:25 +0000
Biden Defies COVID Protocol, Appears to Scare Baby When He Leans In for Kiss
Thu, 16 Sep 2021 16:19:04 +0000