Reflections for the Week of Sunday December 16, 2018 Third of Advent
Gospel: Luke 3.7-18 tells of John the Baptist telling the crowds that came to be baptized by him that they needed to repent, that is turn from their hostility to the Romans and follow Christ, and that being descendants of Abraham was not enough to save them. He said believers must be compassionate and share […]
Reflections for the Week of Sunday December 9, 2018 Second of Advent
Gospel: Luke 3.1-6. This Gospel text makes the date of John the Baptist explicitly during the reign of Tiberius Caesar and Herod the Procurator (a local ruler appointed by Caesar) of Judea while Annas and his son, Caiaphas, were High Priests in Jerusalem. Luke is believed by historians to have been a careful and accurate […]
Reflections for the Week of Sunday December 2, 2018 First of Advent
Gospel: Luke 21.25-36. This text repeats part of the Olivet Discourse of Mark 13.1-8 in which Jesus tells of a coming cataclysmic tribulation with signs in the heavens, fulfillment of the prophecy of Daniel 7 about the victorious coming of the Son of Man to the Ancient of Days indicating that redemption is near after […]
Reflections for the Week of Sunday November 25, 2018 Last of Pentecost
Gospel: John 18.33-37. Pilate asked Jesus if He was the king of the Jews. Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not from this world.” Pilate asked Him, “So you are a king.” Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. For this I was born, and for this I have come into the world, to […]