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Was Pope Francis Wrong to Apologize to the Orthodox?
Tue, 07 Dec 2021 20:46:03 +0000
Crisis PointLast week Pope Francis apologized to the Orthodox “for the ways Catholics have contributed to division with Orthodox Christians”. What are these “mistakes” and should the pope have apologized for them? What is the future of Catholic-Orthodox relations? Watch on Odysee: Watch on YouTube:
From the Ghetto with Love
Tue, 07 Dec 2021 10:10:10 +0000
Latin MassFor the past few months, I’ve been discovering what it’s like to be living in the ghetto. Ever since the issuing of Traditionis Custodes last July, I know what it feels like to be a second-class citizen in my own Church. I am considered inferior to other Catholics because I have endeavored to follow the […]
The Problem with the Female “Empowerment” Movement
Tue, 07 Dec 2021 10:00:52 +0000
emily ratajkowskiMy Body, by “model, actress, activist, entrepreneur, and writer” Emily Ratajkowski, has been an instant New York Times bestseller since it was released in early November. According to the publisher, My Body is a “profoundly personal exploration of feminism, sexuality, and power, of men’s treatment of women and women’s rationalizations for accepting that treatment.” It […]
The Proposed Designs of Notre Dame’s Interior Will Be More Damaging Than Any Fire
Mon, 06 Dec 2021 10:10:51 +0000
Notre DameTwo years ago, the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris caught on fire, plunging the whole world into collective shock. Hundreds of images circulated online that showed the massive cathedral enshrouded by smoke and firefighters doing their best to put out the flames while the heroic priest Fr. Fournier distinguished himself by risking his life […]
Can a Catholic Be a Libertarian?
Mon, 06 Dec 2021 10:00:07 +0000
GadsdenLately I’ve been extensively reading the Austrian Economists and the thinkers of the Libertarian tradition. I can already hear the groans and screams of some readers pulling their hair—or beards—out as they lament the seemingly inexcusable faux pas of a traditional Catholic such as myself dabbling in the world of political and economic liberalism. I […]
Antony and Cleopatra in a Nutshell
Sat, 04 Dec 2021 10:00:47 +0000
Antony and CleopatraFollowing hot on the heels of Macbeth and being first performed in late 1606 or early 1607, Antony and Cleopatra might be coupled with Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s earlier tragedy about erotic recklessness, written eleven years earlier. If, however, Romeo and Juliet might be forgiven for the follies of their head-weak and heart-strong youth, no […]
Does Ecumenism Foster Religious Indifference? with Dr. Eduardo Echeverria
Fri, 03 Dec 2021 15:00:18 +0000
Crisis PointDr. Eduardo Echeverria is Professor of Philosophy and Systematic Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. He joins Eric Sammons in a friendly debate about the role of ecumenism in the rise of religious indifference in the Catholic Church. They also discuss Vatican II, John Paul II, and whether “dialogue” is a valid methodology […]
Dobbs and the Shaky Foundations of Roe
Fri, 03 Dec 2021 10:10:14 +0000
DobbsIn the oral arguments in the much-anticipated Mississippi abortion case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization heard in the Supreme Court Wednesday, there was little discussion of the details of abortion. Instead, the status of the Court’s major precedents and the Court’s power and influence in American life were the main subjects. The immediate subject […]
George Floyd Was Not Jesus Christ
Fri, 03 Dec 2021 10:00:15 +0000
IconIn anticipation of The Catholic University of America’s obligations and observations regarding Black History Month, an icon entitled “Mama” by artist Kelly Latimore was displayed outside Mary, Mirror of Justice Chapel at the Columbus School of Law—and, like the pachamama, soon disappeared.  Whether this was an act that mirrored justice or injustice may be a […]
Attending Sinful Weddings
Thu, 02 Dec 2021 10:10:18 +0000
Gay MarriageDeciding whether or not to attend the weddings of those not living in accord with the Church’s teaching on sexuality is, for many of us, an agonizing matter. People often ask for my advice. (I find it easier to advise them than to make similar decisions in my own life!) John,* a Catholic father, asked […]