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Planetarium "S/T" 2LP Sufjan Stevens Bryce Dessner Nico Muhly James McAlister - $25.00
Blaze Foley "The Lost Muscle Shoals Recordings" LP - $15.00
A reissue of the album recorded by Blaze Foley in 1984. A joint release with Lost Art. Recorded with Muscle Shoals studio musicians in 1984, the album was never distributed due to “some trouble with the law” resulting in the confiscation of most of the 500 copies originally pressed. These recordings find Blaze in a rare studio setting performing ten of his well-known compositions including the apparently timeless resistance song, Oval Room, originally written with Ronald Reagan in mind. The outstanding production values and musicianship breathe fresh air into these classic Blaze compositions. The original recordings have been digitally mastered by Austin engineer Mark Hallman.
Bill Baird - two new albums out July 28th - $20.00
San Francisco-based Bill Baird release of a pair of new albums. Baby Blue Abyss and Easy Machines on Talkshow Records. Very much ‘companion pieces’, each album was written and recorded with a certain time of day in mind – Easy Machines being a ‘morning’ record and Baby Blue Abyss an ‘evening’ album. Talking about the album, Bill said…Easy Machines is an 'internal' record -- explores this through the inner working of my mind. Finding my place where I can be comfortable with myself. Limited edition (300 copies) heavy weight vinyl with stunning sleeve shots by renowned photographer Nick Meek. Select each album below.
Stick Men With Ray Guns "Grave City" LP - $16.00
Black vinyl, 2nd pressing.