DISTRO: Rättens Krater - Bygga Upp Ett Stort Berg LP - £10.00
Fri, 26 Oct 2018 15:50:30 +0000
Bio from Dead Beat Records: Rattens Krater- Bygga Upp Ett Stort Berg LP. Holy shit, this is Punk Rock of the highest caliber. Lodged somewhere in between the intriguing aesthetics and dirty fringes of Sweden's first wave rippers like Cortex and Lädernunnan, RÄTTENS KRATER carve out dark, driving wasteoid hits with complicated riffs and clangy, bouncy hooks. Influences range from the Wipers to Flipper to Gang Of Four to a bit of the Swell Maps; and they spit shine their noisy, chaotic Post Punk grit with shards of broken glass bashed over an off-kilter, jittery rhythm section. RÄTTENS KRATER 's songs are as much compelling as they are unique and their accompanying artwork really accentuates their gritty, tattered music. Vinyl comes lavishly housed in a two sided printed inner dust sleeve with lyrics and liner notes. LP Jacket artwork by Joanna Ekström.
DISTRO: Fist City - Hunting You LP - £10.00
Fri, 26 Oct 2018 15:45:58 +0000
Bio from Dead Beat Records: Fist City- Hunting You LP. On FIST CITY's debut album 'Hunting You', they skillfully cross-stitch different eras of punks rich historical landscapes to create mesmerizing brain blobs that are as much intriguing as they are familiar. Theirs a definate late 70's UK DIY aesthetic running through these grooves that resonates throughout the entire album. By fusing the agitated, post punk grit of bands like the Despertate Bicycles and the Raincoats with an acid soaked take on the Vaselines, Shop Assistants downer pop; 'Hunting You' shines through in it's doomy, pop-contaminated bliss. The spaced out vox give the tunes an eerie, almost goth-ey, vibe creating a nice washed out, claustrophobic back drop for the music. And intentional or not, it definitely sounds like FIST CITY have more than a few early 90's riot grrl records in their collective collections. But don't expect any pro-fem messages from the CITY. It's more in their music, as they channel the early 90's cling-clang of bands like Slant 6, Huggy Bear and Bikini Kill that echoes through their trebley, punk brandished scrawlings. Lotta great stuff coming out of Canada these days and FIST CITY are definitely at the top of the slop. Recorded by Paul Lawton of the Myelin Sheaths
DISTRO: Shark Toys - s/t LP - £10.00
Fri, 26 Oct 2018 15:34:44 +0000
Bio from Dead Beat Records: SHARK TOYS- S/T LP. Inner city mutations reign supreme on this shambolic, scuzz-pop ripper from bowels of Los Angeles. Throbbing bass, jagged guitars, and dreary vocals anchor each tune with grimy proto punk toughness and clangy, post punk grit. And the poetry-as-lyrics vocals are smattered with splashes of Keys and a Moog that have a real rhythmic, almost mechanical, feel to them that kinda comes off a little like Devo. But don't take that as them sounding like a Wave band, because they're far from it. SHARK TOYS music is carved out of the ramshackle, pop-fused, punk of bands like the Modern Lovers and Television Personalities. Intimate and shambolic, gutter-pop, slop polished in Swell Maps, Raincoats and Gang of Four decadence. Recorded and mixed by Monty Buckles of the Lamps/Wounded Lion.
DISTRO: Slumb Party - s/t EP - £5.00
Fri, 26 Oct 2018 15:11:52 +0000
Bio from Erste Theke Tontraeger Records First UK band on ETT and they making fresh, fiery, and eminently danceable music! SLUMB PARTY are awesome! They just have such a cool vibe... they're overtly arty, but also have this kind of approachability about them as well, rather than something like the more detached art school aesthetic of Gang of Four or Wire. More to the point, they wrote simply incredible songs that combined the power of punk rock with the earworm quality of psychodelic children's songs. As one might expect from this kind of self-consciously artsy music, it is forward-pushing in a way that puts them in stark contrast to today's retro-oriented bands. Of course you can hear strains of various quirky, feminist punk from the Slits to the Raincoats to various other Rough Trade bands and beyond, but this is also heavy and raw in a way that would really only make sense in the year 2017. It's a brilliant EP that will take a little bit of unpacking to make sense of, but there's so much here... and most gratifyingly of all, it gives you the sense of punk actually moving forward. SLUMB PARTY sound like the future erupting out of all your favourite DIY punk 7”s simultaneously. There’s the infectious momentum of Essential Logic driving things ever forward, the arty minimalism of Lilliput underscoring the band’s lyrical subject matter. SLUMB PARTY use all these lightning rods as jumping on points to hurtle us all into a new dimension very much of their own making. This upsurge of energy and vision has now been skillfully captured on the band’s debut EP. The EP is basically everything that I want punk to be. I guess you can draw comparisons with any number of minimal, aggressive bands femenist bands of today (anything from THE WORLD to DOWNTOWN BOYS to PRIMETIME to FRAU to PRIESTS and more), but SLUMB PARTY are truly their own beast. Listening to this is like happening upon some raw, undiscovered European lady-freak punk gem from early 80s Europe, and if you treasure records of that ilk you NEED this like you need few other modern records. Utterly essential and highly recommended.
Mon, 13 Nov 2017 22:51:55 +0000
The Hipshakes from Bakewell (now based in Manchester), are a British garage punk institution From the crazed teenage yowlings of their Debut ‘Shake Their Hips’ (Slovenly), to the exuberant punk pop of ‘Snake’ (Art For Blind), really good Hipshakes records have been the norm for a long time. We at Nerve Centre are over the bloody moon to be putting out a 7” by these guys; especially one of this quality. First track ‘Shot’ has the immediacy of Wire in late seventies euphoric mode, combined with that thing which makes a Hipshakes track instantly recognisable. ‘Samba’ is a power-punk stormer, all climbing guitars and last-gasp singing. On first listen it made me want to pull over my car and stand on the roof while shaking my arms around. Both tracks were recorded in Nerve Centre’s hometown of Falmouth, Cornwall, by local legends Ben Woods and Sam Stacpoole (Black Tambourines, Holiday Ghost), and were mastered by Mikey Young of Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring. With a tour of America and a slot at Goner Fest coming in October, one thing’s for sure: The Hipshakes will continue to bang out bona fide hits for a long time to come. We are just glad to hold two captive on Nerve Centre for the second instalment of our 7” series. FFO: Wire, Angry Angles, The Saints