How Do Asian Companies Grow?
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 22:12:00 -0500
Asian manufacturing companies have been running the show in the international market for the past few decades. No wonder why everything seems to have come from Asia! But these colossal markets are not the result of free markets, but rather from state control. Let's see how this process works.
Is Bitcoin A 'Busted Flush' As Price Falls 20% Below $10k?
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 21:19:00 -0500
With the price of Bitcoin, the 'Big Daddy' of cryptocurrencies, falling below $10,000, as regulators in Asia and Europe circle and call for restrictions on trading will the current rout continue and where could the digital currency tread next?
Schlumberger Likely To Post Strong Q4 Backed By Commodity Recovery
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 16:08:00 -0500
Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services company, is set to begin the earnings season for the industry by releasing its December quarter and full year 2017 financial performance on January 19.
Why We Revised Our Price Estimate For U.S. Steel to $38
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 15:49:00 -0500
The Trefis price estimate for U.S. Steel was recently revised upward, primarily due to changes to the tax rate forecast.
Why E-Trade's Interest Income Is Its Largest Value Driver
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 15:43:00 -0500
E*Trade Financial fared well in 2017, with over 20% growth in revenue in the first 9 months of the year and a more than 40% surge in its stock price over the year. We attribute this growth primarily to revenues from interest earning assets.
How Sensitive Is T-Mobile's Valuation To Changes In Its Postpaid Market Share?
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 15:38:00 -0500
T-Mobile’s impressive growth in the postpaid phone space has helped the company more than triple its stock price over the last five years. The carrier’s postpaid phone market share, as a percentage of the overall U.S. wireless market, has grown from around 7% in 2012 to about 10% in 2017
How Significant Is The Residential Business For SunPower?
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 15:33:00 -0500
SunPower‘s residential business has faced some headwinds in recent years, amid sluggish shipments, particularly to the U.S. market where regulatory uncertainty surrounding net metering and lower electricity prices have impacted shipments growth.
Analysts: Bitcoin's Sharp Decline A Temporary Pullback
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 13:10:00 -0500
Bitcoin plunged lately, but is this pullback only temporary?
Disruptive ETFs: First Stop, Commodities
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 13:07:00 -0500
These disruptive ETFs could fundamentally change the way people gain access to certain parts of the market.
These ETF 'Pairs' Have A Story To Tell About Market Risk (And Reward)
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 12:13:00 -0500
I will highlight here are some ETFs that, through their returns and return patterns last year, tell us a lot about market sentiment and possibly where some extremely overvalued and undervalued market areas lie. You see, market sectors often move from one extreme to the other over time.
Lousy Stocks Don't Always Underperform The Market
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 11:27:00 -0500
I present the Danger Zone highlights of 2017, followed by the lowlights.
7 Exchange-Traded Funds Outperforming The S&P 500
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 10:39:00 -0500
These sector ETFs are doing better the S&P 500 and set new highs. While three had daily key reversals.
This Beaten-Down Sector Will Explode In 2018
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 09:19:00 -0500
There is a way to grab those steady rent checks without taking on a second job. The key isn’t owning physical real estate.
This 30-Year-Old Couple Repaid $120,000 Of Student Loans In 3 Years
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 08:31:00 -0500
This 30-year-old couple paid off $120,000 of student loans in 3 years.
The New Whole Foods Reportedly Adopts One Of Old Grocery's Most Condemned Practices
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 08:15:00 -0500
Reports suggest Whole Foods is mandating that its vendors pay fees to assure good shelf positions, display space and sampling in its stores, a practice — known in the industry as "slotting" — that is often blamed for the "me-too" assortment seen on supermarket shelves from location to location.
China's Sports Industry Is Allegedly Growing Faster Than The National Economy
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 01:39:00 -0500
The Chinese National Bureau of Statistics reported growth as expected. But that's no surprise. So, what can you learn from this week's official report, even if you can't really trust it?
Ripple Falls Below $1, Down 75% From All-Time High
Tue, 16 Jan 2018 18:53:00 -0500
What caused XRP's price to plunge below $1?
Irrational Exuberance Turns Rational
Tue, 16 Jan 2018 17:33:00 -0500
On macro calls, nobody ever gets it all right for very long. Maybe, a year or 2. Neither does the naïve forecast that nothing changes much ever work. Black Swans do paddle into the picture, and economic cycles peak or bottom out.
What To Expect From IBM's Q4
Tue, 16 Jan 2018 15:47:00 -0500
IBM is set to report its Q4 2017 earnings on January 18th. In this note we discuss what to expect from the earnings release.
Violent Crime Has Dropped In Border States With Legal Cannabis: Study
Tue, 16 Jan 2018 15:45:00 -0500
A new study suggests that legalized cannabis may be reducing violence in states that border Mexico, where U.S.-bound drug traffic has caused countless deaths and raised trillions for cartels.