Learn To Row Courses Dates
Wed, 30 May 2018 10:14:00 +0000

Next Courses

Midweek Sculling Course

Midweek Learn to Scull courses for 2018 will take place on Wednesday mornings from 08:45am to 11.00am over five weeks on the following dates:-

6th June to 4th July
5th September to 3rd October

Cost £110

Your Coach will be Ching Kilby

In addition Ching will be running a four day refresher course for anyone wanting to return to rowing in singles or doubles. This will take place from 08:45am to 11:00am on the following dates:-

Starting July 16th for 4 days

Cost £110.

To book your space, click on book now link below
1. These courses are intended for adults only (18 or over) and applicants must be able to swim 50m.
2. Applicants must sign temporary membership form for insurance purposes for course duration.
3. It is recommended to bring a drink in a reusable plastic bottle.
4. Make sure you wear clothing appropriate for rowing. You are likely to catch your hands on baggy items of clothing.
5. If you wish to join the club at the end of your course, you will need to attend a capsize drill.
Concept 2 ErgData app
Sat, 21 Apr 2018 09:08:00 +0000

Concept 2 Erg Data App

Erg Data is free to download for iPhone iOS and Android devices. It connects to any Concept2 rowing machine and helps set up workouts similar to a Concept2 Performance Monitor. Additionally, the software provides extra statistical data including drive length, average force and stroke count. The app records results, including intervals, splits and heart rate. All of the workouts are directly uploaded into the Concept2 online Logbook meaning that you don’t have to upload any results yourself.

It also offers the enhanced visibility of a backlit display.

Concept 2 Erg Data App
British Rowing - Go Row Indoor newsletter
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3 Ways To Pull The Erg Harder
Tue, 23 Jan 2018 16:11:00 +0000

3 Ways To Pull The Erg Harder – Without Breaking The Energy Bank


Interesting article from Erg Rowing on ways to improve your erg scores. Site contains some very interesting articles. 

#1 Load up the Front End

The erg responds well to a front – loaded power phase. If you are working hard at the back end of the rowing stroke you are probably limiting your erg splits because:
A. Working the handle hard towards the finish is not very efficient
B. You are missing out on the natural erg response to loading the first 70 – 80% of the drive.
So if you can spend your power early in the drive and not rely on back loading towards the finish you can produce more efficient power. And it’s a power curve that the erg monitor responds to  – sometimes by up to 1 second/500. (depending on your rating and power)

2# Work hard through the most effective part of the stroke.

Do you know what part it is?
The catch?
The leg drive?
The finish?
All or some of the above?
The answer is that it’s the part of the drive phase where all your levers are simultaneously engaged.
The point where your legs, back and arms are all loaded at full leverage.
Depending on your technique it’s where you have around 75% of the slide used, your body swing is in maximum speed of action and your arms are about to engage towards the pull phase.
To get it right your timing is crucial.
  • Unwind your angles … make sure your legs, back and arms are connected in timewith the speed of the handle.
  • Don’t shift your seat back ahead of your handle (because you will be early with your legs and late with your back swing and pull phase)
  • Don’t open your back up at the front end (because your legs will be late and your back swing and pull phase will be early )
  • Don’t start to pull until you have your legs and back almost spent (because you will be early with your pull phase)
It’s all about timing the opening up of your angles.

#3 Relax the finish

This is tightly connected to tip #1. If you spend your power over the first 70 – 80% of the drive, try to release and relax the (dynamic) last few inches of your pull phase. As the handle comes in towards your body…. release the tension….. let it flow around the turn…. and move it away towards the beginning of the next power phase.
Releasing the power a little earlier will help you to relax your arms and upper body, save you energy and enable you to focus on Tip #1 and Tip #2.

One Final Tip…

All 3 are intertwined and changing 1 will require you to change all – for maximum efficiency and more power.
For the older rowers another useful article - 

Rowing Tips Crucial to Prolong your Career (and prevent an early exit)

Aviva Community Fund - Please Vote
Mon, 30 Oct 2017 10:56:00 +0000

Lighting for the Arnold Cooke Boatshed

AVIVA Community Fund - Please Vote

Location:  Bath
The club facilities were first moved to their current site in 2006 although the club first started in 1914 as Bath Ladies Boat Club on the other side of Bath. Minerva's members built a second boat shed in 2010, on the current grounds in order to allow Bath University Boat Club to be based in the same location and share facilities. This is an expensive and ongoing process, we are therefore asking for additional funding to help complete installing lighting in the Arnold Cooke Boatshed. 

Many of our members show an enormous amount of dedication and train in the early hours of the morning, most often arriving before sunrise. We are therefore looking to install lighting to give our members safer access at these times.