MIKE PORTNOY Talks About Drumming On New METAL ALLEGIANCE Album 'Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty' (Video)
METAL ALLEGIANCE — with its four core members: David Ellefson (MEGADETH), Alex Skolnick (TESTAMENT), Mike Portnoy (THE WINERY DOGS, ex-DREAM THEATER) and Mark Menghi — began as a celebration of heavy metal, powered by the almost tribal bond shared between the extreme music community's most revered trailblazers, armed with a list of contributors onstage (and off) that read like a Wikipedia entry on the genre itself. The band will release its sophomore album, "Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty", on September 7 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The thrash-worshiping disc merges old-school legends with the modern metallers of the scene to produce groove-driven, adrenaline-soaked anthems while tackling the frustrating state of the world. A new trailer for "Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty" in which Portnoy chats about drumming on the album can be seen below. Guest musicians on "Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty" include Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, SEPULTURA, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY), Trevor Strnad (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER), John Bush (ARMORED SAINT), Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth (OVERKILL), Mark Tornillo (ACCEPT), Floor Jansen (NIGHTWISH) and Johan Hegg (AMON). The album also marks the return of Mark Oseguesda (DEATH ANGEL) and Troy Sanders (MASTODON). The official video for the first single from the disc, "Mother Of Sin", featuring Ellsworth, can be seen below. "Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty" was produced by Menghi and Skolnick while Mark Lewis of MRL Studios handled the mixing and mastering. The cover artwork was created by renowned artist Marcelo Vasco (SLAYER, MACHINE HEAD, SOULFLY, HATEBREED) and Rafael Tavares. "Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty" track listing: 01. The Accuser (feat. Trevor Strnad) 02. Bound By Silence (feat. John Bush) 03. Mother Of Sin (feat. Bobby Blitz) 04. Terminal Illusion (feat. Mark Tornillo) 05. King With A Paper Crown (feat. Johan Hegg) 06. Voodoo Of The Godsend (feat. Max Cavalera) 07. Liars & Thieves (feat. Troy Sanders) 08. Impulse Control (feat. Mark Osegueda) 09. Power Drunk Majesty (Part I) (feat. Mark Osegueda) 10. Power Drunk Majesty (Part II) (feat. Floor Jansen)
TARJA: 'Die Alive' Performance Video From 'Act II'
Former NIGHTWISH singer Tarja Turunen has revealed the latest song from her brand new live-art-album and video "Act II". "Die Alive" was recorded live in Milan, Italy and can be seen below. Filmed during Tarja's world tour "The Shadow Shows", during which the influential heavy rock singer circled the world 7.5 times with over 300,000 km travelled and played over 200 shows in 40 countries in front of 1 million people, "Act II" consists of the singer's very intimate 75-minute set filmed and recorded live at the Metropolis Studio in London, England and the breathtaking live performance of one of her shows in Milan, Italy, and previously unreleased interviews and photo galleries. The theatrical rock adventure "Act II" combines two incredible-yet-slightly-different live performances on video: The first chapter, "Metropolis Alive", has been filmed two months prior to the release of Tarja's 2016 success "The Shadow Self". Twenty winners from all over Europe were lucky to witness Tarja's set at Metropolis Studios in London, where the singer performed songs from her then unreleased album — for the first time in front of an audience. "Act II" is the second chapter and was recorded on November 29, 2016 at the magnificent Teatro della Luna Allago in Milan, Italy and includes numerous hits from all four Tarja albums such as "Innocence", "Die Alive", "Until My Last Breath", as well as an incredible cover of MUSE's classic "Supremacy". That night's setlist also enchants the soprano's long-time fans with a medley consisting of the distinctive NIGHTWISH evergreens: "Ever Dream", "Slaying The Dreamer" and "The Riddler". It was all topped off with a remarkable acoustic set, which presented Tarja classics in a brand new way. Even though the shows deliberately differ in look, sound, approach to the music and adrenaline, both have one thing in common: from the very first to the very last tune, the state of the art production displays Tarja's energetic performance and her graceful, charming presence. "Act II" was released on July 27 on earMUSIC as 2CD digipak, 3LP gatefold (180g, black), DVD, Blu-ray, limited mediabook 2CD+2BD (including two full live shows filmed at Hellfest in France and Woodstock Festival in Poland as bonus) and digital. "Act I", Tarja's first-ever live release, charted Top 10 all over Europe as well as almost all over the world, with a sensational No. 5 in Germany. The video version even remained for over two months at the peak of the Finnish music video charts.
THE DARK ELEMENT Feat. Former NIGHTWISH Singer, Ex-SONATA ARCTICA Guitarist: In Pre-Production For Second Album
THE DARK ELEMENT, the new project featuring former NIGHTWISH vocalist Anette Olzon and Finnish guitarist and songwriter Jani Liimatainen, is about to commence pre-production for its second album. Anette wrote on her Facebook page: "Next weekend I go to the studio to start demo recordings for our new THE DARK ELEMENT album and just wanna say Jani has done it again! Excited!" THE DARK ELEMENT's self-titled debut album was released last November via Frontiers Music Srl. Since word of this project got out, fans have been frothing at the mouth with anticipation for its arrival. And no wonder considering the talent involved. Anette is widely known for being the immaculate voice on the hit albums from NIGHTWISH, "Dark Passion Play" and "Imaginareum". Jani has been busy in CAIN'S OFFERING alongside STRATOVARIUS singer Timo Kotipelto, but left a deep mark on the minds of all power metal fans thanks to his time in SONATA ARCTICA. Jani told That Drummer Guy about how THE DARK ELEMENT came together: "It was actually kind of a coincidence. I was in northern Lapland doing an acoustic tour with [STRATOVARIUS/CAIN'S OFFERING vocalist] Mr. [Timo] Kotipelto and I got a message from Frontiers [Music Srl] and they asked me if I would contribute as a songwriter for one album and just write songs. I told them that I'm pretty busy at the moment, but in two weeks I could try. I just made the deadline and set them one song. I guess they liked it, because it went on the album. Then it took like one week, Serafino [Perugino] from Frontiers asked if I wanted to write and produce a whole album. I said 'Sure, why not?' Then they asked me if I wanted to work with Anette. I've been lucky to work with a lot of great male singers like Timo Kotipelto and Tony Kakko [SONATA ARCTICA] and all those guys. I said I wanted to work with a female singer for a change. They were like 'Okay, do you have someone in mind?' 'Actually, no.' They were like 'Okay, let's see about this.' It took a few days and they got back to me and asked, 'Anette Olzon. How do you feel about her?' I said 'Yeah, I remember her from NIGHTWISH. She has a really cool, pop sound. That would work perfectly. Let's do this.' It just happened. It was just one of those things that happened. I never would have thought of making an album with Anette. Now, it seems obvious, like 'Why not?' But back then, this thought would have never crossed my mind. When they got back to me with it, I was like 'Sure, it's a great idea. I love her voice.'" Regarding how he approached songwriting for THE DARK ELEMENT, Jani said: "I had a rough idea, of course, that I wanted to make, how would you say, a not-too-complicated album. Make songs that go straight to the point that are catchy, but still heavy. Already at this point, I knew Anette would be singing on this, but then when I started communicating with her and sending demos and when I got the first demos back with her vocals, I was, like, 'Oh yeah! This is how it's going to sound. This sounds cool. Now I know what we're doing.'" As for his thoughts on the band's self-titled debut album now that it's released, Jani said: "Of course, it's the same as with every album, when it's actually finished and you get the master, you listen to it once or twice and check that it's okay, then you kind of push it back a bit. For instance, this album, when I got the master, I had been working on it for almost one and a half years already, so I was pretty sick and tired of the songs. [Laughs] Then I gave myself some time and went to do something different, like I was away for a while and now that the promotion cycle is starting, I went back, I was at the gym and I listened to it for a while during my workout and said, 'Hell, this sounds pretty good. There is nothing to be ashamed about.'" THE DARK ELEMENT made its live debut on June 7 at the Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg, Sweden. The band will next perform at the Frontiers Rock Sweden festival on Saturday, October 13 at Fryshuset Klubben in Stockholm. Also scheduled to appear are ECLIPSE, CRAZY LIXX, ONE DESIRE, PERFECT PLAN and CREYE.
GRETA VAN FLEET Releases Music Video For 'When The Curtain Falls'
With the band's new single, "When The Curtain Falls", already Top 10 at rock radio and nearly eight million streams to its credit, GRETA VAN FLEET presents the companion music video, a performance piece that finds the band in an esoteric foreign landscape filled with mystical symbolism, celestial events and otherworldly psychedelia. Filmed in Southern California and conceived and directed by acclaimed visual effects artist Benjamin Kutsko ("The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button", "Iron Man"), it can be seen below. GRETA VAN FLEET performed "When The Curtain Falls" on the July 26 episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". The band's full-length debut is tentatively due before the end of the year. Asked how the making of the new disc was different to the way GRETA VAN FLEET recorded its first two EPs, "Black Smoke Rising" and "From The Fires", guitarist Jake Kiszka told the DOMKcast: "It has some commonalities, but as far as [how] those two things differ, we had the ability to sit down with all the material that have written and go, 'Okay, now we have the ability to put something together that is a complete thought.' Whereas EPs are just kind of concepts — just short pieces — where now we have something that is one full complete thought. "Because we'd stopped touring — we had pretty much been rigorously touring for the last maybe year and a half — we had these two weeks where all of this material started to kind of come to us," he continued. "I'd say about 50 percent of the album was material that was spontaneously written within the actual recording process of the album. So we started tracking a bunch of things that we've been writing while recording, and we'd just throw it down at the end of the night and have [basic] tracks to work from. "In the similar light to 'Black Smoke Rising' and 'From The Fires', there was a collection of material that spanned probably about three years ago and material that was written right on the spot. And as we went along, [we would go], 'Okay, this song kind of fits here, and that leads to this,' and that helped us navigate what we wanted to put on the album." GRETA VAN FLEET played in Michigan clubs for six years before rocketing to the top of the rock radio charts last year with "Highway Tune". The track is taken from the "Black Smoke Rising" EP. Photo credit: Tyler Macey
DEF LEPPARD And JOURNEY's 2018 Tour Has Already Grossed $50 Million In Ticket Sales
DEF LEPPARD's current North American co-headlining tour with JOURNEY has already surpassed $50 million in sales, based on box office totals from 33 shows reported to Pollstar. More than half a million fans have seen the veteran rock bands play so far on the 58-city tour, which launched on May 21 at Hartford's XL Center. The top box office count was logged by Denver's Coors Field which hosted the tour on July 21 and scored $3.8 million in sales from a sellout crowd of 44,928. The final stop on the 20-week jaunt will be a two-night engagement at the Forum in Inglewood, California on October 6-7. DEF LEPPARD guitarist Vivian Campbell recently told the West Palm Beach, Florida radio station 98.7 The Gater that the current tour with JOURNEY has "been epic. It's been really, really great," he said. "Everything about the tour has just been a lot of fun for us. We only toured with JOURNEY one other time, and that was twelve years ago, and that was an epic tour as well. JOURNEY are just that kind of band, much like DEF LEPPARD, that [have] such a depth of catalog — so many hit songs, one after the other. It's one of those situations where one and one makes three."
DREAM CHILD Feat. Former DIO, AC/DC, QUIET RIOT Members: 'Weird World' Song
"Weird World", a new song from DREAM CHILD, the band featuring former members of DIO, AC/DC and QUIET RIOT, can be seen below. The song is taken from DREAM CHILD's debut album, "Until Death Do We Meet Again", which will be released on September 14 via Frontiers Music Srl. DREAM CHILD is: * Craig Goldy (DIO, GIUFFRIA): Guitar * Wayne Findlay (MSG): Guitar, Keyboards * Simon Wright (AC/DC, DIO, OPERATION: MINDCRIME): Drums * Rudy Sarzo (QUIET RIOT, OZZY OSBOURNE, WHITESNAKE, DIO): Bass * Diego Valdez (HELKER): Vocals Goldy stated about DREAM CHILD's formation: "The band DREAM CHILD was conceived during a brainstorming session with Serafino (president of Frontiers) and I one day while discussing other matters. "I had been listening to my favorite bands a lot recently, DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW's 'Rising' album, among others in that style, and had noticed that many people who also love those bands often have the very same comments as one another: 'They don't make music like that anymore!' Even though I said that in passing, Serafino asked me a question that would forever shape my future. He simply asked, "Well, can you?" and I said, 'Yes!!!' "During the very first public memorial for our most beloved Ronnie James Dio, I had mentioned that whenever I do start writing original material again that I would utilize everything that I had learned from working side by side with the Master for so many years in such a way that I would hope to make him proud... and here it is! The name is inspired by one of his lyrics on the 'Dream Evil' album and the nickname he gave me at the time, Dream Child! "We are so very fortunate to have bassist Rudy Sarzo as a featured guest, Simon Wright on drums, Wayne Findlay on guitars and keyboards, and a surprise vocal discovery from Argentina, Diego Valdez, whose voice will send shivers up your spine! "This album will bring back memories of the days most people have thought were long gone and never to return, yet it is also new and fresh enough to be unique with some unexpected twists and turns!! No more 'same old, same old' here, no fillers. Every song is an oasis in the desert and a rare gem in the coalmines of life in this new world that thinks the past greatness of rock would remain in the past. We've brought it back to life once again!! "I am very proud of this album and all who have made this become a reality. There are some big names who've lent a hand in the writing and I am amazed at the new and aggressive sound that producer Alessandro Del Vecchio has brought to these songs! I hope you all agree...." "Until Death Do We Meet Again" track listing: 01. Under The Wire 02. You Can't Take Me Down 03. Game Of Shadows 04. It Is What It Is 05. Playin' With Fire 06. Light Of The Dark 07. Midnight Song 08. Until Death Do We Meet Again 09. Washed Upon The Shore 10. In A World So Cold 11. Weird World 12. One Step Beyond The Grave
RANDY RAMPAGE, Canadian Hardcore Legend And Former ANNIHILATOR Frontman, Dead At 58
Former ANNIHILATOR frontman Randy Rampage passed away on August 14 at the age of 58. The singer, whose real name was Randall Desmond Archibald, was also a founding member, bass player and occasional vocalist of the Canadian hardcore band D.O.A. Rampage appeared on ANNIHILATOR's debut album, 1988's "Alice In Hell", before leaving the band. In 1999, he returned to the group and recorded one more album called "Criteria For A Black Widow" after which he left once again to rejoin D.O.A. The news of Randy's passing was confirmed by the Facebook page of the documentary "Bloodied But UnBowed", a historical look at the evolution of punk rock on the West coast of North America during the 1978-1983 timeframe. Randy made an appearance in the documentary, which was narrated by Billy Hopeless (formerly of THE BLACK HALOS) and released in 2010. "Tonight sometime after 7pm Randy Rampage left us to reign in the heavens," a message from "Bloodied But UnBowed" read. "A punk legend has moved on. And because he shared himself with you, please share a moment and think of Randy Desmond Archibald aka Rampage. We love you Randy." In a 2017 interview with Metal Insider, ANNIHILATOR mainman Jeff Waters stated about Rampage: "He couldn't sing, but he was the coolest attitude guy we've ever had in the band, because he was like a punk rocker. He played bass in a band called D.O.A., and had this attitude that was second to none." Rampage told Punk Globe that singing for ANNIHILATOR "was a fuckin' blast. It was like this metal band that was really hot at the time but didn't have a frontman, so their manager — a local music and porn promoter who D.O.A. had played for many times — recruited me," he said. "I had never really done any serious vocal work before, so when Gary asked me if I knew of any heavy metal singers who were looking for a gig, I opened my mouth and said I was the guy, and then we were in a recording studio. Next thing I was in Fiasco Brothers [studio] recording. ANNIHILATOR was a good run, especially in Europe. I got fired for beating up the guitar player songwriter."

Dear friends, Tonight sometime after 7pm Randy Rampage left us to reign in the heavens. A punk legend has moved on. And...

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AEROSMITH Announces 'Deuces Are Wild' Las Vegas Residency
America's all-time top-selling rock 'n' roll band AEROSMITH is bringing the heat to the Las Vegas Strip with their headlining residency, "Aerosmith: Deuces Are Wild". Shows begin Saturday, April 6, 2019 at Park Theater at the new Park MGM resort. AEROSMITH's Las Vegas residency, promoted by Live Nation and MGM Resorts International, will bring you face to face with America's greatest rock 'n' roll band in one of the most immersive, state-of-the art audio and video technology experiences in Las Vegas. The show features never-seen-before visuals and audio from AEROSMITH recording sessions. Grammy Award-winning producer Giles Martin, known for creating the soundscape for "The Beatles Love" by Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas, will create a spectacular show experience. AEROSMITH has teamed up with THX and L-Acoustics for their upcoming breakthrough residency at Park Theater to deliver the world's first THX Certified live performance presented in L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound. Members of AEROSMITH's "Aero Force One" paid fan club will receive access to an exclusive presale beginning Thursday, August 16 at 9 a.m. PT. Citi is the official presale credit card of AEROSMITH's residency at Park Theater. As such, Citi cardmembers will have access to purchase presale tickets beginning Monday, August 20 at 10 a.m. PT through Citi's Private Pass program. M life Rewards loyalty members as well as Live Nation and Ticketmaster customers will receive access to a presale beginning Wednesday, August 22 at 10 a.m. PT. All presales end Thursday, August 23 at 10 p.m. PT. Tickets starting at $75 go on sale Friday, August 24 at 10 a.m. PT. VIP packages and on-stage seating will also be available. All shows are scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. The 18 performances going on sale are: April 2019: 6, 8, 11, 13, 16, 18, 21, 23, 26 June 2019: 19, 22, 24, 27, 29 July 2019: 2, 4, 7, 9 The news of AEROSMITH's residency was broken by guitarist Joe Perry, who told SiriusXM's Beatles Channel that AEROSMITH will hit Sin City in 2019 leading up to the band's 50th anniversary. Perry said: "We're going to be doing a residency in Vegas starting next spring. What we want to do is something that I haven't seen before… just downsizing our live show, just playing in a smaller place. We want to do something different. We're in the middle of the production now. What we're talking about is having an experience that you wouldn't be able to see on a regular AEROSMITH tour." He continued: "I feel like we've been out of the wind for a while and it seems like it would be a really cool thing to bring some of the history back, so the production is gonna look like that. But without losing what we are: a hardcore rock and roll band. "We're having almost weekly conversations about the production and how we're gonna keep it true and honest to the heartbeat of the rock and roll that we play but still add an element that people will want to see. I haven't been this excited about a project with AEROSMITH in quite a while." AEROSMITH officially formed in Boston in 1970 and last performed on May 5 at the New Orleans Jazz Fest. In 2017, AEROSMITH announced a run of dates called "Aero-Vederci Baby!", but stopped short of calling it a final tour. AEROSMITH hasn't released a new studio album since 2012's "Music From Another Dimension!" Park Theater is the entertainment centerpiece of Park MGM, a partnership between MGM Resorts International and New York-based Sydell Group which features two distinct hotel experiences including a Las Vegas version of Sydell's widely acclaimed NoMad Hotel. The 5,200-seat Park Theater, with its cutting-edge audio and visual technology, provides artists of diverse talents with a dynamic space to create one-of-a-kind productions where every seat allows guests to feel up close and personal. From comedy shows and live concerts, to sporting events and award shows, the theater is specially designed to transform seamlessly for any occasion. 
Las Vegas Residency

We’re taking Sin City by storm with our Deuces Are Wild Las Vegas Residency, opening April of 2019 at Park Theater at Park MGM! Citi presale begins Monday 8/20 at 10am PT before public on sale Friday 8/24 at 10am! For all dates, VIP info & ticket options click “Learn More” below!

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Former JOURNEY Singer STEVE PERRY Releases Music Video For New Solo Single, 'No Erasin''
The official music video for "No Erasin'", the first single from former JOURNEY singer Steve Perry's forthcoming solo album, "Traces", can be seen below. The disc will be released on October 5 via Fantasy Records (a division of Concord Records/UMG) "Traces" marks Perry's first solo album since 1994's "For The Love Of Strange Medicine", which was certified gold in the U.S. for sales in excess of half a million copies. Produced by Perry alongside co-producer Thom Flowers, "Traces" is the artist's most vulnerable and honest recording to date, balancing tremendous loss with enduring hope and beauty. The album is a collection of nine original tracks that encompass the spectrum of human emotion, and also features a beautifully reimagined cover of THE BEATLES' "I Need You". It is the work of an artist who has reconnected with his music in a new way. In a message posted on his official web site and social media accounts, Perry said: "Years ago, I disappeared. There were many reasons, but mainly my love for music had suddenly left me. I knew that simply stopping was what I had to do if music was ever to return to my heart. Then and only then I would figure out what to do. If not… so be it. For I had already lived the dream of dreams. "Many years passed. One day I began sketching some musical ideas with the creative freedom that I was the only one who would ever hear them. One song led to many. My love for music had returned. Then another beautiful thing happened. I found love. "My precious Kellie gave me a life I never knew I had. I lost her December of 2012. I now deeply understand the meaning of: 'It's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.' "May of 2015, I began recording. "These songs are special to me. I respectfully ask that you please listen to them, and whatever they make you feel, I thank you for listening." "Traces" track listing: 01. No Erasin' (4:07) Writers: Steve Perry, David Spreng 02. We're Still Here (4:06) Writers: Steve Perry, Brian West 03. Most Of All (4:23) Writers: Steve Perry, Randy Goodrem 04. No More Cryin' (4:29) Writers: Dan Wilson, Steve Perry 05. In The Rain (4:06) Writers: Steve Perry, David Spreng 06. Sun Shines Gray (3:57) Writers: Steve Perry, John 5, Thom Flowers 07. You Belong To Me (4:07) Writers: Steve Perry, Barry Eastmond 08. Easy To Love (4:03) Writers: Steve Perry, Thom Flowers 09. I Need You (2:59) Writers: Steve Perry, George Harrison 10. We Fly (3:56) Writers: Steve Perry, Jeff Babko Deluxe edition bonus tracks: 11. October In New York (deluxe edition only) 12. Angel Eyes (deluxe edition only) 13. Call On Me (deluxe edition only) 14. Could We Be Somethin' Again (deluxe edition only) 15. Blue Jays Fly (deluxe edition only) Perry will promote his new solo disc and discuss his plans for the future during an appearance on the October 7 edition of "CBS Sunday Morning". Last year, Perry told ABC Radio that his next solo album was inspired by a personal tragedy. He explained: "I met someone and I feel in love with this person. And I lost this person to breast cancer four years ago. In the midst of that, I had written some songs, and before I met her, I had sketched some. And so about a year ago, I started recording." He continued: "Basically the record is an emotional expression, and a reason to make one. It's been a real cathartic experience going back to that emotional place that I thought I would never go back to. And we really have been doing our very best to capture what I think are some timeless songs." Perry's final full concert with JOURNEY took place in early 1987. He later rejoined his bandmates for a brief performance in 1991 to honor late concert promoter Bill Graham. He also appeared with JOURNEY when they received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2005. The singer was inducted, alongside his old band, at the 2017 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to Perry, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Ross Valory, Gregg Rolie and Aynsley Dunbar were inducted, as well as current drummer Steve Smith, who's on his third run with the group.
NONPOINT Releases Music Video For 'Chaos And Earthquakes'
NONPOINT's music video for the song "Chaos And Earthquakes" can be viewed below. The track is taken from the band's tenth album, "X", which will be released on August 24. The follow-up to 2016's "The Poison Red" was produced by Fred Archambault, who has previously worked with ATREYU and AVENGED SEVENFOLD, among others. "We've had our moments in videos before when we capture the vision, or attitude and even the energy of our live shows," said singer Elias Soriano. "But this video is the closest I've ever seen us get to capturing all of them in one so well. The director Eric Richter and his team really caught lighting in a bottle with the band's performance and the vision of the music in this video brilliantly." In a recent interview with Bods Mayhem Hour, Soriano stated about working with Archambault: "['The Poison Red' producer] Rob [Ruccia] also worked on this record as well. He not only played bass, but he was mainly the engineer of this record because it's the studio he works out of, the Uptown [Recording], he is their head engineer. He's an amazing friend and dare I say, sixth member of the band. "We've done a lot of records ourselves and when we get the opportunity to work with somebody with Fred… Originally, it was supposed to be Brian Virtue, which we were really excited about. But, unfortunately, he had a really dire family emergency he couldn't step away from, wholeheartedly knowing he could get a phone call and he'd have to go back home. We understood where he was coming from. The label got on the phone, got people we were speaking to as well as Brian in the beginning. Got them on the phone and had a great conversation with Fred and he jumped right in. It was a great process. He's a real positive dude who loves to work ideas, loves to add layers and really set a mood and add DNA to a song. He just, you know, pretty much, he loves what we were doing with the writing of our music. He just, like he said in the phone call, he just really wanted to make it sound like the most powerful NONPOINT that we've ever put out." Elias added that "X" ended up being "the fastest record that we've ever recorded because we were so prepared going in. It was really just about tracking it, but I would say [it took about] 25, 26 days. Like I said, the music was written. It was just about making it as sound as great as we could. I mean, like I said, the songs were already written. We went in with the pre-production already done. We had already decided what we wanted. After that, it's just performance and making sure you get the right tones. Fred's a professional, Rob Ruccia is a professional. We're on our tenth record, so we went in prepared."
SLEEP's 'Leagues Beneath' Limited Aquamarine Vinyl Available In Select Stores
Third Man Records has announced the forthcoming 12-inch vinyl release and pre-order period for SLEEP's sunken treasure of doom, "Leagues Beneath". On May 23, the California stoner rock band surprised its legions of freshly emerged-from-hibernation fans for the second time this year, following the April release of "The Sciences" with a nearly 17-minute single of bonus, deep sea sludge as part of Adult Swim's ongoing "Singles Program." The song is a testament to what has made "The Sciences" such a success: bottomless tone, spacetime-melting riffs and an unparalleled aural experience from start to finish. "Leagues Beneath", available now for pre-order on black vinyl, features the full 17-minute hadal plunge on the A-side, with a tentacled aquanaut nightmare etching on the B-side. The black vinyl 12-inch is officially available at record stores worldwide next Friday, August 24 with select stores (including Third Man Records' Nashville and Detroit storefronts the following day) carrying the very limited aquamarine special edition (also featuring B-side etching). Contact your favorite local, independent record store for availability, or lineup at Third Man the morning of Saturday, August 25 to purchase (while supplies last).
STRYPER's OZ FOX To Undergo Brain Biopsy
STRYPER guitarist Oz Fox will undergo a brain biopsy after he reportedly fell down during a concert last weekend. Fox suffered a seizure while performing with SIN CITY SINNERS Saturday night (August 11) at Harrah's in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was immediately transported to a local hospital, where medical personnel ran extensive tests to determine the cause of the seizure. Earlier today, Oz's wife, Annie Lobért, revealed that a spinal tap found "no infection," but that "Oz needs a procedure for biopsies on his brain." Despite the troubling news, Lobért assured fans: "We trust God no matter what. This is how we fight our battles — it may look like we’re surrounded but God is surrounding us. "Oz says he just wants to get home and play his guitar — get better and get back on stage." Formed 35 years ago, STRYPER is the first overtly Christian metal band to go mainstream. The group's name comes from Isaiah 53:5, which states: "But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed." STRYPER's albums include "To Hell With The Devil", "Second Coming", "No More Hell To Pay", "Fallen" and the band's latest effort, "God Damn Evil".

Update on Oz Fox: Spinal tap results in: No infection, but Oz needs a procedure for biopsies on his brain. Not going...

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MAYAN Feat. EPICA's MARK JANSEN: Making Of 'Dhyana' Album (Video)
A three-minute video featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the making of "Dhyana", the new album from MAYAN — the band featuring EPICA guitarist/songwriter Mark Jansen alongside Jack Driessen (ex-AFTER FOREVER) and Frank Schiphorst — can be seen below. The disc will be released on September 21 via Nuclear Blast. "Dhyana" track listing: 01. The Rhythm Of Freedom 02. Tornado Of Thoughts - I Don't Think Therefore I Am 03. Saints Don't Die 04. Dhyana 05. Rebirth From Despair 06. The Power Process 07. The Illusory Self 08. Satori 09. Maya - The Veil Of Delusion 10. The Flaming Rage Of God 11. Set Me Free Through his musical contributions in EPICA, AFTER FOREVER and MAYAN, Jansen has introduced another piece of knowledge, spirituality and mystery into the Dutch metal scene. For the third time since their inception in 2010, the now 10-piece symphonic death metal band has joined forces for a new album, and "Dhyana" is set to lift them to an entirely new level. The collective that is MAYAN has always had a profound love for movie scores, so it comes as no surprise that the next step in the band's career was to record a new album with a live symphonic orchestra. Turning their vision into reality, a crowdfunding campaign was started early 2018 to fund the recording of MAYAN's third album with a live orchestra. With the tremendous support of fans across the world, more than €40,000 was raised and the band could finally approach the City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra to record their new album with them. Being one of the world's most renowned symphonic orchestras and famous for their work in cinematic features such as the "Star Wars" saga, "Hannibal" (2001) and "Arrival" (2016), as well as the orchestral parts of DIMMU BORGIR's "Death Cult Armageddon", they were the perfect choice to join forces with MAYAN to create the monumental sound landscape for "Dhyana". The crowdfunding campaign packages also included an exclusive EP called "Undercurrent". Jansen stated: "We have worked with all our energy, efforts and passion to create a remarkable album. 'Dhyana' (which means the moment when the mind gets absorbed by the heart) makes us all very proud and we can't wait for it to be released. With the support of our loyal fans worldwide we were able to record the album with the City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Because of this and also producer Joost van den Broek's know-how and enormous motivational drive we were able to meet the high standards of the best productions of today. It's needless to say that we are extremely excited!" The concept of this third full-length release reflects on conceptual themes such as being self-aware of our thoughts and relinquishing our egos and self-conceited tendencies to finding out who we truly are. MAYAN will celebrate their new offering with a "Dhyana" release party on September 22 at De Helling in Utrecht, Netherlands. They will be supported by ELYOSE and CARTHAGODS on this evening.
AEROSMITH To Perform On 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' This Thursday
AEROSMITH will perform on the Thursday, August 16 episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". The legendary rockers' appearance on the program will come one day after they unveil the first details of their upcoming Las Vegas residency on the "Today" show. The news of AEROSMITH's residency was broken by guitarist Joe Perry, who told SiriusXM's Beatles Channel that AEROSMITH will hit Sin City in 2019 leading up to the band's 50th anniversary. Perry said: "We're going to be doing a residency in Vegas starting next spring. What we want to do is something that I haven't seen before… just downsizing our live show, just playing in a smaller place. We want to do something different. We're in the middle of the production now. What we're talking about is having an experience that you wouldn't be able to see on a regular AEROSMITH tour." He continued: "I feel like we've been out of the wind for a while and it seems like it would be a really cool thing to bring some of the history back, so the production is gonna look like that. But without losing what we are: a hardcore rock and roll band. "We're having almost weekly conversations about the production and how we're gonna keep it true and honest to the heartbeat of the rock and roll that we play but still add an element that people will want to see. I haven't been this excited about a project with AEROSMITH in quite a while." AEROSMITH officially formed in Boston in 1970 and last performed on May 5 at the New Orleans Jazz Fest. In 2017, AEROSMITH announced a run of dates called "Aero-Vederci Baby!", but stopped short of calling it a final tour. AEROSMITH hasn't released a new studio album since 2012's "Music From Another Dimension!" Perry issued a solo disc, titled "Sweetzerland Manifesto", on January 19.
KILLER BE KILLED Has Demoed 10 'Fantastic' New Songs For Second Album
Max Cavalera has confirmed to Metal Underground that KILLER BE KILLED has begun the songwriting process for its second album, tentatively due next year. "We already demoed for it; we got 10 songs out of it," he said. "[It came out] fantastic. Troy [Sanders] is more involved, which is what I wanted from the beginning. So that's gonna be great." The supergroup, which is comprised of Cavalera (SOULFLY, ex-SEPULTURA), Sanders (MASTODON) Greg Puciato (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN), and drummer Ben Koller (CONVERGE, ALL PIGS MUST DIE, MUTOID MAN), released its self-titled debut album in 2014 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Drummer Dave Elitch (ex-THE MARS VOLTA) played on KILLER BE KILLED's first CD but was unable to continue with the band due to scheduling conflicts with his other group, ANTEMASQUE. For their live debut at the 2015 Soundwave festival in Australia, Cavalera, Sanders, Puciato and Koller were joined by Juan Montoya (MONSTRO, ex-TORCHE), who also performed on the KILLER BE KILLED debut album. "Killer Be Killed" sold around 5,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 58 on The Billboard 200 chart. Released in May 2014, the CD was produced and mixed by Josh Wilbur, whose credits include work with GOJIRA, LAMB OF GOD, HATEBREED, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, ESCAPE THE FATE, P!NK and STEVE EARLE. Photo credit: TeamRock
UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER Talks New U.D.O. Album 'Steelfactory', Temporary Return Of STEFAN KAUFMANN
United Rock Nations recently conducted an interview with former ACCEPT and current U.D.O. and DIRKSCHNEIDER frontman Udo Dirkschneider. You can now listen to the chat using the SoundCloud widget below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). On whether the DIRKSCHNEIDER tour, during which he performed nothing but ACCEPT songs, influenced the musical direction of the new U.D.O. album, "Steelfactory": Udo: "I would say, and I'll be honest, I think yes. I mean, if you are on tour, let's say, for maybe three years doing nearly three hundred shows and play only ACCEPT songs, of course, it's definitely an influence and also a feeling if you start songwriting. But I don't have a problem with this. [Laughs]" On the recent departure of guitarist Bill Hudson and temporary return of Stefan Kaufmann: Udo: "We had a problem with a session guitar player for the second time. Bill Hudson was not the right guy for us. He was not a team player. He was not interested in songwriting and recording the album. It was a little bit strange situation. And then, after the American tour, we said, 'Okay. Sorry, guy, but this doesn't work with us.' And then I don't wanna have another — how do you say this? — quick looking for a guitar player. And then I was calling Stefan Kaufmann. I mean, we never had any bad things going on, a bad relationship, and I asked Stefan if it was maybe possible to help us out on the festivals. And he said, 'Yes. No problem. But I don't wanna join the band anymore. I'll just help you out until the festivals are over with DIRKSCHNEIDER.' And now we have time enough to look for a new guitar player, and I think the end of August, beginning of September, we can announce a new guitar player. We are still doing auditions. There are, let's say, four guitar players left, and then we will have to make our decision who will be the next guitar player." "Steelfactory" will be released on August 31 via AFM. Kaufmann originally left U.D.O. in September 2012 for health reasons. He was the drummer for ACCEPT on nine albums but was forced to give up drumming towards the end of the band's initial run after sustaining a serious injury to his back. Stefan joined U.D.O. as a guitar player in 1996, following ACCEPT's second breakup, and recorded nine albums with them, including his most recent release with the group, 2011's "Rev-Raptor". In addition to Udo and his son Sven (drums), the DIRKSCHNEIDER and U.D.O. bands include bassist Fitty Wienhold and guitarist Andrey Smirnov. Dirkschneider has spent the last two years touring under the DIRKSCHNEIDER banner, performing classic ACCEPT songs for the last time. The trek, which was originally supposed to conclude with the band's North American run in January/February 2017, has now been extended through the fall of 2018.
Former MEGADETH Drummer NICK MENZA's Posthumous Autobiography, 'Megalife', Due In December
According to Amazon, Post Hill Press has set a December 11 release date for "Megalife: The Autobiography Of Nick Menza" by J. Marshall Craig. Official book synopsis: "With Nick Menza behind the kit, MEGADETH transitioned from celebrated cult band to international superstars. 'Rust In Peace', the first album to feature Menza and Marty Friedman, was instantly considered a classic, sold over a million copies, got nominated for a Grammy Award, and established what many consider to be the definitive MEGADETH lineup. It was the beginning of a remarkable run in which the band would release three career-defining albums and tour the world many times over. "Success was a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows: sobriety and addiction, peace and tension, laughter and anger. Until one day it all came crashing down. Despite his contributions to the band’s most iconic and enduring work, when Menza was forced to seek treatment for a debilitating tumor in his knee, he awoke from surgery to learn he was being fired from the band by the man he considered a brother and mentor, the ever-enigmatic Dave Mustaine. The devastating news sent him into a spiral of anger and frustration, followed by a dark period of self-medication that nearly killed him. "'Megalife: The Autobiography Of Nick Menza' is an unflinching look at life inside of one of metal's most successful bands, from the back of the stage to the bunks on the bus, as well as a blow-by-blow account of the tumultuous, complicated relationship between Menza and Mustaine. It is also the singular story of a self-taught musician who achieved his dreams through sheer will and determination, watched it all disintegrate, and then rebuilt himself from scratch." Last year, Menza's family, management and biographer promised some shattering public disclosures about Nick's final months — and the disgraceful treatment they've received since the musician's sudden death. Late in the evening on May 21, 2016, Nick collapsed after suffering a heart attack during a concert with Chris Poland and Robertino "Pag" Pagliari in their band OHM: at The Baked Potato in Studio City, California and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner said Menza died of hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Little more than a year later, the Menza camp has its crosshairs on MEGADETH founder Dave Mustaine, according to author J. Marshall Craig, manager Robert Bolger and Rose Menza, Nick's mother, who is now guarding and caring for the drummer's estate and legacy. Shortly after Nick's passing, Rose expressed her "enormous gratitude for the outpouring of love and condolences from Nick's many friends and fans," adding that she was "so happy and excited" that "Dave Mustaine has chosen to help celebrate Nick's life and help the boys (Nick's two surviving sons)" with a benefit memorial concert that was proposed to feature all willing former members of MEGADETH. In the days after Nick's death, Mustaine told Kerrang! magazine that, "The Nick that I know, at the end, I think that he… he went to heaven doing what he wanted to do: play drums. And I think that instead of us all mourning, we should celebrate his life, celebrate his legacy." Mustaine insisted in interviews that he had a "very, very close" relationship with the drummer, despite Menza's public accusation that the MEGADETH frontman sent him a "ridiculous proposal" for a failed 2015 reunion of the band's classic "Rust In Peace"-era lineup. In interviews and public posts on his social media, Nick revealed that Mustaine refused to pay for him rehearsals or even recording the next record, and offered an insulting weekly touring rate. When Nick's attorney and management submitted a counter-proposal, Mustaine allegedly lost his temper and scuttled the reunion, changing his phone number and e-mail address. Nick and Mustaine never spoke again, which Craig says is explored fully in the upcoming book. "Dave's betrayal was really a huge blow to Nick," Craig said. "But I can say that not long after, Nick was as sure as ever that he was better off and far more musically satisfied playing with Chris and Pag. He absolutely loved those guys. He was far more excited about the prospect of playing Europe with OHM: than he ever seemed to me when the subject of MEGADETH came up. He told me he wanted the reunion for what it could have and should have been — a celebration of a band at its zenith, regrouping one more time for the fans. "Yeah, it would have been great. And who's to say it still can't be sometime in the future," Nick said in his final interview with Craig, at Rose Lane Studio in Carpinteria less than a month before his death. "It sure doesn't look good now but I'll never say never; it's all up to Dave. It always has been." In the year since Menza's death, sadly, Mustaine has failed to not only stage a memorial concert featuring surviving MEGADETH alumni and for the benefit of Nick's sons — he has reportedly yet to call Menza's parents or even send a condolence letter. "He never called," Rose said from the family home in Studio City. "I am really upset at him (Mustaine). They were NOT good friends, no matter what he says now that Nick's not here to answer what's being said about him." Mustaine told the Q103 radio station a couple of days after Menza's death: "People think that we had this failed reunion attempt. There were several times that we tried to reconcile stuff, and it just didn't happen for whatever reason — I don't know why, but it didn't." Said biographer Craig: "Dave knows exactly why there was no reunion, since he pulled the plug — again — as can be clearly seen in mail exchanges between him and Nick, which Nick gave me complete access to. I've put the conversations in the book, unabridged," Craig said. "Dave's at once friendly and encouraging and then, in an instant, childish and rude; Nick comes across like, well Nick: polite, agreeable and accommodating, trying his best to get along and make it work. "I've been telling media before and after Nick's passing that he never sought to call out Dave for the things he did and said, which is completely true. Nick wanted to take the high road and, indeed, he always did, and we're honoring that legacy. "Believe me — there is A LOT that Nick revealed to me that is not in the book … though what is most fans will find pretty shocking, but not a surprise. "In consultation with Nick's mom and dad and sister and ex, his manager Rob and Nick's closest friends, we're unanimous in the decision to not censor anything now." Craig, best known for his deeply behind-the-scenes books with THE ANIMALS frontman Eric Burdon and THE ROLLING STONES keyboardist and musical director Chuck Leavell, believes the most disgraceful incident so far is the MEGADETH frontman's treatment of Menza's surviving young boys. As for repeated declarations from Mustaine that he "sang almost every single note of Marty Friedman's guitar solos, and I wrote the majority of Nick's drum parts, and I wrote almost every bass note that Ellefson played" and "I did it to [former guitarists] Jeff [Young], Chris [Poland] and Al [Pitrelli], too," Craig said that long before Nick's death, he held nothing back on discussing his time in MEGADETH and how the band's management treated him in years since. "I've been privy to it all," Craig said, "the e-mails, the attorneys' and managers' correspondence on both sides. I think it paints an ugly picture, but fans will be able to make that assessment for themselves when they see the book. "Nick didn't want a tell-all, and nothing about this book can be considered salacious in the least," Craig concluded. "But that doesn't mean it's not going to be controversial and perhaps bruise a few feelings that deserve to have the wind knocked out of them: This book is the truth — Nick Menza's true MegaLife."
SCORPIONS Guitarist: 'We Are Still Waiting For A Moment For Inspiration To Do Another Album'
SCORPIONS guitarist Rudolf Schenker has told Digital Journal that the band is open to the idea of making a new studio album as the follow-up to 2015's "Return To Forever". "We are still waiting for a moment for inspiration to do another album, like JUDAS PRIEST and METALLICA did," he said. "You have to wait until the time is right." Schenker also talked about the impact of technology on the music business, saying: "You can't stop the evolution. It is a part of our digital time. Digital has both a positive and a negative side to it. Music-wise, I still like to listen to analog, because it is food for the heart. Spotify and all these new streaming services deliver. The music seems changed, and record companies don't have so much power anymore." Rudolf compared the resurgence of vinyl to the growth in the live music business. "That's the same situation with live performance and festivals that are completely sold out," he said. "People that go to festivals in Europe are getting actual music, not digital music, and they are getting the people to listen together. It is like the old Woodstock generation, and it comes back again, in different kind of ways and in different cities. It is fantastic. "If you put an analog album on, your heart is listening as well, and not only your stomach," Schenker said. "That's the great point about analog. I prefer analog listening compared to digital listening." SCORPIONS is performing a handful of American shows with QUEENSRŸCHE in August and September. They mark the group's first U.S. shows since the band canceled the final five dates of its fall 2017 tour due to singer Klaus Meine's "severe laryngitis." SCORPIONS are currently promoting "Born To Touch Your Feelings - Best Of Rock Ballads", an essential anthology of the band's new and classic recordings, which was released last November via Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. "Return To Forever" partially comprised songs the band had in the vault from the '80s.
SLASH Says GUNS N' ROSES' 'Not In This Lifetime' Tour Has Been 'Really A Wonderful Experience'
Slash spoke to Rolling Stone about "Not In This Lifetime", the partial reunion tour of GUNS N' ROSES' classic lineup which launched more than two years ago. Asked what his first conversations with singer Axl Rose were like when they first reconnected after being estranged for almost two decades, Slash said: "I know everybody wants to ask me stuff like that, but in the GUNS N' ROSES world, I've found that... I'd just rather not even get into it. Because at this point, it's like, GUNS N' ROSES is, and that's basically all that really needs to be said. I don't like to get into the dynamics of how... 'cause it always gets misconstrued. And the superficial stuff that people want to look into, it always seems to rise to the surface; and it's hard to get away from that after years and years and years of being that band that had, uh, that kind of media dynamic going on. So, I just sort of avoid it. "I'm not worried about fucking it up," he explained. "I just don't think that there's really any information that is necessarily important. The fun of this has just been playing, not talking to the press. And it's been great! There's really nothing... It's been something that I definitely would have bet against... Having Axl and I get back together and sort of work out our differences and start moving forward, was sort of a shock... And it's been really a wonderful experience, and I've been having really a great time with it, and everybody's been getting along great. And the fuckin' fans have been amazing. And it's just sort of a blessing to have it go that way, you know, especially a band that's been around — or not around, depending on, you know, all the different lineup changes and all that kind of stuff — for so long. So, it's been really nice to be riding this wave." Slash also said that he "never really talked" to Matt Sorum about the drummer's lack of involvement in the GUNS N' ROSES reunion tour. "I've seen him, but we haven't talked about it," he said. As for guitarist Izzy Stradlin, who recently blamed his non-participation in the "Not In This Lifetime" tour on the fact that he and the other guys in the band were unable "to reach a happy middle ground through the negotiation process," Slash said: "Uh, I'm not gonna go anywhere near that. I thought what he had to say about it, from what I saw — I didn't read the whole thing — but the basic comeaway, I thought, was well handled." Slash also once again refused to rule out the possibility that the current version of GUNS N' ROSES will record new music. Asked if it's true that he and bassist Duff McKagan might play on new GUNS material, Slash said: "I think probably the best way to look at is, if something happens, then it happens. There you go." The "Not In This Lifetime" tour has been going on for two years and features three-fifths of the classic GUNS lineup. Joining Rose, Slash and McKagan on the trek are drummer Frank Ferrer, keyboardist Dizzy Reed, guitarist Richard Fortus and second keyboardist Melissa Reese. GUNS N' ROSES is on a break now and has less than a dozen dates on its schedule in November, mostly in Asia.
Fourth Annual 'Bowl For Ronnie' To Be Held In October
The fourth annual "Bowl For Ronnie" celebrity bowling party, benefiting the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund, will take place on Thursday, October 25 at PINZ Bowling Center in Studio City, California. The event will be hosted by television and radio personality Eddie Trunk, who is heard on SiriusXM's Volume channel and whose new TV series "TrunkFest" airs on AXS TV. The "Bowl For Ronnie" will feature a celebrity bowling tournament and a raffle drawing for prizes and memorabilia. Last year's event brought in $49,000 for the cancer charity, which is now in its ninth year of raising awareness and much-needed funding for cancer research. "Bowl For Ronnie" participants can anticipate an evening of fun, food, and, of course, bowling with rockers and celebrities competing for trophies in the name of raising funds and awareness for the Dio Cancer Fund. Among the raffle prizes will be a specially designed bowling ball and pin featuring the "Bowl For Ronnie" artwork (see below). The event kicks off at 6:30 p.m. with open bowling and a VIP pre-party for lane sponsors, celebrities and their guests. Previous "Bowl For Ronnie" events have brought together entertainers and artists such as Tom Morello (PROPHETS OF RAGE, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE), Sebastian Bach (SKID ROW), Richie Sambora (BON JOVI), John 5 (ROB ZOMBIE, MARILYN MANSON), Ahmet Zappa, Phil Demmel (MACHINE HEAD), Grammy Award-winning duo TENACIOUS D featuring Jack Black and Kyle Gass, Steven Adler (GUNS N' ROSES), Lita Ford, members of TOOL, MASTODON, BLACK STAR RIDERS, STONE SOUR, ROUGH CUTT, DIO DISCIPLES, and many more. This year's celebrity bowlers will be announced shortly. Last year's first place-winning celebrity team was sponsored by Round Hill Music Publishing and captained by rocker Marc Ferrari (KEEL, COLD SWEAT), comprising musicians Rock Feinstein, Fred Coury and Jeff Scott Soto as well as music attorney Mark Abbatista and Tami Lester of Round Hill. The celebrity team, which captured second place, featured musicians Chris Latham, Calico Cooper, Chris Hager, Phil Demmel, Bob Kulick and Roy Z. Host Eddie Trunk plans to once again captain his-own bowling team at the event. His team came in third place last year after taking first place in 2016. There will be an eBay auction to win a place on the Eddie Trunk bowling team. 100% of the net proceeds from the "Bowl For Ronnie" will go to the Dio Cancer Fund. Individual tickets and lane sponsorships are now on sale, and participants are encouraged to gather friends, family and co-workers for the ultimate bowling team. The Pinz Bowling Center is located at 12655 Ventura Blvd in Studio City, California. For more information and to buy tickets, go to this location.