UNDERØATH To Release 'Erase Me' Album In April
Fearless Records has announced the signing of UNDERØATH. The band's sixth studio album — and its first since 2010 — "Erase Me", will be released on April 6. The confirmation of what is one of rock music's most anticipated and speculated-about reunions arrives with UNDERØATH's first new song in nearly a decade, "On My Teeth". "Erase Me" pre-order bundles will be available this evening at 9 p.m. PST / 12 a.m. EST, with digital pre-orders including an instant download of "On My Teeth". "We've had success and we've come through a lot of waters," explains drummer/vocalist Aaron Gillespie. "There's been 11,000 things we've been through so you would think, almost rhetorically, 'What do you need now?' All of us are finally in that place in our lives where the only thing we care about is inclusion for everybody — for the world. For me, exclusion is the scariest thing in the world. And I think UNDERØATH coming back now with a new record — which none of us thought was possible — we want people to know that this is your music and you can feel however the fuck you want about it. I just want to prove that we are doing everything in the most honest way we ever have. This is the healthiest we've ever been as a group of people, as musicians, and in our worldview." Gillespie's quote touches on the narratives behind the 11-song release: addressing the dire circumstances that led to the demise of the band, the ability to, now, be true to themselves and with their listeners as well as the individual band members disenchantment with religion. "We took a step away and then we realized that we are a family," adds singer Spencer Chamberlain. "We do miss it and we miss each other. We made the decision to never play again as UNDERØATH and then we let that sit a couple of years. Band members rebuilt themselves and their friendships — and then we rebuilt the band." "Erase Me" was written and recorded over the summer of 2017 with producer Matt Squire (PANIC! AT THE DISCO, 3OH!3) and mixed by Ken Andrews (FAILURE, JIMMY EAT WORLD). "Erase Me" track listing: 01. It Has To Start Somewhere 02. Rapture 03. On My Teeth 04. Wake Me 05. Bloodlust 06. Sink With You 07. Ihateit 08. Hold Your Breath 09. No Frame 10. In Motion 11. I Gave Up Photo credit: Nick Fancher
PAUL STANLEY Weighs In On NFL Players Taking A Knee
Paul Stanley has commented on the NFL players' protest of racial injustice in the wake of the backlash from President Donald Trump. The KISS frontman discussed the athletes kneeling in protest during the national anthem while speaking to the Los Angeles radio station 95.5 KLOS earlier today (Thursday, February 22). Asked for his opinion on former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his crusade against police violence — and more specifically, whether the NFL or its owners can discipline him or other players who refuse to stand for our national anthem — Stanley said (see video below): "I think we always have to distinguish between people having a point of view and besmirching the country. I think that we have certain freedoms here that we have to protect. And the fact that everybody doesn't agree is okay. That's what voting is about, and that's what opinions are about." Last September, Trump called for a boycott of the NFL if team owners did not take action against players who did not stand during the national anthem. He had said that a player who kneeled during the anthem was a "son of a bitch" who should be taken off the field. The controversy started simmering two years ago when Kaepernick was the first to kneel during the national anthem. Players who have gotten on one knee during the anthem have said that it is a form a protest against police shootings and racial injustice. A number of musicians and celebrities have shown their solidarity with the athletes for not standing during the anthem. PEARL JAM offered support for "everyone's constitutional right to stand up, sit down or #takeaknee for equality," while LIVING COLOUR guitarist Vernon Reid pointed out in a tweet that the protests aren't against the flag or the anthem but institutionalized racism. PEARL JAM frontman Eddie Vedder and PROPHETS OF RAGE are among the artists who have posted pictures or videos of themselves "taking a knee" in concert. Others, like STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet, have said that players should just "play ball and do the job that you get paid millions and millions of dollars to do." Outspoken conservative rocker Ted Nugent showed support for Trump in a Facebook post titled "Take A Knee." "When you use the banner under which they fought as a source for your displeasure, you dishonor the memories of those who bled for the very freedoms you have," Nugent wrote in the post. Ted also expressed displeasure with the players for disrespecting what the flag stands for. "That's what the red stripes mean," he wrote. "It represents the blood of those who spilled a sea of it defending your liberty." Nugent went on to suggest that by not standing during the national anthem, the players didn't honor the sacrifices made by so many veterans. "You haven't an inkling what it took to get you where you are; but your 'protest' is duly noted," he wrote.

Paul Stanley in-studio on #CPR with Marci!

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No New EXODUS Album Until End Of 2019 At The Earliest
EXODUS frontman Steve "Zetro" Souza says that fans will have to wait until at least the end of 2019 before the band's follow-up to 2014's "Blood In Blood Out" album. Although it was originally reported that the veteran San Francisco Bay Area thrashers would go into the studio last October to begin recording the new effort, it now appears that the band will not begin work on the next disc until guitarist Gary Holt is done playing with SLAYER as part of that band's "final" world tour. Asked about the progress of the songwriting sessions for EXODUS's new album, Souza told Metal Insider: "To be honest with you, you're probably not going to see that until the end, and you know what 'the end' is. [Gary is] gonna start [the SLAYER tour] in May and that's gonna take…I couldn't even tell you; I have no idea, I just know they [SLAYER] announced that that's their last tour, and realistically, we're not going to be able to record until that is finished. I'm speculating it's gonna take a year and a half or two years to do the one final thing, but I believe it's finished. Everybody knows what I know; just because I'm on the outside, I have no insight on that." Souza continued: "[Gary] got home in October and they [SLAYER] haven't done anything since, and he has written EXODUS stuff, just nothing he's cared to share with any of us yet. I've heard a few songs that him and Tom [Hunting, drums] got together with early last year, and, to me, I'm, like, 'Oh my god! I come back in the band, and how long are we gonna take before we do another record?' But I understand he's the main songwriter here. Lee [Altus, guitar] does write some songs, but Gary's always been the main songwriter, so a lot of people are gonna be getting what they want back, because obviously there's gonna be no SLAYER at some point, so I guess he has to come back home [to EXODUS] for good." Zetro added that he and his EXODUS bandmates "love" HEATHEN guitarist Kragen Lum, who has been filling in for Holt while he is on tour with SLAYER. "But I think the fans are very vocal and adamant about Gary coming back," he said. "We love SLAYER — they're our brothers — and we understand it's a better financial situation [for Gary], and I'm sure the final run is gonna be sold out everywhere." As for when EXODUS fans should expect to finally see another studio album, Zetro said: "The end of 2019, to be realistic. We're gonna keep playing, we're gonna tour the wheels off of 'Blood In Blood Out'. Not even [just] 'Blood In Blood Out'. We're not naïve to ourselves — we know we can go out and play 'Bonded By Blood', 'Pleasures Of The Flesh', 'Fabulous Disaster' and people will come. They don't care — they love those songs. If we said we were coming around just playing 'Bonded By Blood', the place would be sold out." "Blood In Blood Out" was EXODUS's first album since the departure of the group's lead singer of nine years, Rob Dukes, and the return of Souza, who previously fronted EXODUS from 1986 to 1993 and from 2002 to 2004. Holt spoke in a recent interview about the musical direction of EXODUS's next disc. He said: "Of the stuff I've written so far, I think the songs are shorter, but I think they're also at the same time more progressive than the last album. It's a little outside the box. It's really super crushing, but I think people will be surprised." He added: "It's an EXODUS album, but as of now, the stuff Tom and I have been putting together is a bit different. It's got those subtle changes that make for a departure, but it will still stay true to the core of the band's sound."
METALLICA's JAMES HETFIELD: 'We're Not Recreating The Same Song Over And Over'
In a brand new interview with the METALLICA fan magazine So What!, the four members of the band were asked why they are not seen as some sort of "heritage" or "legacy" act, like so many other groups who have been around for nearly four decades. "I'm not putting down other bands, because I know they give a fuck too, but we really give a fuck," frontman James Hetfield said. "I mean, we love what we do and we want to care for it and we want to continue to do it. So some of the character defects that we have spur us on. We're never satisfied. We are perfectionists. We want it to be the best or we can't stand behind it — we can't. So there's that honesty. It's a lot of hard work to be that kind of person, but it pays off. It pays off in the end, and we're not interested in worrying about if it sounds like us or not. We're not recreating the same song over and over like certain bands tend to do. They're afraid to stray from what they think people want to hear. We're not afraid at all, and we love exploring, but when you have that freedom, it ends up back at the same place most times. But you've got a new net that you've cast out, you've got some different influences, and everything influences us along the way, but mostly caring for METALLICA is the biggest influence." Guitarist Kirk Hammett added: "I really think that our music and the nature of our music, the sound of our music, the mechanics of our music sounds incredibly lively and youthful. There's a youthful energy to our music that's inherently in our sound. We play with a lot of energy. We play with a lot of dynamics, and there's a certain amount of excitement. All that is youthful energy, that energy is coursing through you when you're younger, in your 20s. Our music inherently has that, and those factors are built into the psychological makeup of our music. So I think that in itself has a lot to do with why younger people don't see us as old 'fuddy-duddies,' to quote someone else. I believe that they don't view us as a band that's slowing down and resting on past success or victories. Whenever we put out an album, it sounds like young guys playing the music. I mean, the only way to get a direct reference on who's playing the music is the picture on the album. You look at the picture, like [drummer] Lars [Ulrich] said, [and you see] a bunch of fucking guys in our 50s who don't even know they're in their 50s!" The METALLICA guys also talked about the overwhelmingly positive response to the band's latest album, 2016's "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct". "I definitely feel grateful," Hammett said. "Grateful for the fact that our audience is still there supporting us… understanding the music on the same level as we understand it and [that they're] buying the album. And I'm grateful for them coming to see us. The shows have been amazing in terms of pure enthusiasm for the new material. That, to me, is the one thing that really stands out being on tour. Every time we play the new stuff, they're just fucking wrapping their arms around it. Which hasn't always been the case. And you know, it's nice to see because it's been a while. It's fucking been a while since we've had that sort of reception. And so I am so appreciative and so grateful that we can still go out there and make music that fucking people are getting and understanding, not only getting and understanding but fucking wrapping their arms around it and embracing it. It's fucking wonderful. I haven't seen that enthusiasm in a while." You can read the entire interview at Metallica.com (free registration required). You can also watch the chat in three parts below. As previously reported, METALLICA will receive the Polar Music Prize, a musical equivalent to the Nobel Prize, this spring. The award, which recognizes international excellence in music, will bestow the metal legends with a cash prize of one million Swedish kronor, roughly equivalent to $126,000. The band will donate the money to its own All Within My Hands organization, which aids communities in need with workforce education, food-bank donations and other local services. METALLICA and the San Francisco Giants will hold the sixth annual "Metallica Night" on April 23 at AT&T Park in San Francisco, with the Giants taking the field that evening against the Washington Nationals. The band is currently on tour in Europe through mid-May.
GUNS N' ROSES Keyboardist DIZZY REED Launches Debut Solo Album With Sydney Concert (Video)
Longtime GUNS N' ROSES keyboardist Dizzy Reed played a free one-off Australian show in support of his debut solo album, "Rock 'N Roll Ain't Easy". Fan-filmed video footage of the concert, which was held on February 18 at Frankie's Pizza By The Slice in Sydney, can be seen below (courtesy of Rock From The Crowd's Colin Hay). "Rock 'N Roll Ain't Easy" was released on February 16 via Golden Robot Records. Written by Reed, Ricky Warwick (THIN LIZZY, THE ALMIGHTY, BLACK STAR RIDERS) and Del James, the disc's first single, "This Don't Look Like Vegas", features Warwick and Mayuko Okai on guitar, with GUNS bandmate Richard Fortus (PSYCHELIC FURS, THIN LIZZY, THE DEAD DAISIES) providing the guitar solo. Mike Dupke (W.A.S.P.) is on drums, with Mike Duda (W.A.S.P.) on bass, while Reed handles lead vocals, piano, shaker and tambourine, with backing vocals from Nadja Reed, Chela Johnson and Del James. "Rock 'N Roll Ain't Easy" is 12 tracks (or 13, if you download the digital version) of rock with Reed uniting with fellow members of GUNS N' ROSES, along with some other greats, including players from W.A.S.P., QUIET RIOT, PSYCHEDELIC FURS, THIN LIZZY, NO DOUBT, THE REPLACEMENTS, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, and more. Reed is the longest-serving member of GN'R after singer Axl Rose. He joined the band as a touring member in 1990, during the "Use Your Illusion" era, and has played with most of the original members as well as in all the later editions of the group and the current reunion lineup. The Pulse Of Radio asked Reed how he's managed to stay in the band for so long. "I get asked that a lot and it's really just, I just never really thought about doing anything else, you know, on sort of a permanent basis," he said. "You know, I kind of feel like I'm in GUNS N' ROSES and that's where I was meant to be." In the world of music, GUNS N' ROSES need no introduction. Few bands in history have achieved the level of success and recognition that GN'R has. The addition of Reed marked a stylistic turning point in the band's maturity, incorporating piano and the epic tones of the Hammond B-3 into their aggressive hard rock sound. In 2012, Dizzy was inducted into the the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as a member of GUNS N' ROSES. He has toured with the PSYCHEDELIC FURS and has toured, recorded and written with supergroup THE DEAD DAISIES whose lineup has featured members of THE CULT, MÖTLEY CRÜE, WHITESNAKE, THE ROLLING STONES and THIN LIZZY. He also sings lead vocals with his side project HOOKERS & BLOW. On surviving and flourishing in rock's 'sharky' waters, he says: "Never stop learning and exploring, but don't forget what you do best. Stick to your guns." "Rock 'N Roll Ain't Easy" track listing: 01. This Don't Look Like Vegas 02. Mother Theresa 03. Cheers 2 R Oblivion 04. Fragile Water 05. Dirty Bomb 06. Mystery In Exile 07. I Celebrate 08. Understanding 09. Crestfallen 10. Forgotten Cases 11. Reparations 12. Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Easy
ALL THAT REMAINS Frontman Slams TRIVIUM Bassist: 'You've Been Riding Coattails'
ALL THAT REMAINS's Phil Labonte has slammed TRIVIUM's Paolo Gregoletto, accusing the bassist of "riding coattails" and calling him "the third most important guy in a four-man band." The war of words between the two musicians started after Labonte appeared on Internet provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos's InfoWars show to discuss the contentious issue of U.S. gun control in the wake of last week's mass shooting in Florida. After video of Labonte's appearance on Milo's program was posted on YouTube, Paolo took to Twitter to call out the singer for his comments, writing: "Stick to this and not music @philthatremains" His tweet was met with a negative response by a Labonte follower who proceeded to call TRIVIUM "irrelevant" and say that Paolo's band "blows." This prompted Gregoletto to fire back with: "Sold Out 95% of our last tour in America". Phil then chimed in with "I'm just happy Paolo has time to let us know how great he is," which led Gregoletto to respond: "It's too bad your shooting skills can’t help you hit those high notes." Paolo also challenged Labonte to "go make a YouTube video about it." Earlier today, Labonte posted a video message for Paolo in which he addressed the bassist's tweets and minimized Gregoletto's contribution to TRIVIUM's success. Phil said (see video below): "So last night, Paolo from TRIVIUM decided that he wanted to let me know that he didn't like us, or he didn't like ALL THAT REMAINS. And so he goes and talks some smack about singing, talks some smack about how great their last tour was. And their last tour did great numbers — to everyone involved, congratulations. You guys had a great tour; it's something to be proud of. But Paolo, nobody went to see that tour because Paolo was there. Nobody cares. If you weren't there and it was some other dude, that tour would have done the same thing. You're the third most important guy in a four-man band that changes their fourth member every couple of years. Everyone knows TRIVIUM's Matt [Heafy, guitar/vocals]." He continued: "So jumping at me talking smack? Ain't nobody calling you in the middle of the night saying, 'Come save my tour,'" apparently referring to the fact that he has stepped in to sing for KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH on the road when those two bands' respective vocalists were unable to finish out the dates. "You didn't write the hits for TRIVIUM. You've been riding coattails." Labonte added: "So here you go, Paolo. You wanted me to make a YouTube video about it? Here it is." Earlier in the week, Labonte, a staunch gun-rights advocate, posted a video message in which he offered his thoughts on the gun debate, expressing his belief that a ban on semi-automatic rifles would not reduce mass shootings and insisting that this nationwide crisis of firearm injuries and deaths would not be solved by a formal change to the Second Amendment.
Listen To Snippet Of New DOKKEN Song 'It's Just Another Day' Featuring Classic Lineup
In October 2016, the classic lineup of DOKKENDon Dokken (vocals), George Lynch (guitar), Jeff Pilson (bass) and Mick Brown (drums) — reunited to play the Loud Park festival in Japan. Fortunately for fans outside of Japan, cameras were there to capture the performance and now Frontiers Music Srl is set to issue "Return To The East Live 2016" on April 20. In addition to the Japanese performance, this set will feature footage from the classic lineup's only U.S. show in September 2016 at Badlands in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A trailer for the release can be viewed below. "Return To The East Live 2016" will be available in the following formats: * CD/DVD* Blu-Ray * Collector's Box (CD/DVD + T-Shirt) [Comes with XL tee in the U.S., L tee in EU] * 2xLP Standard 180g Black Vinyl * 2xLP Limited Edition 180g Green Vinyl (Exclusive to Frontiers' U.S. Store - Limited to 150 worldwide) * 2xLP Limited Edition 180g Red Vinyl (Exclusive to Frontiers' EU Store - Limited to 150 worldwide) * MP3 (audio only) If the release wasn't amazing enough, the package includes a brand-new studio track, "It's Just Another Day", and two acoustic re-workings of classic tracks. Don Dokken says: "After 25 years, it was great to reunite with George and Jeff and Mick and do a couple shows for the fans. We hope you like this album and video. There's a lot of great bonus footage of us having fun, so enjoy it." Pilson adds: "I'm so thrilled this piece of the DOKKEN story is hitting the streets. What a magical experience it has been and this CD/DVD captures a lot of that wonderful manic energy that has always made DOKKEN so vital! I remain extremely grateful to have been a part of such a vibrant voice in the world of heavy rock. Thanks to the fans and to George, Don and Mick for being the musicians, writers and friends that you are!" Track listing: CD 01. It's Another Day (new studio track) 02. Kiss Of Death 03. The Hunter 04. Unchain The Night 05. When Heaven Comes Down 06. Breakin' The Chains 07. Into The Fire 08. Dream Warriors 09. Tooth And Nail 10. Alone Again (intro) 11. Alone Again 12. It's Not Love 13. In My Dreams 14. Heaven Sent (acoustic studio bonus track) 15. Will The Sun Rise (acoustic studio bonus track) DVD 01. Tooth And Nail 02. Unchain The Night 03. When Heaven Comes Down 04. Breakin' The Chains 05. Into The Fire 06. Alone Again 07. It's Not Love 08. Paris Is Burning 09. Kiss Of Death 10. The Hunter 11. Dream Warriors 12. In My Dreams 13. Behind The Scenes Don recently told the "The Classic Metal Show" that he didn't know "why it took a freaking year" to complete the DVD. He said: "We had almost two hours of just backstage, goofing around, on the train, going to Osaka, Nagoya, on the train, having fun backstage, screwing around. That took forever to edit. So on the new live DVD, there's gonna a lot of bonus footage — a lot of just candid, messing around, having fun. 'Cause, you know, George and Jeff hadn't been in DOKKEN for over 20 years." As for the musical direction of the new song, Don said that it is "very DOKKEN-sounding" and "very classic '80s" with "big harmonies. It's just like 'Paris Is Burning' meets 'In My Dreams'," he said. The track is the first new song to be recorded by the classic DOKKEN lineup since the 1997 "Shadowlife" album. Don also talked about his current relationship with George and Jeff, both of whom he had previously traded verbal barbs with in the press. "I would say that I had some trepidation [about playing with them again], obviously," Dokken said. "We've been getting offers for years and years and years to do a reunion, quote-unquote, tour, and I said, 'Guys, I'm not interested. DOKKEN, to me, is Chris McCarvill, 'Wild' Mick Brown and Jon Levin, who's been in the band for 22 years. That's DOKKEN.' I don't see why I need to go back in time and do this. What's the point? If it's just for money, they know how I feel about that. And there's more to life than money. You can live in a mansion and drive a Ferrari and be miserable. And I said, 'I'm not interested.' So I had some trepidation. We only rehearsed with Jeff and George for three days when we did the South Dakota one show only in America, where we filmed. But they showed up, we rehearsed, went to Japan, we filmed the show, we did these huge arenas, sold out. And it was great. George and I shot the shit for hours and hours every day over sake and beer on the bullet trains and we talked about everything from politics to spirituality and it was all good. And Jeff is such an addict, he's almost maybe worse than me when it comes to music. I mean, every day, Jeff's on the bullet train looking at the footage from the night before and he's looking at this, he's looking at that. 'Check this out. How about that? This is a good shot.' He's mixing the songs, he's trying to figure out what's the best takes. So it was a band effort. That was nice." In January, DOKKEN filmed a video for "It's Just Another Day" with director Jamie Brown, who has previously worked with LYNCH MOB and KXM.
Video Premiere: IHSAHN's 'Arcana Imperii'
"Arcana Imperii", the new video from Ihsahn, can be seen below. The song is taken from his seventh solo album, "Ámr", which will be released on May 4 via Candlelight/Spinefarm. True living legends are few and far between, but Ihsahn has long since earned the right to be regarded as one of metal's all-time greats. As frontman and chief songwriter with legendary Norwegian black metal pioneers EMPEROR, he swiftly cemented a formidable reputation as one of the underground's most idiosyncratic creative forces. Classic albums like 1995's "In The Nightside Eclipse" and 1997's epoch-shattering "Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk" ensured that the young band were among the most respected the most popular of Norway's many black-hearted exports. Their imperious rise to prominence came to an unexpected end after the release of 2001's wildly intricate and grandiose "Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire & Demise", but it was an album that suggested that Ihsahn's compositional journey was far from over. Reincarnated as a solo artist for 2006's "The Adversary", Ihsahn has spent the last 12 years forging a second path through artistry's darkest shadows; one that is making more and deeper connections than any of his past endeavours. With a sound that still retains strong links to his black metal roots while embracing everything from skewed art rock and avant-garde jazz to experimental electronica and dark ambient, each successive album has presented a brand new manifestation of the Norwegian's unique craft: from the muscular and haughty riff sculptures of "Angl" and "After"'s haunting, saxophone-driven mirage to the tech-metal explorations of "Eremita" and on to the wild, avant-metal splurge of "Das Seelenbrechen", Ihsahn's catalogue speaks of a restless creative spirit with ideas to burn. In keeping with that spirit, 2018 brings the arrival of Ihsahn's seventh solo album, "Ámr". Another immersive and frequently disorientating eruption of refined and absorbing progressive extreme metal, it echoes the meticulous precision and structural simplicity of 2016's widely acclaimed "Arktis". Album while taking Ihsahn's music somewhere entirely new, where the hiss and throb of old school analogue synths dominate and the atmosphere is airless and oppressive. Once again percussively propelled by longtime drummer Tobias Ørnes Andersen and with a blistering guest solo from OPETH's Fredrik Åkesson on "Arcana Imperii", "Ámr" is another evolutionary leap from one of metal's most remorselessly forward-thinking protagonists. "It's just lovely to work with Tobias," says Ihsahn. "I know that he can technically handle anything I throw at him. But more importantly, when I say like; 'I want this to feel like the vacuum between words in a conversation with Hannibal Lecter,' he will say, 'Yeah, I get that!' [Laughs] So for him, it's not about showing off, it's always about relating to the vibe. With Fredrik, we met first time in Oslo, when I did my debut solo show as support to OPETH and later we've hung out on different festivals when we happen to play the same day. Last time in Japan when we played there with EMPEROR and OPETH. We were talking about guitars and I said, 'Not to kiss up to you or anything, but you're absolutely one of my favourite players, so some day I might call you for a guest solo…' and he says, 'I'm in!' He did a fabulous job." As with all of Ihsahn's solo albums to date, "Ámr" possesses its own unique atmosphere; a palpable sense of tension and unease that infuses even the album's most melodic moments with heightened drama and otherworldly menace. But despite its often-claustrophobic feel, this is very much an album of beautifully crafted and shrewdly arranged songs. Although as dark and intense as anything he has conjured before, both the depth of sonic texture and the clarity of his overarching vision are more impressive than ever. "Knowing that the form would be somewhat similar to what I did on the previous album, and given that I write stuff in a certain way, I wanted to change the wrapping this time," Ihsahn notes. "So instead of going with my go-tos of strings and orchestration, I focused on analog synths and more in-your-face sounds. It goes back to the beginning of EMPEROR, when we brought in strings and horns inspired by orchestral movie scores by John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith, but at the same time we loved all those eerie synth soundtracks of, for example, John Carpenter's 'Halloween'. I've also been listening to some contemporary R&B and hip-hop stuff with those deep, deep 808s. It's just somehow darker than a lot of metal or black metal. It has a depth and an energy to it that I find captivating, so I wanted to explore those arrangement styles as well." Another bold stride into uncharted territory, Ihsahn's seventh solo album is the legendary Norwegian's most eclectic and challenging to date. Morphing fluidly from mellifluous art rock ambience to vicious extreme metal, covering all points in between, the likes of grandiloquent opener "Lend Me The Eyes Of The Millennia" and the wild, melodic melancholy of "Sámr" blend seamlessly with ornate, progressive metal monoliths like "In Rites Of Passage" and the immaculate, climactic "Wake". Drenched in evocative synthesizers and brimming with skewed-but-irresistible riffs, "Ámr" is both Ihsahn's most accessible record to date and his most extreme departure from his black metal roots. "Every album I intend to make the darkest album ever," Ihsahn says. "I never set out to make anything more melodic or accessible. However, growing up on '80s metal, plus having a rather wide range of musical influences, I often end up with quite contrasting elements. This is my seventh solo album, so in the end it really comes down to methods and perspectives that keep me exited and fired up about what I'm working on. If I'm not excited about it, I can't expect anybody else to be!" "Ámr" track listing: 01. Lend Me The Eyes Of The Millenia 02. Arcana Imperii 03. Sámr 04. One Less Enemy 05. Where You Are Lost And I Belong 06. In Rites Of Passage 07. Marble Soul 08. Twin Black Angels 09. Wake
NIGHTWISH: Second Trailer For 'Decades' Compilation
Tuomas Holopainen's three-track demo earned him his first record deal with his freshly founded band NIGHTWISH back in 1996. 20 years later — with over 2,000 shows played and more than eight million records sold — NIGHTWISH is the biggest European symphonic metal band. Reason enough for Nuclear Blast to celebrate this huge anniversary by releasing a 2CD compilation titled "Decades" on March 9. "Decades" will be available as a 2CD jewelcase, 2CD digipak, 3LP box (different colors) and 2CD earbook. The second trailer for "Decades" is available below. Track listing: CD1 01. The Greatest Show On Earth 02. Élan 03. My Walden 04. Storytime 05. I Want My Tears Back 06. Amaranth 07. The Poet And The Pendulum 08. Nemo 09. Wish I Had An Angel CD2 01. Ghost Love Score 02. Slaying The Dreamer 03. End Of All Hope 04. 10th Man Down 05. The Kinslayer 06. Dead Boy's Poem 07. Gethsemane 08. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean 09. Sacrament Of Wilderness 10. Sleeping Sun 11. Elvenpath 12. The Carpenter 13. Nightwish (demo) 3LP Box (33 rpm) Side A 01. The Greatest Show On Earth Side B 01. Élan 02. My Walden 03. Storytime 04. I Want My Tears Back 05. Amaranth Side C 01. The Poet And The Pendulum 02. Nemo 03. Wish I Had An Angel Side D 01. Ghost Love Score 02. Slaying The Dreamer 03. End Of All Hope 04. 10th Man Down Side E 01. The Kinslayer 02. Dead Boy's Poem 03. Gethsemane 04. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean Side F 01. Sacrament Of Wilderness 02. Sleeping Sun 03. Elvenpath 04. The Carpenter 05. Nightwish (demo) The release will be accompanied by a nine-month tour across the globe. After kicking off with 34 concerts in North America in March-April, the journey will continue with dozens of European festival and headline shows. On this tour, NIGHTWISH will also be presenting a special setlist, featuring rare material from the early years of their career. That's why these evenings will not only be special events for the fans, but also for the band themselves. Be prepared to hear a lot of old-school material.
BAD WOLVES Release Video For Cover Of THE CRANBERRIES' 'Zombie'
BAD WOLVES' cover of THE CRANBERRIES' "Zombie" continues to dominate rock and metal charts around the globe, with all proceeds from track donated to Dolores O'Riordan's three children. Today, the band reveals the official "Zombie" music video, directed by Wayne Isham (AVENGED SEVENFOLD, MEGADETH, MÖTLEY CRÜE). It's a powerful testament to THE CRANBERRIES' singer, who was set to record her vocals on the track the day of her tragic passing. The new video features an unreachable woman fully realized in O'Riordan's iconic gold from the original "Zombie" video. Throughout the clip, she and frontman Tommy Vext try to touch each other but cannot. She leaves golden handprints with each attempt to touch. In a statement, O'Riordan's U.K. publicist Lindsey Holmes provided further insight into what the Irish singer thought of BAD WOLVES' version of the track. "Dolores was excited about plans to guest vocal on a cover version of her all-time classic 'Zombie' by American rock band BAD WOLVES," she said. "Although very different in style to the original, Dolores said she thought that the cover was 'killer' and she was intrigued by the simple-but-effective couple of lyric changes that make the cover version as relevant to current world events as the original was to the events that inspired her to write the song in the early nineties." "For me, Dolores was the strongest female voice in rock for the past three decades," explains Dan Waite, managing director Europe for Eleven Seven Label Group and the artist's personal friend. "I have very bittersweet feelings about the last two voice messages Dolores left me on the day she passed about recording 'Zombie' with BAD WOLVES. She was telling me BAD WOLVES' version was 'awesome' and she could not wait to get into the studio. However, ultimately, her voicemails have brought comfort to her mother Eileen and her family as they heard her messages joking and talking passionately about music, her children, and future plans." Dolores's plans were cut short far too soon but the relevance of "Zombie" and the legacy of her music continues to span generations. BAD WOLVES' Tommy Vext explains what compelled him to cover the song: "Her lyrics, confronting the collateral damage of political unrest, capture the same sentiment we wanted to express a quarter-century later. That is a testament to the kind of enduring artist Dolores was, and will remain forever." Originally released in 1994 following the IRA bombing of Warrington, THE CRANBERRIES' "Zombie" hit #1 across the globe, including on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. The song returned to the top ten on the U.S. Rock chart shortly after news of her passing was announced. That same week BAD WOLVES released their version of "Zombie" in her honor. In just four weeks, the cover has garnered over three million combined streams (across YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music) and continues to climb the charts. BAD WOLVES' "Zombie" is currently Top 20 at U.S. rock radio and sits atop rock and metal iTunes charts around the world. BAD WOLVES will tour the U.S. later in the year with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and SHINEDOWN.
HELMET: 'Life Or Death' Video Released
Video footage of HELMET performing the "Dead To The World" album track "Life Or Death" on April 28, 2017 at 170 Russell in Melbourne Australia can be seen below. The clip was produced and directed by Richard De Silva. As previously reported, HELMET and PRONG will join forces for a co-headlining U.S. tour in May. The trek kicks off May 3 in Atlanta and concludes on May 26 at Baltimore's Maryland Deathfest. Having cut his teeth playing with avant-garde guitar icon Glenn Branca and indie stalwarts BAND OF SUSANS, Page Hamilton launched HELMET in 1989, and the band released its debut album, "Strap It On", on the independent Amphetamine Reptile label the following year. HELMET soon became the subject of an unprecedented major-label bidding war, ultimately signing with Interscope and releasing "Meantime" in June 1992. Although HELMET disbanded in 1997, Hamilton revived the band in 2004, and the group has continued to tour and record. Even while he band was absent from the spotlight, HELMET continued to exercise considerable influence on multiple generations of bands. Their songs have been covered by the likes of CHEVELLE, DEFTONES, FAITH NO MORE, PIG DESTROYER and SOULFLY, and the band inspired a 2016 HELMET tribute album titled "Meantime Redux". HELMET has also been cited as a key influence on such bands as GODSMACK, KORN, MARILYN MANSON, MASTODON, PANTERA, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, SEPULTURA, SLIPKNOT, STAIND, SYSTEM OF A DOWN and TOOL. HELMET's latest album, "Dead To The World", was released in October 2016 via earMUSIC.
Joey Concepcion (ARMAGEDDON, THE ABSENCE) will join Seattle metal legends SANCTUARY as their second guitarist during the band's North American tour with ICED EARTH. These upcoming shows will act as a tribute to the musical legacy of SANCTUARY singer Warrel Dane, who passed away last December. Guest vocals for SANCTUARY on the trek will be provided by Joseph Michael (WITHERFALL). "We're proud to announce that master shredder Joey Concepcion will be joining us on our 2018 U.S. tour honoring our brother Warrel Dane," says SANCTUARY guitarist Lenny Rutledge. Concepcion adds: "I'm very stoked to be playing with SANCTUARY on their upcoming tour. I've been a fan since I was in high school listening to 'Into The Mirror Black'. I'm looking forward to playing these songs live and honoring the legacy of Warrel Dane." The official video for the song "Across The Skies" from Concepcion's latest solo album, "2017's "Alignment", can be seen below. Lenny previously said that SANCTUARY "decided to continue on with the ICED EARTH tour to pay tribute to our brother Warrel Dane. The set will consist of many old and some newer songs performed with the utmost respect and quality to honor our friend. Please join us in this farewell as we celebrate Warrel's musical legacy with SANCTUARY. We look forward to sharing this tribute with all of you." A year ago, SANCTUARY released the official prequel to 1988's classic debut "Refuge Denied", "Inception", which showcased several previously lost recordings from their 1986 studio session that have now been restored, remixed and remastered by Chris "Zeus" Harris (QUEENSRŸCHE). Formed in 1985, the band was signed to Epic Records with the help of MEGADETH guitarist Dave Mustaine and released two records, "Refuge Denied" (1988) and "Into The Mirror Black" (1989), which saw them perform with the likes of MEGADETH, FATES WARNING, WARLOCK and DEATH ANGEL. The band disbanded in 1992 as members Dane and Jim Sheppard (bass) went on to form the highly successful metal act NEVERMORE with acclaimed guitarist Jeff Loomis. SANCTUARY reunited nearly 25 years later in 2010 and appeared at several festivals worldwide before returning to the studio to record their acclaimed full-length comeback album, "The Year The Sun Died", for Century Media Records in 2014. Dane tragically passed away on December 13, 2017 due to a heart attack while recording his second solo album in São Paulo, Brazil.
ROBERT PLANT On LED ZEPPELIN's 50th Anniversary: 'There Will Be A Celebration, I'm Sure, Somewhere'
Robert Plant says that there will be a celebration "somewhere" of LED ZEPPELIN's 50th anniversary this year and that he will meet up with the other surviving members of the band to discuss plans to mark the milestone. An official illustrated book, "Led Zeppelin By Led Zeppelin", will be released in October while guitarist Jimmy Page recently said that another LED ZEPPELIN live album will arrive later this year, with additional "releases" coming out over the next decade. Speaking to The Current about ZEPPELIN's plans to celebrate hitting the half-century mark, the singer said: "Well, we're planning to get together and talk about it. Basically, it's very difficult to find stuff that still is unheard. And not only will it be 50 years, but it'll be, next year, 38 years since John [Bonham, drums] passed away. And the great thing about LED ZEPPELIN was that we didn't chronicle ourselves; we just kind of went from town to town and sang songs and played guitars and stuff and then went about our lives." Plant added that he wished "that we had more stuff to look at, but there will be a book of photographs and stuff. But some of it will be particularly interesting, I think," he said. "Beyond that, musically, there's bits and pieces lying around, but not an album or anything like that. But there will be a celebration, I'm sure, somewhere. A cork will pop! [makes sound effects]" LED ZEPPELIN hasn't performed together in more than a decade, having last played London's O2 Arena in December 2007. The concert was part of the Ahmet Ertegun tribute event, which was chronicled on the band's 2012 "Celebration Day" CD and DVD. The set, which featured Jason Bonham subbing for his late father John Bonham on drums, marked Page, Robert Plant and Paul Jones's first full-scale concert together since John Bonham's 1980 death. Last October, Plant shot down the possibility of a LED ZEPPELIN reunion, telling the Daily Telegraph that "you can't ever really go back." He added: "It's tough enough repeating yourself with something that's a year old, never mind 49 years old. I've got to keep moving." Plant has arguably been the lone holdout for another LED ZEPPELIN reunion. Despite promoter-led attempts to get the band to reform for a series of concerts, Plant remains committed to his new musical direction in the roots and blues-based "Americana" field.
NIGHTWISH Singer And PAGAN'S MIND Guitarist Join Forces In NORTHWARD
It was during the "all-star jam" at ProgPower USA festival in 2007 when current NIGHTWISH singer Floor Jansen and PAGAN'S MIND guitarist Jørn Viggo Lofstad spontaneously joined forces on stage for some cover songs and noticed a certain creative magic between them. Although the two musicians had never met before, they soon discovered their mutual love for stripped-down hard rock and decided to write some songs together. In 2008, still barely knowing each other, they composed an entire album's worth of material in next to no time — but due to their tight schedules with their main bands, their new project named NORTHWARD never found its way to the spotlight, until today! In 2017, the year of NIGHTWISH's break, Floor took the opportunity to contact her old friend Jørn Viggo again to see if he was still interested in resurrecting NORTHWARD — and of course he was! "Jørn Viggo was positive about the project and we started to make the overall plans, meeting again in March of 2017 in Sweden to go through all the material together to see if we still felt happy with what we had created", recalls Floor. Stepping free from boundaries, NORTHWARD's sound is strong, euphoric and straight in the tradition of SKUNK ANANSIE, FOO FIGHTERS and ALTER BRIDGE but also bands such as DEEP PURPLE and LED ZEPPELIN. With the help of producer Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT), the two forged a raw diamond composed of heavy riffs and Floor's incomparable voice, free from influence of the musicians' main bands. And although the songs had originally been written in 2008, they just felt as fresh and alive upon a second hearing as they had on the very first day of their creation. "The music is melodic, but also in-your-face and kick-ass rock," says Floor. "Cool riffs, good melodies and tasteful arrangements. We would simply like to call it 'good music.' We wanted to explore a basic rock sound, with drums, bass, guitar and vocals. Not the heavy layers of keyboards, choirs etc.". Alongside Jansen and Lofstad, Morty Black (TNT) handled bass duties, while drums were recorded by Django Nilsen and Stian Kristoffersen (PAGAN'S MIND). You will also hear a guest appearance by Floor's sister Irene Jansen, singing a duet on the song "Drifting Islands". And finally, Ronny Tegner from PAGAN'S MIND played the piano on one song. This year NORTHWARD is ready to break free and the release date of its debut album, which will be made available via Nuclear Blast, is soon to be unveiled. Jansen states: "We are happy and excited to be able to release this rock album under Nuclear Blast's name. They accepted the challenge of bringing this non-metal album into the world by believing in us as musicians, and also for the pure love for music that sounds good to them. We have both put our heart and soul into this album. We are very proud of it and we can't wait to show it to you all!"
AMORPHIS To Release 'Queen Of Time' Album In May
Finnish melancholic progressive metallers AMORPHIS will release their new studio album, "Queen Of Time", on May 18 via Nuclear Blast. The follow-up to 2015's "Under The Red Cloud" will include the use of real strings, flutes, orchestral arrangements and even choirs. In addition, this will be the first time that people will be able to hear their lyricist Pekka Kainulainen on the album as he contributes a speech in Finnish. "Queen Of Time" was once again produced by Jens Bogren (OPETH, AMON AMARTH, KREATOR), who is well known for challenging and motivating artists during the recording process. He isn't afraid to push them to their limits. Guitarist Esa Holopainen comments: "I guess 'Queen Of Time' turned out as a massive surprise to all of us. During the rehearsing and pre-production, we didn't have any idea that Jens had this huge picture inside of his head about the landscape of the album. It's a very natural continuation to 'Under The Red Cloud' but with steroids. The songs are more aggressive but there's more dynamics, harmonies and orchestral arrangements present. The result is AMORPHIS as something you've never heard before! Essentially, working with Jens worked really well. As a person, he is very similar to us — we share the same kind of weird humor and we all like to work hard." The "Queen Of Time" cover artwork, which was created once again by French artist Jean "Valnoir" Simoulin from Metastazis, captures the feeling of the lyrics and the music. With Pekka Kainulainen's (lyricist) words, the lyrical theme is universal: "Cultures rise, flourish, and are destroyed. The story of man is the story of searching, finding, and forgetting. A single spark can set the world afire, a single idea can give birth to a new culture. The greatest can stagnate into insignificance, the smallest can hold the power for change. The lyrics on this album are distant echoes of ancient forest peoples, from a time when meaning was proportioned by the cosmic forces that govern birth and death. If the connection was lost, they sought for a strand of knowledge, found a new direction, and a new age began." "Queen Of Time" will be also the first AMORPHIS album to feature the band's old/new bass player Olli-Pekka "Oppu" Laine following the departure of Niclas Etelävuori in 2017. Oppu was one of the founding members of AMORPHIS in 1990 and recorded the first seven records with the band before he exited the group in spring 2000. "To be honest, 'Oppu' was the only guy we could imagine being in AMORPHIS," says Esa. "It was funny — when we started to play our first shows together again last summer, it all felt so familiar. He was involved with arranging songs and he also even brought some new songs to the table… really good ones, too!" Oppu adds: "Even though the last year with AMORPHIS has been exciting, nostalgic and fun, it's also been truly comfortable to be with the guys again. As a clichéd expression, it's been like returning home from a lengthy odyssey. After 18 years, it feels like we are picking up where we left off from the good ol' days! I'm really looking forward for the upcoming tour. The new album itself is a really strong package, the only hard thing will be picking which songs to play live! It's safe to say we are set to pull off some killer shows over the next few years. After that, I'm predicting a long and fruitful career for the band in its current form..."
GOO GOO DOLLS, STEELHEART, Ex-MEGADETH Members To Perform At 'From Classical To Rock'
"From Classical To Rock" has joined forces with the non-profit OC Music & Dance School to present a star-studded concert benefiting music education for Orange County communities. Set to take place on April 28 at Irvine Barclay Theatre, located at the edge of the UC Irvine campus, the event will be hosted by Randy Jackson and headlined by John Rzeznik of the GOO GOO DOLLS, bringing young aspiring OCMD music students together with platinum-selling rock stars and acclaimed classical musicians performing together under one roof. This unique concert features high-profile musicians from classical music, jazz to rock and roll with original music scored by one of the biggest Hollywood composers, Mr. Nathan Wang, joined on stage by rock, classical musicians and members of the Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra, members of the Donald Bren Honors High School Orchestra and Chorus, and the honorees of the Orange County Artist of the Year in music, voice and dance. In addition to Rzeznik and Jackson, special guest artists include Miljenko Matijevic (STEELHEART), Lynn Harrell, Monte Pittman (Madonna, PRONG), Alex Boye, Chinese violinist Yutong (Pacific Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra), Marten Andersson (STEELHEART, GEORGE LYNCH, LIZZY BORDEN), Chris Broderick (ACT OF DEFIANCE, ex-MEGADETH), acclaimed cellist Stan Sharp and many more. "From Classical To Rock" co-founder/co-producer Marten Andersson states: "I am so honored and proud to co-produce another even greater 'From Classical To Rock' concert, benefiting music education. This time we joined forces with a nonprofit called Orange County Music & Dance school. It's an amazing school who gives talented low-income minorities a chance to be the next classical genius or the next rock star. All musicians involved with the event are contributing their time, energy and musical talents in an effort to benefit musical education." "From Classical To Rock" was founded in 2016 by the famous Chinese violinist Yutong, rock musician Marten Andersson and acclaimed cellist Stan Sharp to help benefit music education. Stan, Marten and Yutong co-produced the first concert with bassist Robert DeLeo from the band STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and the late Chester Bennington from LINKIN PARK. The concert was a huge hit (it was also the last concert Chester performed with STONE TEMPLE PILOTS). The concert raised $50,000 for public music education. For more information, visit www.fromclassicaltorock.com.
After two years of working in the shadows, Helsinki-based heavy metal band OCEANHOARSE is ready to show itself. The band, which consists of familiar faces from the Finnish metal scene, released its debut single and video, "The Oceanhoarse", last month. It was a conscious decision to hold up the launch until the band was extremely tight, the song material strong enough, and the band's own unique voice beginning to take shape. Good songs were canned along the way, if the group felt they didn't fit or weren't original enough. Early on, the members of OCEANHOARSE also set some ground rules for themselves: There would be zero use of backing tracks or synthesizers. The focus would be on kick-ass, live-oriented heavy metal. The band would also have to be number one priority to all of its members, no exceptions. "It was early December 2016 when I realized that it was time to disband my old group AMORAL and start something new, from scratch," guitarist Ben Varon says. "And, most importantly, do it with musicians who share my drive and passion for playing music, musicians that would be willing and able to put 130 percent of themselves into this band. The first guy I thought of was bassist Jyri Helko. I called him that very same day." It didn't take long to convince Helko, formerly of FOR THE IMPERIUM, to jump on board. "The call came at the perfect time," Jyri says. "Like Ben, I also felt the need to play in a hard-working, tight band that would blow all other groups off the stage. It was an easy decision." When it came to finding the right frontman, Varon and Helko had their eyes set on one guy only: ex-MYGRAIN singer Tommy Tuovinen. "I got excited about the idea right away," Tommy remembers. "I had had it with bands and projects that went nowhere, so just the attitude alone of these dudes spoke to me. Once I heard the songs they were working on, I knew I needed to be in this band." Filling the drum spot was looking tricky for a while. All serious candidates were already involved in multiple bands, and sharing was not an option. But the Gods of Heavy Metal decided to bless the new band with the best-kept secret in Finnish metal: young newcomer Oskari Niemi was found through recommendations of friends, and his attitude and playing blew the guys away. It was clear to all that Oskari was the missing piece. OCEANHOARSE was now complete.
METALLICA: Pro-Shot Footage Of 'Atlas, Rise!' Performance From Mannheim
Professionally filmed video footage of METALLICA performing the song "Atlas, Rise!" on February 16 at SAP Arena in Mannheim, Germany can be seen below. METALLICA's February 1 show in Lisbon, Portugal kicked off the 2018 European leg of the group's "WorldWired" tour, which will run through May 11 in Helsinki, Finland. The first European leg of METALLICA's "WorldWired" tour launched in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 2 and ran through November 3. The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame band is touring in support of its tenth studio album, "Hardwired... To Self-Destruct", which came out in November 2016. The "WorldWired" trek was Pollstar's fifth-highest grossing tour of 2017, with 1.5 million tickets sold and $153 million earned. The band was also the top-selling rock act of the year and had the third best-selling rock album.
OZZY OSBOURNE And Family Launch Weekly Podcast
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ozzy Osbourne and his family will discuss their time on "The Osbournes" via a brand new podcast. The 10-week podcast, which will launch March 5, will see Ozzy, his wife/manager Sharon and their children Jack and Kelly talking about the groundbreaking reality show that ran on MTV/b> from 2002 to 2005. Several guests will make an appearance on the show, including comedian Sheryl Underwood, Carnie Wilson and "The Osbournes" executive producer Greg Johnston. Jack told The Hollywood Reporter about how the podcast idea came about: "There's been talk about bringing 'The Osbournes' back, but it would never work. I thought, 'Well, this is probably the next best thing.'" "The Osbournes" followed the lives of the BLACK SABBATH singer and his family. The "fly-on-the-wall" TV series, which became the highest rated original program in MTV's history, chronicled Sharon Osbourne's battle with cancer, as well as Kelly and Jack's stints in rehabilitation for drug and alcohol abuse. "The Osbournes" was credited with being the first show where cameras followed celebrities around and led to a number of copycats like A&E's "Gene Simmons Family Jewels", which followed the life of KISS bassist Gene Simmons and his family, and A&E's "Growing Up Twisted", about the family of TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider. Speaking to The Times-Picayune, Ozzy said about "The Osbournes": "It was a TV show, which was a good idea that went fucking out of control. "The No. 1 mistake I made was having it filmed in the house I lived in, instead of a reproduction in a studio where I could go every day and come home. You have camera crews living in your garage 24/7 for three years; anybody would go fucking crazy at the end of it." He added: "Nobody could have predicted what was going to happen with it. It started off with 'Cribs'. MTV said a load of people wanted a rerun, asking for it to be shown again and again. Somebody said, 'Why don't you do an extended version of 'Cribs'?' It was like, 'We can do that.' But then it went wildly out of control." In "The Osbournes", the legendary singer would often be seen running on a treadmill and getting fit. But he told The Daily Record back in 2009 that it was all a charade. Once the cameras stopped rolling, Ozzy, supposedly a recovering alcoholic, would go to a room and get stoned. Ozzy revealed: "When the filming ended, I'd go in my little bunker and smoke a pipe and drink about a case of beer every day. "I'd give myself some goodness and get up early in the morning and go jogging for six miles." "The Osbournes Podcast" will premiere on the 16th anniversary of the show's MTV debut. New episodes will become available every Monday. In Episode 1, the Osbournes reflect on how a one-off idea that wasn’t supposed to be would, ultimately, change their lives forever. Ozzy finally gets to meet Elizabeth Taylor, and along the way bumps into Kermit The Frog and the Queen Of England. Sharon explains her theories on the show’s success, and how inviting cameras into her home encouraged those watching to become a part of the family. Jack and Kelly discuss how overnight stardom may have played a role in warping their innocent and impressionable teenage minds.
Y&T Frontman Explains Documentary Delay
Iconic Bay Area rockers Y&T are still working on their long-awaited documentary, "On With The Show", to be released before the end of the year. "It's been taking an extremely long time to get that thing sorted out," frontman Dave Meniketti told Tigman of the Albany, New York radio station Q103 in a recent interview (hear audio below). "The documentary filmmakers just had no idea how much work was involved and how many different artists wanted to be in the documentary and so on and so forth, so it's taken a whole lot longer than they expected. But I just want all the fans out there to know that it is gonna happen, it is gonna come out sometime this year. I have no idea when, but we just keep prodding them back home and saying, 'Cmon, guys. You almost done yet?' But it's turning out fantastic. I've seen a lot of the footage, as have all the guys in the band, and we've had nothing but great feedback from all of us." "On With The Show" is expected to contain commentary from a number of other artists, including Don Dokken (DOKKEN), Dee Snider (TWISTED SISTER), Sammy Hagar (VAN HALEN, MONTROSE), Eric Martin (MR. BIG) and the members of ANVIL. The film is being built out of the hundreds of hours of personal footage shot over the years. It is set to cover the band's earliest days of rehearsing in drummer Leonard Haze's grandmother's house, then move through the first two albums, touring with JOURNEY, BOSTON and QUEEN, to their big breaks with AC/DC, OZZY OSBOURNE and DIO. Meniketti is the only surviving member of the Y&T lineup — then known as YESTERDAY AND TODAY — that recorded the band's self-titled debut album. Original Y&T rhythm guitarist Joey Alves died in March 2017 at the age of 63. Two founding Y&T musicians — Haze, 61, and bassist Phil Kennemore, 57, who both had left the lineup — died from complications of lung cancer: Kennemore on January 7, 2011, and Haze on September 11, 2016. Y&T's current lineup is rounded out by guitarist John Nymann, drummer Mike Vanderhule and bassist Aaron Leigh. Y&T released its first-ever acoustic EP, "Acoustic Classix Vol. 1", in January. The band's latest studio album, "Facemelter", came out in May 2010 via Frontiers.