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OSHA Issues Millions In Safety Training Grants
25 Sep 2020 20:31:42 UT
The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has awarded US$11.2 million in  Susan...
Josh Bersin HR Tech Keynote Preview
25 Sep 2020 19:58:16 UT
This is a preview. View original post on this site The word “disruption” has been a near-constant in HR circles...
Employee Complaints to OSHA Over COVID-19 Practices Rise
25 Sep 2020 15:33:47 UT
In recent weeks, we have seen a marked increase in employers receiving notice of complaints to state and federal occupational safety and health agencies from workers regarding COVID-19 infection...
Working mom's LinkedIn profile goes viral for showing realistic work-life balance during pandemic
25 Sep 2020 15:04:19 UT
This mom of three is sharing an unfiltered look at work-life balance during the pandemic . Lauren Griffiths, a human resources consultant in North Carolina, recently updated her LinkedIn profile to...
Press Coverage Can HR Ban Politically Focused Face Masks?
25 Sep 2020 13:51:27 UT
Troutman Pepper Counsel Tracey Diamond was quoted in the September 24, 2020 HR Executive article, “ Can HR Ban Politically Focused Face Masks? ” “Everything goes back to consistency,” says Tracey...
Automated Talent Management: 5 Myths About Artificial Intelligence and HR
25 Sep 2020 05:02:15 UT
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New turf for HR departments
25 Sep 2020 02:20:40 UT
With offices vacated and many people using kitchen and dining room tables as their home workspaces, human resource managers have their hands full. They no longer can ‘drop in’ to workspaces or...
Why Recognition is an HR Must-Have
25 Sep 2020 02:19:56 UT
What does onboarding mean? Your guide to this key HR duty
25 Sep 2020 01:37:43 UT
Are you wondering, “what does onboarding mean?”. We’re here to help by telling you all about this business and HR-focused practice that can help you orient new employees and retain talented hires.  ...
Amazon employees fear HR is targeting minority and activism groups in email monitoring program
25 Sep 2020 01:31:22 UT
Amazon employees participating in the Global Climate...