Diegodiego - Exclusive News
Diegodiego – I’m like Madonna
Sun, 19 Nov 2017 18:07:43 +0000
Soon to be Released as the fifth single of his career, Diegodiego expresses how he feels in regards to Madonna, The queen of pop, Free, Fun, Sensational and Very much controversial. Artists who dance to the beat of their own drum, who cover their eyes and ears to what others say and achieve their goals […]
Diegodiego – It’s Christmas Tonight
Sun, 19 Nov 2017 08:34:32 +0000
Christmas has a new sound, an original song by Diegodiego and Antonio Portillo, “It’s Christmas Tonight.” THANKS TO YOU, The Public, it’s already the No.1 song of the year!!! Within less than 24 hours of its release the Xmas tune topped the reverbnation.com music charts!!! The dance tune celebrates the holiday of life, love and the birth of our king […]
Diegodiego – I want it now!
Thu, 14 Sep 2017 18:12:03 +0000
“I want it now” is Diegodiego’s 4th studio album, and 2nd album released in English. released 4 years after the World’s Most Powerful Man EP, and the door opener for the latin entertainer to go deeper into film and television acting. House, Electronic and dance are the influential sounds of this masterpiece written, and sing […]
Madonna and Diegodiego are true Rebel Hearts
Sun, 10 Sep 2017 23:42:07 +0000
The queen of pop Madonna inspires Diegodiego every day stimulating everything in him to be as creative and original as possible. One of Diegodiego’s favorite songs by the american blonde is Rebel Heart, the Mayan entertainer identifies deeply with the message. Rebel Heart is the thirteenth studio album by  the American singer and songwriter. It was released […]
Erotic sketched images of Diegodiego surface the internet
Sun, 10 Sep 2017 18:10:11 +0000
Just like Marilyn Monroe agreed to pose nude for photographer Tom Kelley during her humble beginnings. There are nude sketched images of Diegodiego that have surfaced the internet from when The World’s most powerful man posed as a model for the “Tom of Finland” foundation. The images are drawn by Belasco, an African-American cartoonist, known for his […]