Super Yachts Charters: Headlining The Superyacht Show: The 5 Biggest Yachts
Wed, 08 May 2019 10:00:00 +0100

Headlining The Superyacht Show: The 5 Biggest Yachts

As anyone who makes it their business to stay attuned with the world of luxury yachting will be well aware, last year’s first annual Superyacht Show in Barcelona was a booming success. That being said, as this 8th May marks the second inauguration of the event, this year’s line-up looks set to top the last - featuring jaw-dropping builds from some of the most reputable shipyards in the business. Our team take a closer look at the 5 biggest yachts on show, and which features in particular we love about them…

1. Maltese Falcon
At a proud 88 metres, Maltese Falcon is the flagship entrant of the year from Perini Navi. This 2006 build, who is available for charter through IYC, displays all the classic features of the finest Italian craftsmanship. With a striking triple-mast sail system atop black and silver steel body by the British design house Ken Freivogh, Maltese Falcon’s equally impressive interiors have forced us to redefine our conventional notions regarding sailing yachts - making her a truly innovative boat in more ways than one.

2. Secret
Abeking & Rasmussen’s 82.3 metre masterpiece M/Y Secret is the second largest yacht in show this year, and is available for charter with Burgess. A superyacht in every sense of the word, Secret effortlessly stands out from the crowd by virtue of her distinctively streamlined hull, which creates an incredible visual impression as she cuts through the water. We have to applaud this remarkable feat of engineering by the German shipyard.  

3. Eminence
Abeking & Rasmussen’s second entrant, M/Y Eminence, is certain to draw more than a few sets of eyes at the show this year. Although her two-toned 78 metre hull is certainly a sight to behold, it is her sumptuous interiors, designed by the celebrated Reymond Langton, that are most notably impressive about this 2008 German build. Seamlessly blending modern with classic in a whir of creams, taupe and marble, a trip on this megayacht promises to be more reminiscent of a stay in a 5-star hotel than anything else.  

4. Solo
Some of our readers may remember M/Y Solo, the 71 metre Tankoa build, from her debut at the Monaco Yacht Show last year. Aside from her Francesco Paszkowski design and dark stone-hued décor, Solo, who is currently for sale with IYC, is remarkable in more ways than one. This megayacht made ripples throughout the industry after her launch some months ago, and unsurprisingly so, as she was awarded the RINA prize for most ecological yacht of the year. We would therefore like to hail Tankoa for their entering Solo in the show this year - a representative of a dynamic and conscientious shift in the yachting industry that is very much underway.   

5. Lady Christine
68 metre M/Y Lady Christine, a 2010 launch from Dutch ship-building giant Feadship, has earnt her worthy spot in the final of our top 5. Her naval architecture, whose striking, clean lines are a veritable feast for the eyes, is the characteristic work of De Voogt naval architects. But it is Rodney Black Design Studio’s rich interiors who steal the show on-board this megayacht. Plush, warm tones and intricate Art Deco features shed light on the owner’s unique but esteemed taste, giving Lady Christine an air of a still-contemporary throwback to a more stately and sophisticated time.

Although each of the above yachts boasts her own unique character and exceptional features, the show is set to feature far more incredible feats of engineering and innovative showcases of design than we have time to discuss here. For those lucky enough to be at the docks between the 8th and 11th of May, don’t miss out on viewing the full range that this year’s Superyacht Show has to offer.

M/Y Secret
M/Y Solo
M/Y Lady Christine
M/Y Eminence
M/Y Maltese Falcon
Booker Gliding: Jetsada Gets his Solo
Wed, 08 May 2019 08:59:00 +0100
Congratulations to Jetsada Machom on his first solo on Monday. Jetsada is on a Get Your solo course - we hope this is the first solo of many!

Super Yachts Charters: Flying Fox Enters Imperial Charter Fleet
Tue, 07 May 2019 18:00:00 +0100

Flying Fox Enters Imperial Charter Fleet

Following a successful maiden trip, Top 100 yacht Flying Fox has passed into the capable hands of Imperial, who will act as her Central Agent for charter. At a staggering 136m, this magnificent vessel is one of the largest currently chartering the high seas.

Built for breaking records, Flying Fox was delivered by Lurssen in March. She is now exclusively available for charter worldwide through Imperial, whose yacht management expertise oversaw the construction process and are now continuing their services in Operational Management.

The 136m’s curvaceous exterior design was imagined by Espen Øino, whose genius is felt everywhere from the round gas fireplaces on Upper and Bridge deck aft to the multiple options for exterior lounges throughout.

Meanwhile, a luxurious interior is the work of Mark Berryman, and accommodates 22 guests across 11 cabins. A warm colour scheme is achieved with bamboo, teak and oak, combined with Travertine and Jerusalem stone and finished with fine leathers. The design is brought together with an immersive touch of green - real trees and plants are featured throughout.

Notable features include a beautiful spiral staircase, a large 2-floor salon and wood fireplace and a vast 22-seat dining table. Flying Fox also boasts a Cinema room with D-box seats and state-of-the-art surrounding sound, as well as an aft deck with outside Cinema screen. And that’s not all - this comprehensive yacht offers innumerable extras such as a Beauty Centre, an Observation Salon and a panoramic exterior salon on the Roof deck - a private paradise on board.

At her heart, however, Flying Fox is a yacht built for lovers of the great outdoors, with her on-deck features stealing the show. A particular highlight is a 12-metre swimming pool, which runs transversely on the Main deck - a technological first for a superyacht of this size.

This outdoors connection is enhanced by a collection of sea activities at guest’s fingertips. Flying Fox possesses an impressive Dive Store area, as well as a large array of water toys (including Sea Doo, jet skis, Seabobs, Zapata flyboard and hoverboard) and 9 tenders in total!

Crewed by 54 professionals with proven credentials, nowhere will you be better taken care of than on a Flying Fox charter. The onboard culinary experience is particularly exquisite, with Michelin-star chefs serving up the finest cuisine daily.

Julia Stewart, Imperial Director, has commented: “There is nothing like Flying Fox on the charter market. This superyacht is unprecedented, ad we look forward to marvelous and unique charter journeys on board for the most demanding of guests.”

Imperial and Flying Fox are reinventing the art of chartering, with the combination of luxury and expertise making for the trip of a lifetime. Cruising plans for this impressive Lurssen are currently available on request.

Flying Fox Enters Imperial Charter Fleet
Booker Gliding: Denis went to the seaside too
Mon, 06 May 2019 10:18:00 +0100

Corfe Castle towards Lulworth


At one point on the flight the only lift was a sea air convergence along the Isle of Purbeck. The lift improved so I continued with the task. On the way back a cloud climb at Chilbolton promised a glide home. Unfortunately ice on the wings modified the glide angle somewhat and I didn't quite make it back. 

Booker Gliding: Nils goes to the seaside
Sat, 04 May 2019 20:21:00 +0100
It was a bit chilly today, with a strong north wind, but very unstable with strong climbs for those who could handle the wind. Nils went off down to the South Downs and ended up over the sea, still in thermals.

Getting back wasn't as easy as going, with the headwind to battle with, but he made it just before another of the showers which developed in the afternoon.

Scary looking shower approaching WAP

Super Yachts Charters: Cecil Wright Announces Charter CA for Arience
Wed, 01 May 2019 13:00:00 +0100

Cecil Wright Announces Charter CA for Arience

Cecil Wright are pleased to announced their Central Agency of recently renamed Arience (formerly Excellence V). Delivered in 2012 by Abeking & Rasmussen, this majestic 60.9m was represented by the brokerage in her recent sale and will continue to charter 12 lucky guests to the Western Mediterranean this summer.

Arience is a yacht built for a connoisseur - a true classic, she is the perfect example of best in class Northern European building. She continues to storm the charter market as one of the highest pedigree yachts in her size category.

Her sweeping steel and aluminium exterior lines were architected by industry-renowned designer Reymond Langton, and built to Lloyds class by the German shipyard. Since her delivery, she has been meticulously maintained - a 2017 superstructure repaint, full main engine service and a rebuild of the generators went a long way to ensure her immaculate presentation today.

Reymond Langton’s award-winning team also did a standout job with Arience’s interior. With a huge gross tonnage of 1,632 and generous interior volume, she seamlessly achieves an expansive range of luxury features including a central glass elevator to all five decks encircled by a dramatic staircase, a dedicated cinema and a gym with waterfront views.

The rest of the indoor space comprises of chic, high-end decor such as smooth wood floors, leather walls and crocodile tabletops. The dining area, meanwhile, features a stunning Macassar table, black emperador marble and white onyx countertops.

The yacht accommodates her guests across seven comfortable staterooms, comprising a master suite, VIP suite, three doubles and two twins, all fitted out with entertainment centres, television screen and en-suite bathrooms. Crew, who are dedicated, friendly and know Arience’s cruising areas like the back of their hand, are housed in discreet quarters.

Arience is an ideal vessel for the ‘floating palace’ experience, both due to her size and her pedigree. If a summer spell in the glorious Med aboard this luxury and quality-balancing vessel appeals to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cecil Wright.

Cecil Wright Announces Charter CA for Arience
Cecil Wright Announces Charter CA for Arience
Booker Gliding: First solo for Zulq
Tue, 30 Apr 2019 21:45:00 +0100
Zulq Ashraf joined Booker as a Junior member because he plans on a career as an airline pilot and he thought it would be a good idea to learn proper flying first. He starts his training with Easyjet shortly, after going solo yesterday.

More fun that airliners

Today Paul Field added to his already impressive list of accomplishments by converting to the Pawnee.

Not quite the same as a Lightning - or an A380

Super Yachts Charters: Destination Focus: From Peaks to Beach in Croatia
Tue, 30 Apr 2019 16:00:00 +0100

Destination Focus: From Peaks to Beach in Croatia

If for you, as with many yachters, the summer months herald the irresistible call of the Mediterranean, why not consider Croatia? Chartering this Adriatic paradise can make summer cruising dreams of emerald waters shadowed by ancient cities a reality. M/Y The Wellesley (with TWW Yachting), Meamina (with Burgess) and Rosehearty (with Perini Navi USA), to name a few, will soon be heading to this mesmerising part of the world.

Croatia’s island-speckled coastline makes it the perfect destination to explore by superyacht. Here, the sea sparkles with jewel-like intensity under the Mediterranean sun, lapping at secluded pockets of beach. The best reside along Makarska Riviera, where you will find miles of sequestered coast lined with fig trees and olive groves.

Rocky seabeds provide astounding underwater visibility, and has made the region famous for astounding ‘in situ’ (on site) museums, including ancient shipwrecks such as Baron Gautsch off the coast of Rovinj, or Taranto near Dubrovnik. Not to be outdone, natural aquatic splendours include Te Vega Sea Lake, which is reachable only by underwater tunnel, and Bisevo Cave near the island of Vis, whose bright blue hue has to be seen to be believed. 

Croatia is the ideal nautical destination, with the discovery of lavender-scented bays and olive grove-studded islets easily accessible by superyacht, not to mention the irresistible allure of soaking in the Adriatic.

Dragging your gaze from the green-tinged ocean, mainland Croatia is a fortress of natural and man-made wonders. The looming Dinaric Mountain Range hugs the majority of the coastline, carving out a landscape of contorted peaks, caverns and canyons from its limestone karst.

Inland, sublime peaks give way to rolling countryside. Vineyards criss-cross Dingač, Postup and Komarna, accompanied by wine cellars offering a plurality of gorgeous vintages from indigenous grape varieties.

And the country’s anthropological wonders are no less impressive. Croatia’s cities are crumbling mazes of ancient architecture that groan with historical ambience. Dubrovnik Old Town’s 16th century walls and the remains of Diocletian’s Palace in Split are particularly extraordinary.

Meanwhile, life on Croatian islands harkens back to a bygone era, with winding roads flanked by grazing livestock and elders playing ‘bocce’. Others exist at an accelerated pace of life, playing host to legendary 24-hour parties. The island of Brač is famed for its white stone topology and sumptuous delicacies of olive oil, sheep cheese and mandarins, whilst the sealocked Hvar is a popular playground for the rich and famous.

Between the beautiful beaches of Dalmatia, the fantastic food of Istria and the cruising idyll of the Adriatic, Croatia is a destination that will stay with you long after the Mediterranean summer ends.

Destination Focus: From Peaks to Beach in Croatia
Destination Focus: From Peaks to Beach in Croatia
Destination Focus: From Peaks to Beach in Croatia
Destination Focus: From Peaks to Beach in Croatia
The Wellesley
Booker Gliding: More Instructor achievements
Fri, 26 Apr 2019 16:49:00 +0100
The instructors have been working hard all week on training exercises. Paul Field has now completed his Full Cat rating, leaving him free to complete his tug training.

Here's Paul after gaining his Aeros badge earlier in the year
Yesterday Jane Moore completed her 5 year Asst Cat renewal with Andy Monk. Andy took off (literally) at lunch time with Jim R in LH, they flew down to Lasham so that Andy could do a quick spin in a K13 to complete his own FIS(S), then it was back to Booker for more coaching.

Andy during the 2017 Booker Regionals

Jane enjoying some Cabriolet fun a few years ago
After flying, Jim White gave a talk on learning styles, showing the importance of recognising that the student's way of learning may be different from the instructor's. 

Jim putting us all into boxes
Then it was off to the Elaichi for a group dinner, which pretty much filled the restaurant.

There's more BI and Asst Cat training in progress today, with a bit of shower dodging

Super Yachts Charters: Hill Robinson Opens New Office on Australia’s Gold Coast
Thu, 25 Apr 2019 13:00:00 +0100

Hill Robinson Opens New Office on Australia’s Gold Coast

In the latest announcement of their expansion, Hill Robinson has issued a statement about the establishment of an office on Australia’s magnificent Gold Coast. The new office the first of its kind for the ever-expanding yacht management firm, and marks Hill Robinson’s steady growth into the rapidly booming Asia Pacific market.

The office’s location is perfectly placed at the very heart of Australia’s tourism hub, enjoying sunshine almost all year round, an eclectic array of events, features of natural beauty and some of the world’s premium superyachting facilities.

Hill Robinson’s new Asian outpost can be found in the Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard, a 250 hectare area exclusively dedicated to the marine sector, making it one of the largest facilities of its kind in the southern hemisphere and indeed in the world. This prime position, in a marina dedicated to the dual values of matching top service facilities to top quality marine trades, is certainly congruous with Hill Robinson’s brand.

The Australian branch joins an ever-growing fleet of Hill Robinson offices around the world – from Antibes, Monaco, La Spezia, Palma, Cyprus and the UK in Europe, to Jeddah in the Middle East and Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach in the US.

Donna Murray, armed with a wealth of experience in yacht management in the Asia Pacific, as well as Europe and the Middle East, will head up the new office as Director. This comes after Donna’s success as Global Recruitment Manager for Hill Robinson, overseeing the smooth expansion of the HRCrew division into what is now 4 offices worldwide.  

“Having lived and worked in Europe and the Middle East, I am very excited to see the continuing growth and exploration of the yachting industry in the Asia Pacific region which has so much to offer. I am very proud to have established our new office at GCCM joined by Lisa Ricourt and look forward to bringing the global expertise and resources of Hill Robinson down under,” said Murray.

“Hill Robinson are global leaders in yacht management, and we are delighted that they can see the growing strength of the South Pacific region as an emerging Superyacht hotspot. We are proud that they have recognised the world-class facilities and services at GCCM and chosen to open their official Australian headquarters here onsite,” said GCCM CEO Trenton Gay.

In addition to their mutual emphasis on premium quality, GCCM and Hill Robinson share a strong customer-oriented approach to delivering their services, with the ultimate aim of rendering all aspects of the yachting experience, from building to maintaining, the best they can possibly be.

Hill Robinson is confident in its delivery of a bespoke yacht management solution to the Asia Pacific region, backed by the assurance of its successful global reach and support.

And the calendar ahead certainly looks exciting for Donna and her team, who will be Silver Sponsor of the upcoming Australian Superyacht Rendezvous in May, as well as the ASMEX Conference and Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. These events mark the beginning of what will certainly be a prosperous journey for Hill Robinson into the new region and its network of relationships.

Lisa Ricourt, Crew Specialist
Lisa Ricourt, Crew Specialist
Donna Murray