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Cuomo’s campaign to ‘bankrupt’ NRA by targeting insurance program spreads to more states
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Hawley campaign and NRA’s political fund accused of illegal coordination
Judge clears way for challenges to Florida gun law
Judge clears way for challenges to gun law
Here Are All the Florida Congressional Candidates Who Took Money From the NRA
Rhino Hide Announces Bulletproof Wall Filler to Protect Students and Staff from Active Shooters
Caldwell and NRA attack Fried two weeks before election day
Schakowsky and Elleson talk Trump, health care and gun control at election forum
Trump: Beto O'Rourke's NRA F-Rating Means 'He Wants to Take Away Your Guns'
Republican Gun Store Owner And Legislator Campaigns For Medicaid Expansion In Idaho
NRA startled by popularity of Initiative 1639
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Collins earns backing from conservative groups despite indictment
Out and About (Sort of): Joe Tydings by Howard Freedlander
12 family members of GOP candidate urge voters to reject him
Van Drew endorsed by Philadelphia Inquirer
CCHR: Veterans Get Damaging Mental Health Deal— Suicides increase & VA spends $1M on unsafe electroshock devices
Sen. Reuven Carlyle Takes on Big Soda
Scott-Nelson fight for Senate seat puts Florida voters at a crossroads