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Hip Fractures on the Rise in Older Women
Hip fractures in older women in the U.S. are rising after more than a decade of decline, according to a large new study of Medicare recipients.
'Face Yoga' May Beat Botox, Facelifts
Move aside Botox, fillers, and plastic surgery. A new, low-cost, noninvasive anti-aging alternative is gaining popularity: facial yoga.
Age Doesn't Increase Risk of Complications After Surgery
Simply being older doesn't increase the risk of developing complications after surgery, said a new study. However, being frail and having cognitive problems does increase risk.In addition to frailty, depressive symptoms and smoking were associated with developing...
Eric Clapton Losing His Hearing: Can High-Tech Fixes Help Boomers?
Add Eric Clapton to the growing list of baby boomer rock musicians, and their fans, who are losing their hearing. But a growing number of high-tech companies are investigating potential fixes for the millions who suffer ear damage.
Mediterranean Diet Halves Frailty Risk in Seniors
The Mediterranean diet, which is often rated as the No. 1 diet for losing weight, is also touted as boosting brain health, preventing cancer, and helping prevent and control diabetes. But a new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that it...
Sharing Housework Could Help Health of Elderly Men
New research has found that elderly men across Europe and the US are doing less housework than elderly women, which could be affecting their health as they miss out on the chance to be more physically active. Carried out by researchers at the Leibniz Institute for Prevention...
Yearly Flu Shot May Prevent Severe Cases in Elderly
Getting a flu vaccine every year could reduce the severity of the virus in older adults, aged 65 and over, as well as reducing hospital admissions, according to new research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.A team of Spanish researchers studied the...
Exercise Helps Reduce Disability in Frail Seniors
Sedentary older adults who start exercising may not reduce their risk of becoming frail, but they may experience less disability, a new study suggests. Researchers randomly assigned 1,635 adults ages 70 to 89 to participate either in a structured exercise program or in...
Exercise Can Reverse Damage to Aging Hearts
If you're a couch potato worried about your heart, you can take charge and reverse damage that's already occurred if you begin in time, says a new study by cardiologists at UT Southwestern and Texas Health Resources. To gain the most benefit, you should begin exercising...
Yoga 'Facial Exercises' Can Erase Years From Face
Could facial "yoga" be a new fountain of youth?A new, small study suggests it's possible.Investigators asked 27 middle-aged women (between 40 and 65) to embark on a 20-week facial exercise regimen. For the first half of the study, the women were asked to perform 32 specific...
Muscle Inactivity More Harmful for Older People
A recent study published in The Journal of Physiology points out one reason why it's so important for seniors to remain physically active - and to get active again after a period of enforced inactivity such as hospitalization. Italian researchers found that the same period...
Seniors: Lose Weight, Keep Muscle
If you're a senior who's pledging to lose weight in 2018, be sure you're shedding excess fat without losing muscle and bone.Losing fat is good for your heart, but maintaining muscle and bone is crucial for staying mobile and living independently, said Kristen Beavers, a...
Psychotherapy May Improve Sleep in Menopause
Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective way to improve sleep in middle-age women who have hot flashes, suggests a new study.
Yoga Helps Ease Hot Flashes, Menopausal Symptoms
Menopausal women who practice yoga may experience more relief from night sweats and hot flashes, a review of existing research suggests.
Winter Skin: How to Protect It From Cold, Dry Weather
Sun protection in summer is a requirement, but winter’s dry weather can prematurely age skin. Here are 6 ways to keep skin looking young, despite the cold.
Cornell-Melbourne Research: Retiring Early Just Might Kill You
We already know you’re better off financially the later you begin claiming Social Security. Now it seems there’s another reason to hold off on collecting those checks: If you retire early you’re more likely to die early as well.
Vitamin D, Calcium Supplements Don't Lower Fracture Risk in Seniors
Older adults who take vitamin D and calcium are no less likely to break their hips or other bones than peers who don't use these supplements, a research review suggests. Researchers examined data from 33 previous trials with a total of more than 51,000 people aged 50 or...
Longevity Linked to Leaving the House
Getting out of the house regularly may contribute to a longer life - and the effect is independent of medical problems or mobility issues, according to new research from Israel.
Tomatoes May Slow Lung Decline
Adults who ate more than two tomatoes a day had a slower rate of natural lung function decline, with ex-smokers seeming to benefit most of all, say scientists.Similar benefits, they said, were observed for people who ate more than three portions of fresh fruit a day,...
Hot Tea Tied to Lower Glaucoma Risk
A spot of hot tea in the afternoon might help you save your sight, new research suggests.The study of U.S. adults found that people who drank hot tea on a daily basis were 74 percent less likely to have glaucoma, compared to those who were not tea fans.Experts were quick to...