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The Good Things About A Midlife Career Change
Sun, 30 Jun 2019 04:11:50 GMT
​It has been almost three years since we were more or less ‘forced’ into making midlife career changes. At the time is was equal parts scary and exciting. Okay, maybe somewhat scarier than exciting but that did eventually change. Both my wife, Brenda and I are fully immersed in our new careers that we moved into late in our lives and enjoying them. So, what exactly is so good about changing careers in your late 50s? Here are a few reasons that I can come up with: 1 – [...]
I Actually Have Three Careers These Days
Wed, 29 May 2019 02:25:35 GMT
​I think I have to quit saying I am in semi-retirement because what I am doing these days is far from that. It all started with the midlife career changes that both my wife and I were pushed into making when we closed our newspaper business. If you know anything about us, you will know that Brenda and I transitioned into new careers when we flipped individual hobbies into full-time business opportunities. You could say that from that point forward we haven’t slowed down. Career [...]
Celebrating A Milestone Of Sorts
Wed, 24 Apr 2019 03:03:57 GMT
​Just the other day it occurred to me that a rather significant anniversary from my working life was drawing near. It was on April 29, 1999 when my final morning show aired on the local radio station. The company had been bought out by a larger corporation that couldn’t justify keeping locally-produced programming on air in our community. With the end of that airshift came the end of my broadcasting career, which had spanned 23 years. I had no interest in trying to find w [...]