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I'd like my planner to be shared with my fiancee and my maid of honor.

Can you exlplain how I can do this please?



Dress problem

I have encountered a problem and I'm not sure what I should do. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant, it was a surprise! I planned on buying my dress online, budget wedding and not buying an actual wedding dress anyway. So our baby is due in mid may and if I wasnt pregnant, I definitely would have my dress by now! Our wedding is 4 months or so after our bub is due to arrive. So I'm not sure how much weight I am going to put on in the next half of my pregnancy and not sure how much I will lose after. Should I just buy the dress and get it altered a few weeks before the wedding or would a dress with a lace up back give me some type of stretch if I was to order it and I got a little fatter and couldn't lose the weight and couldn't get it altered? I'm being a negative Nancy at the moment and thinking everything is going to go wrong

How do you girls get a wedding logo?

Hi, I'm new to here. The first thing that came to my mind after starting the whole wedding thing is that I need a wedding logo. I'm wondering if you guys are designing yourselves, or finding somebody else to do it for you?
(I'm not good at designing stuff...)

All in one wedding venue suggestions

Hi I need some suggestions for wedding venues.  I am from Sydney but am happy to travel up to 2 hours out of Sydney. I want a wedding venue that has both the ceremony and reception in one location as well as accomodation on site for the guests so that we can make a weekend of it. I will have about 110 guests. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks 🙃

Best Videographer I've Found

Not sure if this is the forum to post this in so please feel free to re locate it.

Bub & I attended a wedding a couple of weeks ago which the groom flew a videographer from the Gold Coast. He was delightful & incredibly talented as we’ve just now watched their video. Don’t usually bother with recommendations however once my friend told me his rates were only $1-3,000 i thought it was worth noting as his video was better than others i’ve seen that quote twice as much. We plan on using him next year.

The email i’ve been using is:


Jewelry and veil for wedding dress?


Hi everyone!

This is my wedding dress, it arrived yesterday and I love it so much!

I'm not much of an accessories sort of person, so I need a bit of advice.

The only jewelry I typically wear are necklaces. Wondering if I can pull it off with this neckline? In particular, I really love this one on etsy, it's a drop pendant style;

I really like the idea of a polka dot veil as well, just a simple short elbow length one. Would this overpower things?

Will also be wearing some patent red mary jane type shoes and making red and turquoise paper flowers for my bouquet.

Thanks so much, any advice most appreciated!


Venue Help!
Hi ladies!

I am needing some help regarding wedding locations, I am looking for a place in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area (1-3hours travel is okay) where I can have my own catering, and own drinks. Does anything come to mind ? I live 1,500km from where I am planning my wedding, so bare with me 😂
2015 Brides!!

By special request, here's a thread for 2015 brides! Introduce yourself and share information about your planning stages - what have you done so far, how organised are you?

(*Kitkat* this is for you!)

Zoe x

Would you hire a wedding planner if...


I am a stage 1 student and as a part of my Research Project class, I have decided to do my research on starting up a wedding planning business. However, during my research, I have come across the fact that not many people want to get their wedding planned by a planner.

So to get a public point of view regarding hiring a wedding planner, I would really appreciate if you can spare a few minutes to answer the questions below. Your answers will be of great importance and will surely help my final outcome.

Your identity in any form will NOT be revealed in the research.

The Questions are:


1) Would you hire a wedding planner?

2) How much (approximately) would you or have you decided to spend on your wedding?

3) How important is it for you to be able to visualise your big day?

4) If you do decide to hire a wedding planner, how much contribution would you like them to make in your planning?

5) Would you prefer to see if your theme and decor looks good and compliments your venue before your big day and planning stage? (E.g. see if your theme compliments the various venues you have in mind, so that you could finalize on one. Even your backyard!)

6) If a wedding planner has a software/program which allows you to do that (literally visualise your big day), would you hire/consider that wedding planner?

7) What type of services would you require from this wedding planner if you had the chance to create your own service package (E.g. you only require the 'visualise your big day' stage of the planning from this wedding planner)?

8) How much (approximately) would you pay for this service package?


Thank you very much for doing this! :) 

Hunter Valley Small Wedding



I am looking at getting married in Hunter Valley, but it's going to be a very small wedding. About 25 people including Bride And Groom. I want to be all sat at the one big square table in a nice cosy room that also fits a bit of a dancing space and room for a cake table.


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



Blush Bridesmaids Dress

Hi Girls, 

My colour scheme is blush and gold and i am struggling to find a bridesmaids dress that matches the colour. In person the dress is the perfect blush pink but whenever i take my girls to try some on and get a pic the dresses either turn out looking beige or peach in my photos. Would this happen with the wedding photographer on the day? or do i need to keep searching for the perfect pink?

Wishing Tree

So I have been trying to get my FH to become a little more involved in the planning of our wedding. He has had some beautiful suggestions, they are just few and far between! He has come up with a beautiful idea, instead of having a wishing well to have a wishing tree for everyone to hang their cards on. In return, he would like us to put 'notes' on the tree for people to take home with them. I think this is a nice idea, but I just don't know what to put on the tree, or if people will know what to do (I guess I could always put a sign up), or if people will bother, or will they just put the cards under the tree and be all confused. ANY help or advice here would be greatly appreciated, as I really want this idea to work.


Instead of bridesmaids bouquets

Hi all. I've done so much planning already for our wedding, but I just don't want to pay 1300 for flowers.what things can I use for the bridesmaids instead of flower bouquets?? I have 6 bridesmaids. Clutches? Single flowers?

I want to give the seat away. Am i being unkind? Pls advise.

I need some advice please.

My fiance is having his best friend as his best man.

The only problem was, that for some reason after sending out the invitations to the wedding, his best mans wife stopped talking to me.
After a few months i felt very uncomfortable with her coming esp since she ignored me at her husbands Birthday party and invited my fiances ex that Birthday party knowing that it would be uncomfortable for both of us as it was a messy breakup. :O

About 3 months ago, i found out that her and my fiances best friend are on shakey ground and have seperated. Tho i felt bad for him- i am so excited she is not going to be there on my big day!!! :)
Here is the dilemma: 
He (the best man), has now met someone whom i think he may want to bring to the wedding.
We have never met her and just heard that he went overseas to see her.

However- in my head, i had already given the seat away as it is a small wedding and i thought i could now invite someone i couldn't initially give an invitation too.

Am i being unkind?


Hey folks,

My groom asked me to look into a solution regarding his fiancee's shoes. She wants to wear huge heels, but he's already a bit shorter than her. Does anyone know ways of negotiating this?


Lazaro 3108 Wedding gown wanted

 Hi everyone, I tried on the Lazaro 3108 dress and instantly fell in love with it, however it’s out of my price range. I really have my heart set on this dress and I would be more than happy to purchase a preloved Lazaro 3108, so if there is anyone or you know any one who may be wanting to sell their Lazaro 3108 please let me know. I’m getting married in February 2017

Designer and custom made wedding dresses for private sale $100 - $400

13 dresses for sale - I got a bit carried away after designing my own wedding dress and ended up thinking I might like to help other people with their wedding dresses (as it was so much fun!) so I had three sample dresses made up from my designs (or adaptations on various other designs I liked) and then imported a rack of ten designer dresses that were on special as they were ex display stock / floor stock from America (as the AUD was so good at the time and everything is cheaper in America!).

But now I am over it, decided I really don’t have the time, so now have 13 dresses I need to try and sell – eek!  Just want to get rid of them (as currently strapped for cash) so looking at $100 - $400 per dress.

I have photos of everything on mannequins, and have set up a room in my house with the rack of dresses and full length mirror and privacy screen for people who want to try them on.  Not sure where else to advertise them as they are not second hand (so second hand sale websites like “still white” etc are not really appropriate?) and they will probably get lost on eBay amongst all the zillions of Chinese advertisers, any suggestions welcome...

Please contact me if interested in seeing photos or coming to try them on (Melbourne area)


Can love conquer all?

Channel 7 is producing a new documentary series that will follow couples as they decide to make a life-long commitment and get married in the face of disapproval from their loved ones.


We are looking for couples that are in diverse, multicultural or socially progressive relationships that believe that against all odds they are destined for one another.


You’re in love. You want your family to love and admire the person you have chosen but instead they can’t see past their own traditions and values.


If you are in a serious relationship and believe that love really will conquer all, APPLY now:


Got a question? We can help you!


If you have any questions about the application process, or would like someone from the casting team to contact you, please email


Or, if you believe this opportunity may be beneficial for a relative or a friend, please pass on this email.


Look forward to hearing from you.



Star Crossed Lovers Casting Team

Working out

HOW DO I MOTIVATE MYSELF? HELP ME PLEASE haha I can't get off the sofa lately!

Getting Married on Cruise

Has anyone gotten married on a cruise?

I am looking at getting married abroad Royal Caribbean on our Christmas cruise and just wondering if anyone has any tips.

Also is it strange that I want to get married at the end of the cruise? The cruise leaves on 22 Dec and returns 3 Jan. I would like to get married on 1 Jan meaning we would only have one day as a honeymoon as such.