Harvard Sustainability News
Harvard green building projects achieve first and second LEED v4 CI certifications for Massachusetts
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences achieved the difficult certification for two commercial interior renovations.
Separate and Unequal: An Examination of the Spiritual Tension in Ecocentrism
Arielle Blacklow, College '21 Romantic poets at the turn of the nineteenth century determined post-Newtonian scientific thought to consist of hard truths that established nature to be “a lifeless Machine whirled about by the dust of its own grinding” (qtd. in Abrams 134). In his essay...
The Relationship between Science and Romanticism in Popular Environmental Writing
Alexandru Spiride, College '21 In The Oxford Concise Dictionary of Literary Terms , literary scholar Chris Baldick defines metaphor as a figure of speech “in which one thing, idea, or action is referred to by a word or expression normally denoting another thing, idea, or action, so as to...
The Humanities and Environmentalism
"Nature” is what we see – The Hill – the Afternoon – Squirrel – Eclipse – the Bumble bee – Nay – Nature is Heaven – “Nature” is what We hear – The Bobolink – the Sea – Thunder – the Cricket – Nay...
Highly efficient energy system to power Harvard's Allston campus
New district energy facility prioritizes climate resiliency, includes largest thermal storage tank in Massachusetts
Understanding the economics of deforestation in the Amazon
Sophia Watkins ’15 is the Founder of Forest Fund , a startup that tests practical solutions to prevent or reverse the loss of Amazon rainforest and the surrounding ecoregions. We asked her a few questions about her experience while at Harvard and her latest project. Office for Sustainability...
Imagining the impossible
It’s July 4, 2035, and you’re firing up the grill to throw on some plant-based hamburger patties. This may seem like a stretch, but Pat Brown, Founder & CEO of Impossible Foods , believes this will be reality. This fall, the Harvard community had the opportunity to meet Brown thanks...
Navigating renewable energy options in rural Alaska
On February 24, 2017 an intrepid little group of students from Harvard's Climate Solutions Living Lab set off for Anchorage, Alaska, a mere 10.5 hours by plane from Boston. The Climate Solutions Living Lab is a multidisciplinary course, led by the Emmet Clinical Professor of Environmental Law Wendy...
CSAs are here to stay
Jack Smith, the Adams House REP, shares his experience with Community Supported Agriculture at Clark Farm.
Harvard's Hoekstra Lab wins National Green Labs competition
Harvard's labs rise to North American Freezer Challenge.