Reflections for the Week of Sunday March 18, 2018 Fifth in Lent
Gospel: John 12.20-33 tells of Jesus going to Jerusalem to attend the Passover festival. He knew He was going there to die in accordance with the Scriptures. Just before He was arrested some Greeks asked to see Him indicating that the Gentiles were ready to come to faith in Jesus and replace the Israel of […]
Reflections for the Week of March 11, 2018 Fourth of Lent
Gospel: John 3.14-21. This selection from John tells the story from Numbers 21.7-9 about rebellious Israel being attacked by fiery serpents and how the Lord told Moses to make a bronze serpent on a pole which lifted up like the crucified Lord would save them by faith. Jn 3.16 says God sent His Son so […]
Reflections for the Week of Sunday March 4, 2018 Third in Lent
Gospel: John 2.13-22 tells of Jesus entering Jerusalem and the Temple and throwing the money-changers out. This has been referred to as an ‘acted parable’ signifying that the Temple is corrupt and would be destroyed, as it was in AD 70. It is interesting to reflect that Ezekiel, a priest and prophet in exile in […]
Reflections for February 25, 2018 Second in Lent
Gospel: Mark 8:31-38 tells of Jesus announcing to His disciples, just after Peter had recognized Him as the Messiah, that He  must undergo great suffering, be killed, and after three days, rise again from the dead. When Peter argued with Him, Jesus called him Satan and told him he is setting his mind not on […]