Requirement - Bertschi
We rejoice that Samantha Bertschi (Bro. Sam & Sis. Marjorie) has begun her walk with the Lord
Wedding - Fischer / Zeller

Sis. Alexa Fischer (Bro. Kevin & Sis. Annette) & Bro. Cody Zeller (Bro. Will & Sis. Danielle) were united in marriage on 28 March 2021.

Birth - Sizemore

 Carson William Sizemore (Bro. Nick & Sis. Jenna) was born on 22 March 2021

Wedding - Sauder / Rinkenberger

Sis. Elly Sauder (Bro. Brad & Sis. Jill) and Bro. Colton Rinkenberger from Bluffton (Bro. Linc & Sis. Catrina) were united in marriage on 28 February 2021.

Peace - Bertschi / Hodel / Martin

 David Bertschi (Bro. Sam & Sis. Marjorie), Dexter Hodel (Bro. Jonathan & Sis. Megan), and Brock Martin (Bro. Chad & Sis. Brenda) are at peace with God and looking forward to baptism.

Repentance - Knapp
We rejoice that Mary Beth Knapp (Sis. Carol) has begun her walk with the Lord
Farewell - Kieser

We bid farewell to Bro. Luke and Sis. Lydia Kieser as they make Chicago their home church.

Birth - Isaia

 Eden Rose Isaia (Bro. Landon and Sis. Katie) was born on 21 January 2021.

Death - Hodel

 Sis. Doris Hodel (late Bro. Jim) passed away on 21 January 2021.  Her obituary may be viewed at!/Obituary

Repentance - Hodel

 We rejoice that Natalie Hodel (Bro. Jason & Sis. Rena) has begun her walk with the Lord.