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Blaze Foley "The Lost Muscle Shoals Recordings" LP - $15.00
A reissue of the album recorded by Blaze Foley in 1984. A joint release with Lost Art. Recorded with Muscle Shoals studio musicians in 1984, the album was never distributed due to “some trouble with the law” resulting in the confiscation of most of the 500 copies originally pressed. These recordings find Blaze in a rare studio setting performing ten of his well-known compositions including the apparently timeless resistance song, Oval Room, originally written with Ronald Reagan in mind. The outstanding production values and musicianship breathe fresh air into these classic Blaze compositions. The original recordings have been digitally mastered by Austin engineer Mark Hallman.
Mogwai "Every Country's Sun" 3LP Deluxe - Sept 8th - $46.99
Every Country's Sun takes two decades of Mogwai's signature, contrasting sounds - towering intensity, pastoral introspection, synth-rock minimalism, DNA-detonating volume - and distills it, beautifully, into 56 concise minutes of gracious elegance, hymnal trance-rock, and transcendental euphoria. Produced by psych-rock luminary Dave Fridmann, it's a structural soundscape built from stark foundations up; from a gentle, twinkling, synth-rock spectre to a solid, blown-out, skyward-thrusting obelisk. There's percussive, dream-state electronics ("Coolverine"), church organs as chariots of existential fire ("Brain Sweeties"), tremulous, foreboding bleeping -Â possibly from a dying android ("aka 47"). Their most transportive album yet, it also hosts their most fully realized art-pop sing-along of their storied history, "Party In The Dark," a head-spinning disco-dream double-helix echoing New Order and The Flaming Lips, featuring Braithwaite's seldom-heard melodic vocals declaring he's "directionless and innocent, searching for another piece of mind". This is music as a keep-out chrysalis, protective audio armor through exalting organs and portentous, dissonant guitar fuzz warping at the edges, bending the world inside-out into a reality in which you'd much rather live. The last three songs ascend into explosive exorcism, closing with the colossal "Every Country's Sun," its searching intensity whooshing towards infinity in a dazzling cosmic crescendo.
OST "Stranger Things VOLUME 2" SALT AND PEPPER - $25.00
The second volume of the soundtrack to the Netflix show from Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein feature 39 tracks. Volume Two echoes the series' progressively perilous shift toward the supernatural, a track like "Danger Danger" pivoting from the evocation of bike-riding best buds toward the debut of a demoniacal monster in a parallel universe. Available on color vinyl while it lasts.
Survive "S/T" [Repress / RED vinyl] - $20.00
At The Drive In "in•ter a•li•a" INDIE Purple LP - $18.00
Long-awaited return of El Paso's favorite post-punk quartet, their first record in 17 years. . On limited color vinyl, while it lasts.
Converse, Bill "The Shape Of Things To Come" 2LP - $20.00
A 70 minute journey spread across two pieces of vinyl. It’s comprised of seven tracks recorded directly to tape with no overdubs, made at Converse’s home studio.
Arcade Fire "Everything Now" 12" [Orange Vinyl] - $15.00
Special title track 12" from Arcade Fire’s upcoming fifth album
OST "Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me" Angelo Badalamenti - $35.00
25th anniversary of David Lynch’s nightmarish cinematic continuation of the beloved television series. The vinyl features Angelo Badalamenti’s gorgeous, eerie score with audio approved by the composer, and director David Lynch-approved artwork by Sam Smith and packaging by Jay Shaw.
XX "I See You" DELUXE LIMITED BOX - $40.00
Deluxe version includes the standard vinyl, a bonus 12" with three bonus tracks, an album CD, an enhanced CD with live video and three prints by Alasdair McLellan.
Deafheaven "New Bermuda" Limited 2LP BLUE VINYL - $20.00
Translucent blue indie gatefold edition
Death Grips "The Powers That B" 2LP - $20.00
The fourth studio album by the experimental hip hop group, released as a double album. The first disc features instrumentation performed entirely on a Roland V-Drum kit by drummer Zach Hill and chopped vocal samples by Björk.
Stick Men With Ray Guns "Grave City" LP - $16.00
Black vinyl, 2nd pressing.
Melvins "Stag" 2xLP - $22.00
First time on vinyl since 1996.
Beck "Dreams" - $10.00
Limited run of Beck's "Dreams" single on 180g blue vinyl with "puffy" sleeve and embossed jacket.
OST "The Dance Of Reality" Alejandro Jodorowsky LP - $8.00
Carcass "Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious" LP - $20.00
Limited reissue of their third album.
Spoon "TV Set" 10" EP - $6.00
A psychedelic version of The Cramps' "TV Set" originally in the Poltergeist movie remake, and performed on a recent episode of Conan, and making its exclusive phsical debut on this 10".  B-side is a rework of fan favorite "Let Me Be Mine" from their latest full length They Want My Soul.
Warpaint "Heads Up" 2LP Pink & Black vinyl - $20.00
Selena "Dreaming Of You" 2LP - $25.00
First ever vinyl reissue of the critically acclaimed final LP from the cross-over Tejano legend, originally relased in 1995 just three months after the artist's murder. Dreaming of You became the first Tejano album to reach #1 in America & was double platinum by the end of the year. Includes 13 all-time hits (6 Spanish +7 English) including: Como La Flor, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Amor Prohibido, I Could Fall in Love, Missing My Baby & Dreaming of You among others. Now remastered.
OST "Jackie" Mica Levi LP - $20.00
Moody and orchestral sountrack from the new film 'Jackie', starring Natalie Portman, about the life of first-lady Jackie O. Kennedy, scored by Mica Levi (of the band Micachu & the Shapes), known for composing the fantastic score of 2013 film 'Under the Skin'.