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More Records Set And Broken
Mon, 31 Dec 2018 21:12:02 GMT
The 2018 'Jar-A-Day Giveaway' hosted by JamBusters! in the Oliver Indoor Flea Market had an interesting twist. All non-winning names from the entire year were kept and entered into a 'second chance' draw. The prize was drawn for in early December and won by local resident Kirby. Here he is collecting the massive gift basket from both George and Brenda of JamBusters! ​The final month of 2018 was a busy one for us. Typically, December usually is a hot month for our products with a [...]
Another Month To Remember
Wed, 28 Nov 2018 03:04:38 GMT
Brenda with a customer during the Princeton Chamber of Commerce Christmas Craft Fair at Princeton Legion on November 24, 2018. ​November is late enough in the year that you would think things would start to settle down for us. Well, that was quite the opposite. We had a big vending date scheduled late in the month that has turned out to be our second best single sales day of the year so I felt pressured to can a lot of product leading up to that event. It meant that activity rare [...]