Super Yachts Charters: Newly Rebuilt Lady E Returns to Charter Market
Thu, 26 Mar 2020 12:00:00 +0000

Newly Rebuilt Lady E Returns to Charter Market

Classic Amels superyacht Lady E is close to completing a huge rebuild project, and will return to the waters this summer when she will be available to charter through Burgess.

The 2006-built superyacht has been undergoing a huge winter refit programme at the Pendennis shipyard in Falmouth, which has seen her length extended from 69m to 74.5m. Some incredible new social spaces have been installed under this project, not least being a brand new sea-level Beach Club.

The Beach Club comes complete with a full bar, lounge and shower, while its water-line location brings guests closer to the sea action. It provides the perfect area to hop-off water toys and tenders, of which Lady E has plenty, to enjoy a relaxing drink and lounge under the sun.

The extensive arsenal of water toys and tenders has been bolstered by the addition of the Wajer 55s, a powerful yet quiet 18m tender that is joystick operated. Elsewhere, a Super Air Nautique G23 provides another high-performance option to take to the water, while there is a plethora of jet skis, sea bobs and other exciting water toys to choose from.

Not all of the new features are quite so high-octane, with the sun deck fitted out with a new steam room, massage parlour and beauty room for quiet and indulgent down time. The sun deck also boasts a large jacuzzi as well as a fully equipped gym, all of which can be accessible from the yacht’s elevator.

Much of the excitement around Lady E’s launch in 2006 surrounded the exquisite interior design by Walter Franchini, and the immaculate styling remains intact. The entertainment offering on the bridge and main saloon has been upgraded to offer a home cinema experience perfect for family time, while the sky lounge will be the ideal spot for daytime fun. Lady E will accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 luxurious suites, comprising of a main deck VIP suite along with four elegant guest suites on the lower deck.

We are excited to see Lady E return to action in June, and with such an array of exhilarating features she makes for a stellar superyacht on the brokerage market.

Newly Rebuilt Lady E Returns to Charter Market
Newly Rebuilt Lady E Returns to Charter Market
Newly Rebuilt Lady E Returns to Charter Market
Newly Rebuilt Lady E Returns to Charter Market
Newly Rebuilt Lady E Returns to Charter Market
Newly Rebuilt Lady E Returns to Charter Market
Newly Rebuilt Lady E Returns to Charter Market
Super Yachts Charters: Yacht Management: The Swisspath Way
Wed, 25 Mar 2020 16:30:00 +0000

Yacht Management: The Swisspath Way

Swisspath Yachting is a firm with one dedicated focus; to simplify the many complexities and questions surrounding the world of yacht charter and management, in order to allow for the smoothest and most efficient customer journey. Now with an expanded portfolio of services, we took another look at how Swisspath Yachting aims to provide an all-inclusive solution for any yacht management queries.

As part of its new Expedition Planning and Concierge services, Swisspath Yachting now provide a dedicated travel and expedition planner to assist in itinerary development. This holistic approach includes bespoke research and itinerary planning, pre-arrangement of hotels, transfers and other activities, as well as thorough research into local regulations should any permits or licenses be required. The benefits such a service adds to the yachting experience are manifold, in light of the rise of explorer yachting as a phenomenon.

Boris de Bel, Managing Director of Swisspath Yachting, uses the example of one client who took advantage of the service, in looking to circumnavigate the highly regulated areas of the Galapagos, Antarctic Peninsula and other off-the-beaten-path destinations. ‘Many of these destinations have a unique set of regulations, with some archipelagos having rules imposed by local tribes which differ from island to island and thus require research, advance planning and local knowledge.’

And with all of the paperwork, planning, and a dedicated concierge service extending even to personal jet travel taken care for you, this new service truly aims to make the seemingly impossible undertaking easier than ever before.

Aside from logistics planning, Swisspath Yachting has also extended its breach into the fiscal realm. With advanced assistance in fiscal and VAT matters, Swisspath Yachting will advise on the optimal tax structure for ownership and yacht operation. The new service also covers the capacity for free circulation in the EU – the rules around which are intricate and specialist – as well as reviewing and implementing a VAT scheme for importation and use of the yacht in EU waters, where applicable.

Boris de Bel reported that the service was born out of dissatisfaction with those provided by other yacht management services, in an area where regulations differ from country to country and the slightest mistake can prove costly. Swisspath Yachting, ‘having both Yachting and Tax expertise under the same roof’ holds a distinctive edge in this regard over other yacht management companies, and have ‘control over the process from start to finish and can thus ensure that nothing slips through the cracks’.

The above extension of logistics planning and fiscal services by Swisspath Yachting cements its position as a global leader in the field of yacht management, taking the strain away from owners and charterers and leaving them free to enjoy the pleasures of yachting.

Yacht Management: The Swisspath Way
Yacht Management: The Swisspath Way
Yacht Management: The Swisspath Way
Yacht Management: The Swisspath Way
Yacht Management: The Swisspath Way
Yacht Management: The Swisspath Way
Windsurfing: Top adventure athletes that do yoga, pilates or piyo. What is Piyo?
Tue, 17 Mar 2020 12:46:11 +0000

Leading sports people do everything they can to perform at their peak. Which is why there are many top adventure athletes that do yoga, pilates and piyo. ‘What is piyo?’ we can hear you asking – we’ll get to that  shortly. Top sports people love to practice yoga, pilates and...

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Booker Gliding: More fun at Denbigh
Mon, 16 Mar 2020 21:58:00 +0000
Today was good fun. We started with thermals all along the ridge, then they died and the ridge started working, and we finished the day with some pre-frontal wave with climbs to 8,000ft or so. Here are some pics:

River Conwy


Moel Famau again

Booker Gliding: Booker on tour - Spring expedition
Sun, 15 Mar 2020 17:20:00 +0000
Here we are again at Lleweni Parc, near Denbigh in North Wales, where our Duo Discus 315 has spent the winter. Chris Gill the CFI says he has ordered up some nice weather for us and it's certainly be OK so far. Yesterday there was a bit of wave and today the ridge and thermals were working well. Here are a few pictures of the local scenery.

Bob Smith's view of the coast from wave yesterday

Richard's view today from a bit lower down

Jubilee Tower on top of Moel Famau, highest hill in the Clwydian range.
The tower was built in 1810 for the Jubilee of George III

Meanwhile back at Booker we are open, and operating whenever the weather allows, so come along and get out in the fresh air and fly.

Super Yachts Charters: SuperyachtsMonaco on Stability Amidst Uncertainty
Mon, 09 Mar 2020 17:20:00 +0000

SuperyachtsMonaco on Stability Amidst Uncertainty

As any reader will already be well aware, the world news in recent weeks has centred almost exclusively around one topic; the economic, social and cultural repercussions of the global spread of COVID-19. We caught up with SuperYachtsMonaco to discuss exactly how recent health concerns are affecting the charter market, and were reassured to find the answer to be one of stability amidst times of deep uncertainty.

More than any other, the travel industry has taken an undeniably large hit as a result of the actions taken in precaution to the spread of the Coronavirus around the world, and very few within the industry remain unaffected by such.

The timing of the coronavirus outbreak is far from opportune however, and there is even a good portion of stubborn holiday-goers who will consider undertaking the major health and safety risks for the sake of enjoying their summer holidays – perhaps understandably.

For those families fortunate enough to consider a superyacht charter this summer, Jim Evans affirmed that in fact the brokerage has seen ‘an increased demand that has surprised us’ as high net worth individuals appreciate and opt for the privacy, security and safety of a superyacht charter now more than ever.

Amidst mass cancellations within the travel industry, as holiday-goers opt to avoid the confined spaces and unregulated movement inherently entailed within commercial jet travel, a superyacht charter offers more than a few advantages.

Security agents and personal physicians are just a few of the options considerable to uphold personal health and safety during a charter, while measures to control the environment are considered as standard – for example deliveries only ever being brought onboard by the permanent crew. This is not to mention personal hygiene and the upkeep of the vessel ranking as the highest of the crew’s priorities, assuring that a superyacht charter always offers the most controlled environment while its guests are left free to enjoy the experience without any such concern.

The freedom and mobility of a superyacht charter has always been one of its most desirable points of appeal; in the current climate, this freedom of selection has never been such a high priority. Jim reported, “We are seeing clients requesting charter itineraries that start in countries with only a low incidence of the Coronavirus such as Croatia, Montenegro and Greece.  Clearly there is some reluctance to engage with Italy at the moment.”

Jim also commented on an increase in requests to far-flung destinations – the likes of Norway, Greenland and Iceland, whose low population and untouched shores have attracted attention in recent years regardless, with the undeniable surge in explorer yachting.  

“We are monitoring trends day by day but would not be surprised to see charters occurring in more unusual places which are off the beaten track and further removed from busy areas,” Jim commented.

For those determined to keep their summer plans firmly in place, the benefits of a superyacht charter are somewhat irresistible. With ultimate choice in destination at your whim, booking your charter with brokerage firms such as SuperyachtsMonaco comes complete with the best possible advice on the current situation, as well as a full range of yacht and destination options to enjoy in the coming months.

Cloudbreak - For Charter with SuperyachtsMonaco
Cloudbreak - For Charter with SuperyachtsMonaco
Irisha - For Charter with SuperyachtsMonaco
Irisha - For Charter with SuperyachtsMonaco
Super Yachts Charters: Chartering in the East Med onboard M/Y Air
Wed, 04 Mar 2020 14:00:00 +0000

Chartering in the East Med onboard M/Y Air

The melting pot of culture, lifestyle and history that is the Eastern Mediterranean will forever be a revered superyacht destination. An abundance of colourful coasts and vibrant towns all contribute to the intriguing individuality of each country in this region, providing a pure escape that is never too far from Europe’s major cities.

There is no more luxurious way to discover the hidden treasures of the Eastern Mediterranean than onboard M/Y Air, one of the largest Feadship yachts available for charter. Air is the epitome of the ‘floating palace’, providing 81-metres of complete exclusivity and an enviable base from which to discover the charm and unspoilt paradises of Montenegro, Croatia, Greece and Turkey.  

Built by the Dutch shipyard in 2011, Air is a staple of simplicity and sophistication, the work of Remi Tessier Design to carve out a minimalistic interior that is brought to life by eye-catching artwork and flowing natural light through the large windows and doorways. The matt black hull makes air a striking and powerful figure on the waters, almost as good a view as can be seen from the Owner’s private observation lounge, which overlooks the eight-metre pool on the expansive main deck forward area.  

For a quiet retreat spending time onboard, Air offers plenty of entertainment to cover all moods. Stepping inside, the 21-strong crew will be on hand to ensure the guests are well-pampered. Workouts in the gym can be followed by a wind-down in the steam room and a professional massage room. Around her exterior a seemingly endless supply of perfect sunbathing spots will provide guests with the only issue during their stay, deciding where to lounge. Air provides a sumptuous setting to enjoy everything that the East Med has to offer, from natural gifts such as the picturesque Greek Islands, to the dainty Ephesus in Turkey, one of the best-preserved ancient cities.

The Eastern Mediterranean superyacht destinations offer exclusivity that compliments the private nature of M/Y Air. With world class berthing facilities and luxury hotels galore, and such a vast array of contrasting landscapes all concentrated in one region, this is an unrivalled superyacht hub. For an experience that will live long in the memory, look no further than a charter in the East Med onboard 81m Air.

Chartering in the East Med onboard M/Y Air
Chartering in the East Med onboard M/Y Air
Chartering in the East Med onboard M/Y Air
Chartering in the East Med onboard M/Y Air
Chartering in the East Med onboard M/Y Air
Chartering in the East Med onboard M/Y Air
Chartering in the East Med onboard M/Y Air
Super Yachts Charters: Top Destinations for a Spring Charter
Thu, 20 Feb 2020 11:00:00 +0000

Top Destinations for a Spring Charter

With the spring season upon us, we take a look at some of the most inviting destinations worth visiting, as well as the best charter superyachts available to make the adventure one to savour. Whether it be adrenaline-fuelled adventures or a serene escape, these destinations have you covered.

Location: Maldives | Superyacht: Cloudbreak

The Maldives are known as the pearls of the Indian Ocean, and for good reason. A collection of 26 breath-taking atolls, The Maldives provide the perfect blend of natural beauty and luxury indulgence.

For Superyacht owners, the experience is enhanced by the possibility of reaching areas inaccessible to other others, making it a purely exclusive escape. Such a mission is best reached on an explorer vessel, and there are very few on the market that can match the standards of 72.50m superyacht Cloudbreak. Delivered by Abeking & Rasmussen in 2016, Cloudbreak is best suited for daring voyages to exotic lands. Six sumptuous staterooms welcome 12 guests to enjoy prime standards of luxury, while a large sundeck featuring an inviting open-air pool is the ideal place to bask under the sun and enjoy the tranquil ocean around you.  

No visit to the Maldives is complete without some high-octane thrills and scuba diving. From pools of dolphins and sharks to face-to-face encounters with rays, turtles and lobsters, Maldives boasts a rich sea life that will leave you with plenty of stories to tell. Cloudbreak’s comprehensive arsenal of toys and tenders ensures guests are never short of options for taking to the water.

Available with SuperyachtsMonaco, who have managed the superyacht from construction to charter, Cloudbreak is no doubt one of the most suitable yachts for uncovering the Maldives.

Location: Bahamas | Superyacht: Bella Vita

The Bahamas is now a well-established luxury destination and a favourite among superyacht owners and charterers.

The island’s laid-back yet vibrant culture that radiates from the friendly natives, so guests are treated to just as much entertainment on land as they are when exploring the stunning cruising grounds of the Caribbean. A culture too strong to ever falter to foreign influences, The Bahamas is a unique spot for those open to embracing indigenous festivities and festivals, offering everything from African drum rhythms to Bahmanian Goombay.

Luxury abodes are plentiful for those visiting by superyacht as the country is well-equipped with state-of-the-art marina facilities. There are no qualms for those visiting on large superyachts with places like Albany Marina on hand to provide world-class facilities that leave owners and captains at peace about the care given to the yacht, while guests can freely explore the hidden treasures on both land and at sea.

Lurssen’s 75.40 superyacht Bella Vita offers a floating palace like no other, sleeping 12 guests while also holding a 22-strong crew to service their every need. Bella Vita’s lavish setting is the perfect way to enjoy The Bahamas and the Caribbean region, and can be chartered through Moran Yacht & Ship.

Location: Great Barrier Reef | Superyacht: Manifiq

The world’s largest coral reef and one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef sells itself. Located conveniently between the mainland towns of Port Douglas and Bundaberg, the Great Barrier Reef is the paramount of maritime beauty.

The only dilemma that guests will face is factoring in enough time to explore the 3000+ coral reef systems, so it is best to come well-prepared with equipment that will make the most of the experience. On such a note, Mondomarine’s 40.50m Manifiq is available for charter in the region and boasts a plethora of toys for all purposes. Paddle boards, kayaks and seabobs are just a few options that guests can take advantage of. Wind-down time is not amiss onboard Manifiq, with a sky-lounge cinema room and a spacious sundeck area ready to greet guests on their return from adventure.

The benefits of exploring the Great Barrier Reef’s picturesque islands are unquestioned, but there is also so much more to explore at just a short cruise away. For example, The Whitsundays offer unprecedented cruising ground and opportunities to anchor in a quiet area where that the eyes can never be sore of seeing. Staying longer isn’t an issue as unrivalled refit and maintenance facilities are in abundance around Queensland, something 74m Lurssen superyacht Aurora will testify for after her refit at Brisbane shipyard Rivergate.

Bahamas Diving
Bella Vita
Great Barrier Reef
Super Yachts Charters: Explore the South Pacific Onboard 75.28m Cloudbreak
Thu, 06 Feb 2020 11:00:00 +0000

Explore the South Pacific Onboard 75.28m Cloudbreak

In the age of the explorer, there aren’t many on the charter market that match the sophistication and extreme nature of Abeking & Rasmussen's 75.28m Cloudbreak.

The luxury explorer yacht was built in 2016 to withstand the most challenging weather conditions with the purpose of taking her guests on adventures to unchartered territories, whilst enjoying the luxury of a modern superyacht. Available to charter with SuperyachtsMonaco, she is recommended for voyages through the South Pacific where she can reach remote islands and uncover a new adventure.

Hosting 12 guests in six opulent staterooms Cloudbreak is nothing short of a floating palace, so it is remarkable to imagine that she can reach the most secluded spots in the world. A fruitful collaboration between Paris-based Christian Liaigre and Norwegian guru Espen Oeino, Cloudbreak is the pinnacle of timeless superyacht design.

Espen, who is the designer behind the soon-to-be-launched 182m explorer REV, penned a rugged yet striking exterior profile that suits the yacht’s flair for adventure. While panoramic views offer complete serenity, there is plenty to keep guests busy onboard. Espen’s outside living areas include a sundeck complete with a large open-air pool for day lounging, and even a helideck that transforms into a party space with full light and sound systems. Liaigre’s interiors are warm and welcoming, making use of natural light and tones to create bright and spacious living areas, meaning guests relaxed and peaceful no matter the outdoor conditions. A luxurious spa offers the perfect wellness retreat, and the main deck boasts both a large living area and formal dining area for sophisticated entertainment.

Cloudbreak is the ideal explorer yacht to charter for island-hopping escapades in the South Pacific, after all, her name is derived from a famed surfing reef in Fiji. A region that is unparalleled in its diverse natural and cultural experience, South Pacific itineraries can take you from the volcanic landscape and fiery sunsets of French Polynesia, to the untouched wonder of the Great Barrier Reef in just a couple of days. Culturally rich destinations like Papua New Guinea, where over 700 languages are spoken in a country that has guarded traditional ways of life, are complimented by Instagram-famous locations such as the honeymoon hotspot of Bora Bora, all found along a fascinating South Pacific Trail.

A trailblazer in the large explorer category, Cloudbreak brings her owner and guests closer than ever before to the natural wonders of the world. With all that the South Pacific offers as a diverse area brimming with undiscovered gems, the two make for an unforgettable superyacht experience for any shrewd charterer.

Explore the South Pacific Onboard 75.28m Cloudbreak
Explore the South Pacific Onboard 75.28m Cloudbreak
Explore the South Pacific Onboard 75.28m Cloudbreak
Explore the South Pacific Onboard 75.28m Cloudbreak
Explore the South Pacific Onboard 75.28m Cloudbreak
Explore the South Pacific Onboard 75.28m Cloudbreak
Explore the South Pacific Onboard 75.28m Cloudbreak
Explore the South Pacific Onboard 75.28m Cloudbreak
Water Sports Braylake: GlaGla Race Report
Mon, 03 Feb 2020 13:36:38 +0000

“Être GlaGla” in English translates as “frozen stiff” and that’s exactly what my board bag was when I removed it from the car roof on race day morning.

A Magical Event

The Gla Gla is an epic 14.5km (shorter 6km route available) race that takes place on Lake Annecy in mid January. Located at the foot of the Aravis mountain range in the Haute-Savoie region in Eastern France, 60km due south of Lake Geneva, it’s a breathtaking location.

These factors, amongst…