Harvard Sustainability News
Exploring the Three R’s of E-Waste: Refurbish, Redesign, and Repurpose
In an ever evolving technological world, the proliferation of electronic goods presents a unique challenge for waste management. When computers, tablets or smartphones are disposed, these “e-waste” materials can contain extractable, sensitive information and can release harmful toxins...
Harvard rolls out new Sustainable IT Standards
The University-wide Standards focus on actionable recommendations in three core areas: waste, energy, and practice.
First year students bring sustainability ideas to life
What can college freshmen do to reduce energy use and combat climate change? The answer is quite a lot, starting right here on campus. At Harvard, students often take initiative to solve problems that they observe. And for a group of freshmen from the class of 2021, that meant looking implementing...
New life for Harvard's compost
Compostable materials collected on Harvard's campus are used to produce energy.
Green Lab Certification program launches for Longwood Medical Campus
Laboratories are the most energy intensive spaces at Harvard, and a new Green Lab Certification program being rolled out at the University’s Longwood campus — and available as an educational resource to anyone — seeks to encourage researchers and lab staff to address this...
Harvard green building projects achieve first and second LEED v4 CI certifications for Massachusetts
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences achieved the difficult certification for two commercial interior renovations.
Separate and Unequal: An Examination of the Spiritual Tension in Ecocentrism
Arielle Blacklow, College '21 Romantic poets at the turn of the nineteenth century determined post-Newtonian scientific thought to consist of hard truths that established nature to be “a lifeless Machine whirled about by the dust of its own grinding” (qtd. in Abrams 134). In his essay...
The Relationship between Science and Romanticism in Popular Environmental Writing
Alexandru Spiride, College '21 In The Oxford Concise Dictionary of Literary Terms , literary scholar Chris Baldick defines metaphor as a figure of speech “in which one thing, idea, or action is referred to by a word or expression normally denoting another thing, idea, or action, so as to...
The Humanities and Environmentalism
"Nature” is what we see – The Hill – the Afternoon – Squirrel – Eclipse – the Bumble bee – Nay – Nature is Heaven – “Nature” is what We hear – The Bobolink – the Sea – Thunder – the Cricket – Nay...
Highly efficient energy system to power Harvard's Allston campus
New district energy facility prioritizes climate resiliency, includes largest thermal storage tank in Massachusetts