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Could Chewing Gum Be Behind Your Gut Issues?
Identifying the dietary cause of your gut issues can seem like an impossible puzzle. One day, you’re sure it’s peppers. The next, peppers are fine, but grains aren’t. Pair that with the diarrhea, bloating and constipation that come with intestinal inflammation and it can feel like your own little slice of digestive hell. But perhaps there is a […]
Pilates, Not pills: Doctors are Writing Exercise Prescriptions
Family doctors are acknowledging that there's only so much medicine can do, and sometimes a walk in the park is just what a person needs.
It’s Time to Stop Hating Millennials
Hating on millennials is totally hip right now. Here's why we shouldn't fall into this mean-spirited trap.
6 Yoga Poses to Fight Fatigue
Almost everyone experiences fatigue now and again. The average person is simply overworked, and a little sleep and downtime can go a long way. But many people experience fatigue due to medical conditions. In that case, working closely with a physician is necessary. Either way, fatigue can be disruptive to normal life, and having a […]
Daily Cute: This Chipmunk is Totally Busted
This chipmunk's reaction when caught raiding a man's bird feeder is hilarious.
10 Anti-Aging Tips To Keep You Looking and Feeling Young
Do you know anyone who never seems to age? Good genes alone can’t keep you young, but these anti-aging tips can help anyone keep looking younger.
5 Ways to Unplug and Live Mindfully
Technology is great, but it can just as easily drive you to distraction. It's time to unplug from the Internet and reconnect with yourself. Try these five ways to unplug and live more mindfully.
Top 8 Natural Remedies to Help Fibromyalgia
If you’re suffering from the pain and achiness of fibromyalgia, you may be feeling frustrated with typical drug options, most of which have minimal effectiveness for the condition. Fortunately, there are many natural approaches to the disorder. Fibromyalgia is a type of arthritis. Doctors classify it as a syndrome, which means that it is a […]
5 Creative Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox
March 20 marks the first day of spring, and it’s arguably one of the most exciting days of the year for nature enthusiasts. The Spring Equinox is a symbol of the warm weather and long days to come, and is also a great time to reflect on what has transformed you over the past winter […]
Stress Can Be ‘Contagious’ On a Cellular Level
The experience of being “stressed out” is no fun, but did you know that other people can pick up on the stress that you’re feeling, as if they’re experiencing it firsthand? Research into this phenomenon has recently advanced to the point where we can see in other species exactly how impactful this transmitted stress can […]
4 Important Benefits of an Indoor Vertical Garden
Perhaps the most unique and creative way to fill your house with low-maintenance plants is with an indoor vertical garden.
10 Surprising Places You Can Find Phthalates
On the surface, phthalates may sound like a good thing.
Daily Cute: Esther the Wonder Pig Gets Cozy on the Couch
Esther is a pro at getting cozy. When her dad asked, "Is that cupcake in your way?" I almost did a spit take.
River Ethiope Could Be First Waterway in Africa Recognized as a Living Entity
The rivers in Nigeria are not having an easy time of it. None of them, as in zero, meet the water quality standard set by the World Health Organization (WHO) – the country has one of the worst river degradation conditions of any nation on the planet.
How Home Tech Can Help You Care for Your Pets
You love your fur babies (and their less-furry counterparts), but you can’t be with them every moment. Leaving them home unattended can cause anxiety and worry in some pet owners. Thankfully, the rise in smart home technology hasn’t left out our furry, webbed and gilled friends. Now we have smart tech that is designed to […]
Intimidated By Sitting Meditation? Get Moving
What’s the main complaint that I hear most often from meditation newbies? I can’t sit still for that long. It’s boring. I don’t think this meditation stuff is for me. By now, everyone knows that meditation helps you become a more balanced, stable, happy version of yourself. If you live an on-the-go, high strung lifestyle, […]
Take Time to Celebrate the Things You Do Right
If you’re anything like me —and the majority of humans out there— you spend a lot of time flagellating yourself for your mistakes and mishaps, while your wins remain largely unacknowledged. It’s obviously important to learn from your mistakes, but let’s face it, nothing good ever came from ruminating on them for days (and even […]
Should You Use Iodized Salt?
While it’s a dietary staple in many households, there’s a confusion about what iodized salt actually is and whether or not it’s a necessary part of the diet.
5 At-Home Exercises That Hurt Your Joints
You’ve probably heard that any exercise is better than no exercise. However, that’s not always the case. Some exercises can cause joint injury and force you to quit exercising for weeks or even months. Even though bodyweight exercises are much safer than weight training, some can hurt your joints. Related: Seniors Should Be Strength Training, […]
7 Natural Remedies for Lupus
Lupus is a complex disease resulting in a wide range of symptoms. One of the bright spots in the area of treatment is the number of natural remedies for lupus.