Low air pressure in wife's truck tire leads man to $2 million lottery jackpot
A Michigan man said a low tire in his wife's truck turned out to be lucky when he stopped to get change for the air pump and won a $2 million lottery jackpot.
Look: Man on rafting trip rescues coyote pup from drowning
A man on a multiday rafting trip in Saskatchewan rescued a drowning coyote pup and brought the animal along for the last 10 days of his trip.
Watch: Honey leaking through walls alerts Pennsylvania couple to bee infestation
A Pennsylvania family who found a mysterious sticky substance dripping from their walls discovered the thick liquid was honey and their walls were full of bees.
Doctors remove live worm from woman's tonsil
A team of Japanese doctors shared details of the case of a woman suffering throat irritation who was found to have a live worm inside her tonsil.
Company seeks 'wine taster' to make over $300 drinking wine
A British wine distributor is seeking a "wine taster" to get paid more than $300 to sample and review "some of the finest organic summer wines."
Watch: Bear opens front door, goes into house to look for pizza
Security cameras at a home in Ontario were recording when a black bear walked in through the front door and foraged for pizza.
Husband's lottery prank foreshadows wife's jackpot win
An Australian man's joke about his scratch-off lottery ticket being a top-prize winner caused him to experience disbelief when his wife scratched off an actual jackpot.
Watch: Tiger fleeing flooding takes shelter in villager's goat shed
A tiger seeking refuge from flooding wandered into an Indian town and found shelter inside a resident's goat shed.
Watch: Man keeps three balloons in the air for over an hour for Guinness record
An Idaho man with a talent for breaking Guinness World Records kept three balloons in the air for 1 hour, 12 minutes and 50 seconds.
Serval captured after two weeks on the loose in Japanese city
Officials in a Japanese city said a serval, an exotic cat native to Africa, was captured after about two weeks on the loose.
Sealed copy of 'Super Mario Bros.' auctioned for a record $114,000
A sealed copy of 1985 video game Super Mario Bros. set a new world record when it was auctioned for $114,000 -- the highest price ever paid for a video game.
Watch: Greek student bikes home from Scotland in 48 days
A Greek student whose flights home from Scotland were repeatedly canceled due to COVID-19 decided to make his own way home with a 48-day bike ride.
Watch: Escaped sheep captured near Dunkin Donuts
A sheep was returned to his family at a California ranch after ending several days on the loose with a trip to Dunkin Donuts.
Watch: British man breaks Guinness record for Indoor Ironman Triathlon
A British athlete broke a Guinness World Record by using stationary machines to complete an Indoor Ironman Triathlon in 8 hours, 17 minutes and 12 seconds.
Woman's jackpot-winning lottery numbers came from a dream
An Australian woman won a $700,000 lottery jackpot using the same numbers she has played ever since they came to her in a dream 15 years earlier.
Large grass fire caused by bird crashing into power lines
Police in Ontario said a large grass fire near a pair of highways was caused by a bird that apparently flew into a power line.
Watch: Bear tears out home's window screen, pokes head inside
A California family's video shows a bear ripping the screen out of a window in their home and poking its head inside.
Watch: Hot air balloon makes emergency landing in Illinois neighborhood
A hot air balloon caused a scene in an Illinois town when it made an emergency landing in the middle of a residential neighborhood.
Runner who seemed to break Usain Bolt's record ran a shorter race
A U.S. runner was briefly thought to have beaten Usain Bolt's record in the 200 meter race -- but it turns out he started from the wrong spot.
Watch: Surfer surrounded by sharks off Florida beach
A Florida surfer captured video when she was out on the water and found her board surrounded by curious sharks.