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Mobile Handsets for Australian use in City, Metro and Country side...
Wed, 25 Sep 2019 06:38:00 +0000
There are many reasons for you to look at a mobile handset for possible purchase and one of the most important is will it work as a phone when I need it.  Key to this the RF or Radio Frequency performance and the carriers have some very important requirements that have to be supported and tested before a device can be considered either as a Optus Best for Regional (BFR) or Telstra BlueTick device.

So why does this matter for you when you never drive out into the country side?

Well the reason it should still be important for you is there are still areas in cities and metropolitan areas that have poor signal coverage due to structures and / or your location such as in building basements, carparks, high rise offices or tin / steel covered sheds / warehouses or clad buildings.

In these locations a handset with BlueTick or BFR status will have a greater chance of working then one without the required support.  In country regions a BFR or BlueTick handset are a must as there is no comprehensive coverage once you leave population centres or the highways.

Also the cost of a device doesn't mean it is any better RF wise for use in Australia and our country side as you can easily pay over a $1,000 for a handset that will loose the networks as soon as you head bush and then what could be worse than going camping with family and / or friends and your super expensive handset can't get a service but the kids $39 or $69 handset works fine, and yes this can happen.

So check your handsets before you purchase and see if they have the best RF performance for our networks before you waste all that money on a RF dud.

Next post will be part 2...