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Right wing's 'paid protesters' charge is 50 years old
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 23:56:04 +0000
(Alternet) — Right-wing conspiracy theorists are raging against a bunch of teenagers. Even Donald Trump Jr. liked one such tweet on Twitter, and a since-fired aide of Florida State Rep. Shawn Harrison has claimed that the student activists decrying lax gun regulations that allowed a massacre to take place at their high school are actually […]
Netanyahu vs. the left's deep state
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 23:54:11 +0000
(Frontpage) — In a year and a few months, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will have spent more time at the helm of the Israeli government than any other man. The other man is David Ben-Gurion, the Socialist leader who repressed Zionist nationalist movements in Israel by fiat, by law and, as in the Altalena, by […]
Feds begin building border wall under new Trump contract
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 23:26:37 +0000
(BizPacReview) The federal government began replacing sections of the old border wall in southern California Wednesday. The construction is taking place in Calexico, Calif., on the border of Mexico and is the first wall contract granted under President Donald Trump, who campaigned on building a new wall on the U.S. border to stop the flow […]
Study: Toxic levels of metals in e-cig vapors
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 23:25:24 +0000
(Men’s Health) Lots of questions still linger about e-cigarettes, including just what you’re breathing in when you vape. New study findings show that the vapors from a variety of devices contain potentially toxic levels of metals, including lead. The study comes on the heels of research out last year that detected metals in e-liquids used […]
Months before massacre, cops told of Cruz threats with weapon
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 22:33:27 +0000
(CNN) Just months before Nikolas Cruz killed 17 at his former high school in South Florida, the host family who had taken him in immediately after his mother’s death warned local law enforcement that the 19-year-old had “used a gun against people before” and “has put the gun to others’ heads in the past,” according […]
U.S. jobless claims near 45-year low as economic outlook brightens
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 22:32:03 +0000
(Reuters) The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits fell to a near 45-year low last week, pointing to strong job growth in February and solid momentum in the economy. The economy’s brightening prospects were also underscored by other data on Thursday showing a gauge of future economic activity increasing for a fourth straight month […]
Blood sport
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 22:32:01 +0000
30% of applicants want to go to law school because of Trump
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 22:30:34 +0000
(Above the Law) We’ve known for a while that more people are taking the LSAT — we’re talking a double-digit increase. But exactly why has largely remained a source of speculation and anecdotal reports that the surprising results of the 2016 election were motivating people to go to law school. Now we have the hard […]
Illinois guv drinks chocolate milk to show commitment to diversity
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 22:28:59 +0000
(Chicago Tribune) In an awkward onstage appearance this week, Gov. Bruce Rauner drank a glass of chocolate milk to demonstrate his belief in diversity. “It’s really, really good,” Rauner said after taking a sip of the sugary drink. “Diversity!” The clunky corporate metaphor was the brainchild of Hyatt Hotels diversity and inclusion executive Tyronne Stoudemire, […]
Mueller indicts Manafort again, but still no word on 'collusion'
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 22:13:19 +0000
Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the former FBI director assigned to probe claims of Trump campaign-Russia collusion fueled by the largely unverified anti-Trump “dossier” funded by the Democratic Party, has brought new charges against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. But there’s no mention of “collusion” in the indictment returned Thursday by a federal grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia. Manafort and […]