Watch: Territorial turkey chases Wisconsin mail carrier every day
A Wisconsin mail carrier said a territorial turkey has been chasing him through a neighborhood every day for about a month.
Large python crashes through spa ceiling in China
Workers at a spa in China were shocked when a 10-foot python fell through the ceiling -- and experts said it may have been there for up to 10 years.
Look: Police help rescue coyote stuck in vehicle bumper
Authorities in Illinois came to the rescue of an unlucky coyote that was struck by a vehicle and ended up stuck in the bumper.
Watch: Georgia deputy rescues deer stuck between fence bars
A Georgia sheriff's deputy's body camera was recording when he came to the rescue of a small deer that had become stuck between the bars of a fence.
Watch: Family spends 153 days creating world's largest handwritten Bible
A United Arab Emirates family said they spent 153 days attempting a Guinness World Record for the world's largest handwritten Bible.
Look: Missing Oregon cat found 5 years later in New Mexico
An Oregon family's cat was found more than 1,200 miles away in New Mexico after disappearing five years earlier.
Chinese crab found wandering German street might be kitchen escapee
Animal rescuers in Germany said a Chinese crab found wandering on a city street may have escaped from a restaurant kitchen.
Watch: Bagel store manager drives 7 hours to return customer's lost keys
A New York state bagel store clerk is being hailed as a hero after taking a 7-hour round-trip drive to return a set of keys left behind by a customer.
Watch: Scottish artist creates 4,520-square-foot drawing for Guinness record
A Scottish artist created a 4,520-square-foot drawing of black-and-white flowers in under 12 hours to break a Guinness World Record.
Escaped monkey at British zoo was a stuffed toy
The Blackpool Zoo in England said reports of an escaped animal inside the facility were the result of a planned drill involving a stuffed toy monkey.
Dubai bar offering women free drinks based on their weight
A Dubai bar is drawing in female customers with an unusual promotion -- the more they weigh, the more free drinks they receive.
Watch: Raccoons fall through ceiling into New York CVS store
A pair of raccoons made a scene at a CVS store in New York state when they fell through the ceiling and went for a stroll through the store.
Man's $20 gift to wife turns into $50,000 lottery prize
A low-cost gift from a Maryland man to his wife turned out to be the perfect present when the scratch-off lottery ticket won a $50,000 jackpot.
Look: Loose camel, cow and donkey wander into Kansas neighborhood
Residents of a Kansas neighborhood were left perplexed when an unusual trio of animals -- a cow, a camel and a donkey -- wandered into the area.
Watch: Man transfers 40 pounds from hand to hand 100 times in 21 seconds
An Idaho man tossed a dumbbell from hand to hand to break a Guinness World Record for transferring 40 pounds of weight 100 times.
Watch: Iowa wrestling icon honored with giant cheese sculpture
A renowned sculptor said it took four days to carve a 3,000-pound wheel of cheese into the likeness of an Iowa wrestling icon.
Watch: Baby born in passenger seat on side of Texas highway
Firefighters in Texas said a couple were on the way to the hospital when they had to pull over on the side of the highway and deliver their baby.
Watch: Leopard lunges at motorcycle on India road
An Indian Forest Service officer shared video of a leopard lunging at a motorcycle, missing the vehicle and its two riders by what appears to be a matter of inches.
Watch: 175 don T-Rex costumes for annual Virginia run
A running club in Virginia gathered 175 people to run in Tyrannosaurus Rex costumes for an annual event and a Guinness World Record attempt.
British zoo's escaped stork captured 100 miles away
A stork that escaped from a British zoo in early November was captured by a bird watcher more than 100 miles away from the facility.